Clint Eastwood on Iwo Jima

This is going to be fascinating.

When Clint Eastwood’s two films about Iwo Jima, one of the darkest periods of the Pacific War, reach cinemas this year, audiences could be excused for forgetting the man behind them was once the trigger-happy Dirty Harry.
The 75-year-old director has promised Flags Of Our Fathers and Red Sun, Black Sand will attempt to show for the first time the suffering of both sides during 36 days of fighting in early 1945 that turned the island into a flattened wasteland.
On a recent trip to Japan, Eastwood said his time on Iwo Jima had forced him to re-evaluate the one-dimensional portrayal of America’s former enemy in so many war films. ‘There were good guys on one side. Life isn’t like that,’ he said.
He describes Red Sun, shot in Japanese and with a largely Japanese cast, as his attempt to understand the country’s soldiers. ‘I think those soldiers deserve a certain amount of respect,’ he said. ‘I feel terrible for both sides in that war and in all wars. A lot of innocent people get sacrificed. It’s not about winning or losing, but mostly about the interrupted lives of young people. These men deserve to be seen, and heard from.’

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  1. My dad was a 19 year old in the Navy CB’s and was one of the first to land on Iwo Jima in 1945. He is now 80 and very proud to be one of the few who are still alive to remember and talk about what happened. It is so interesting to hear him talk about the war and the impression it makes on young men. Bad things happen during war and if you aren’t strong mentally and spiritually, you will not be able to function as a family man when it’s over. We are very lucky my dad survived and share in his pride in this country. Thank you, Mr. Eastwood, for making this movie.

  2. I can’t waite for Clint Eastwoos’s Movie. It will make my husband’s day believe me. We both LOVE Clint Eastwood. Sincerely, Heather Raley from N. Charleston, S.C 7744 Allwood Ave 29418. Go Ahead Make My Day to

  3. I am the son of the widow of Lt.Claude Arnett, USN M.D. Died IwoJima 1943(on shore). My sibling is his only daughter. He was an only child, Mom was an only child. As he died, my father was crash-landing at the other end of the island in a “that plane can’t fly” B-29 that lead the first incendiary attack on Japan’s homeland. My stern, demanding father only every cried when recounting that mission. I would not exist were it not for Iwo Jima. I am his only surviving son.