Month: May 2006

Sony PSP fans pissed off

Kotaku editor and readers ranting about the PSP. These are hard-core gamers and they are so sad about Sony and the PSP. Let’s look at the score card: Location Free TV is overpriced and not fully supported. Web browsing is

David Rees at CPU

Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! David Rees of and more famously for Get Your War On presents at Columbia’s Political Union. TOPICS COVERED IN THIS LECTURE INCLUDE: # The Thomas Friedman Metaphor Illustration Service # David Horowitz vs. Michel Foucault #

Tom Coates comment spammed

This is not good. I’ve come to wonder whether the problems I’ve had with MySQL errors on Barbelith over the last couple of years have been more to do with comment spam than anything else, and – while I want

Wal-Mart leaves S. Korea

I’m interested in Wal-Mart’s failure in S. Korea because it’s an interesting case of both a business which did not respect local markets and a market where local competition is very strong. Carrefour left Japan a few years ago and

Linus Torvalds on CNN

Linus Torvalds is interviewed by CNN (Kristie Lu Stout) KLS: In the last year we’ve seen tremendous growth in Linux usage especially on desktop computers, especially with stuff out there like Open Office, especially the Firefox browser. Do you think