Month: June 2006

Sony copies from Nintendo

Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Kaz Hirai claims that Microsoft copies all of Sony’s moves in the game industry, but clearly Sony itself is not the originator of innovative ideas around gaming. “Every time we go down a path, we

Mozilla awarded in France

Tristan Nitot reports that at the Paris Capitale du Libre event, Mozilla won the award for “Best Development Project.” It’s great to see Firefox and Mozilla’s popularity in Europe. We are struggling in Japan, where PC users don’t seem to

Hatena users 15%+ Firefox

Hatena, which is one of the earliest diary/blog platforms in Japan, publishes their user agent data. June 2006, we’re seeing well over 16% share with Firefox and If we add in other versions, its even higher. はてなカウンター sample

Japan in a Dynamic Asia

The Big Persimmon has a review of a new book on Japan and it’s security. Looks interesting but like her, $65 is a bit steep. Essentially, the introduction lays out the contemporary regional context: A rising China, The solidification of

Japanese national search engine

This is both absurd and sad. There is just no way that 30 organizations can work harmoniously together to build a Japanese national search engine. It’s hard enough for one company to build a search engine let alone 30. 30