David Rees at CPU

Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!
David Rees of mnftiu.cc and more famously for Get Your War On presents at Columbia’s Political Union.

# The Thomas Friedman Metaphor Illustration Service
# David Horowitz vs. Michel Foucault
# The Council on Foreign Relations, wizard-related truth behind
# Dennis Miller, role as official spokesman for NetZero dial-up internet access
# Clipart, aesthetic beauty of
# Christopher Hitchens, ubiquity of
# Afghanistan, self-immolation of girls therein
# A gazelle
# Political cartoonist, exciting lifestyle of
# MOST IMPORTANT: My five ideas about foreign policy and politics that I wrote down in the park before my lecture!!! David Brooks I’m coming for your job!

Foul language but quite funny. It’s great to know that Rees is as funny in real life as he is with his comics.
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