Sony PSP fans pissed off

Kotaku editor and readers ranting about the PSP. These are hard-core gamers and they are so sad about Sony and the PSP.

Let’s look at the score card:

Location Free TV is overpriced and not fully supported.

Web browsing is a hellish pain in the ass thanks to the telephone-style text entry.

Music is essentially in the same boat as video support.

Hollywood has given up on UMD.

The video games are still very hit or miss.

And images… well, at least they got that right.

Well.. yeah.. the PSP is a lot of broken promises and such… but.. it’s Sony.. shouldn’t we be used to this by now?

Unfortunately, the PSP has a lot of potential that’s wasted by Sony’s apparent need to turn every piece of plastic and metal they churn out into the newest expensive, gee-whiz, multimedia devices. Overpriced UMD movies, a library with titles that are mostly stale, and the fact that it’s still getting raped in U.S. sales by the Nintendo DS (even more so once the DS Lite arrives here in June) are the least of it’s problems. I’m beginning to wonder whether Sony even considered making their PSP a simple gaming handheld during it’s development.

Sony has screwed up everything there is about the PSP, they have great graphics capabilities but no good games to use them, they have good features which are all crippled due to poor management and functionality. I think Sony couldn’t have done worse if they were actually trying to make the PSP fail.

This comment is brilliantly funny:

Good luck finding a studio that’s willing to chuck the cash to convert an entire season of any TV series over to UMD. You’ll probably find them next to the studio that’s including hours of must-have bonus features with their UMD movies.

PSP: Just Die Already – Kotaku

5 Comments on “Sony PSP fans pissed off

  1. ouch. sad, but true. I have to admit I thought the PSP would be able to hang on for a little while in the States, but the PSP has been dead for a long time in Japan, at least in regard to the phenomenal success the DS is enjoying.

  2. yongfook: yes, there are some bitter, bitter PSP owners out there. But the last time I checked, global aggregate sales totals for the PSP and the DS were very close. I can’t find hard numbers much more recent than December 2005, but at that time it was about 31%-28% for handheld market share (total numbers in the hands of users), with the remainder being GBAs of one flavour or another.
    In Japan, the DS is massively more popular than the PSP, which should tell you something about how they’re doing, relative to each other, in the rest of the world.
    That said, the DS Lite (along with Advance Wars DS and Mario Kart DS and Metroid Prime: Hunters DS) has iced it for me: I’ll get one this Summer to supersede my durable but dim original GBA.

  3. I got a PSP when it came out to use as a PVP. I never bought any games. Anyone who expected good things just goatse’d themselves.

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  5. I am so tired of waiting for Sony to release the gps and they have been delaying it for so long, when the psp was first released the e3 show had a demo for the gps and I was awaiting the release of this product since then, and now they say the product will be released in Japan in December – and we will have to wait in north America ( who knows how long if they don’t delay the release of the product yet again. Not to mention the mapping software: I am mad yet still waiting for this….