Firefox Japan Mozilla Companion Powered by Firefox

I’m sorry for the dearth of posts recently. Been really busy at work.

Last week was Interop 2006 (Flickr photos) and a trip to Osaka.

This week, we’ve been feverishly working to produce the Companion Powered by Firefox.


My colleague Chris Beard of Mozilla Corporation explains this very cool World Cup extension for Firefox:

* customize their browser with one of 32 national team themes

* track the latest scores and headlines

* view awesome football videos

* connect with communities of football fans

* and, receive up-to-the-minute match and goal notifications while browsing the Web


The Japanese press have started to cover our new extension as well:

サッカー愛好者のための Firefox 拡張、「」と Mozilla が提供

サッカーファン向けのFirefox拡張機能「 Companion」公開






There were a lot of people involved in this effort but I’m most indebted to Yoshino-san and the team at Mozilla Japan who stayed up all night on Wednesday night in preparation for the launch.

Required legal disclaimer: The data displayed in the screen shot, including scores, player names and team names are not actual and are provided only as an example.