Month: May 2006 in the NYTimes

Great profile of the contest in the NY Times. What is probably most surprising about the Firefox ads is how much they resemble the traditional work of the ad world’s high priests. Firefox is considering buying air time for

90% of Japanese bloggers are anonymous

If you do not already subscribe to What Japan Thinks, you ought to. Ken is covering great stuff here. Over 90% of Japanese bloggers are anonymous � 世論 What Japan Thinks

Clint Eastwood on Iwo Jima

This is going to be fascinating. When Clint Eastwood’s two films about Iwo Jima, one of the darkest periods of the Pacific War, reach cinemas this year, audiences could be excused for forgetting the man behind them was once the

Fast Food Nation

YouTube Exclusive… Read the book though- will stop you from eating fast food.

Taizo Sugimura, Japanese politics

Adamu at the Mutant Frog Travelogue and Shin at from the inside, looking in both cover the recent Japanese political scandal where a young LDP member, Taizo Sugimura, plagiarized information that he then called his own on his website. Frankly,