Taizo Sugimura, Japanese politics

Adamu at the Mutant Frog Travelogue and Shin at from the inside, looking in both cover the recent Japanese political scandal where a young LDP member, Taizo Sugimura, plagiarized information that he then called his own on his website.

Frankly, anyone who is this stupid should have NO business being in politics. Will Japanese voters vote him out? I do not hold my breath.

So not only is this Honourable Member of our legislature an immature child, he is a thief and a liar. Puts him right at home, then.

It’ll really be interesting to see if the LDP will nominate him next time around….. Says something (not very flattering) about the LDP’s nominations process. But then, seeing the people being nominated by other parties (Nagata@DPJ for a recent example), it may unfortunately be par for the course.

It seems we get to choose from naive/stupid/gullible youngsters, old school geriatrics still comfortable with doing under-the-counter and you-rub-my-back-I’ll-rub-yours type deals, or so called bureaucratic/academic/internationally experienced elites who are prepared to sell the country out to the highest bidder.

And we wonder why there is political apathy in this nation. (Of course apathy is good for those who play the game…)

from the inside, looking in Plagiarism and liars

Thank god for the Internet. If you watch the video in which he admits to the plagiarism, you’ll notice just how little he seems to care that he’s a freaking dumbass for ripping off a popular book.

It sounds like he thinks it’s all over since he just deleted the passages in question. Doesn’t he realize it’s too late?

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