Month: April 2006

Google home page

I can’t say anything more other than to watch the home page of Google very closely in the next day or so. We’ll see something there that we’ve never seen before! I’m VERY excited 🙂

Firefox bus!

Self-explanatory. Pretty cool 🙂 kalyan: Firefox Bus

new mix

Rush on over to for his newest mix- it’s a total stunner! The last track, that Röyksopp remix of Mekon’s “Please Stay” is so gorgeous- a phenomenal last track! I am now dying to hear that on a big

Kleptones – 24 Hours

Everyone’s already linked to this last month but for those of you who haven’t enjoyed this new mashup album- it’s awesome! I love 1-15 which is a great mashup of Edwin Starr’s “War” and Phil Collins’ “Land of Confusion” which


More at Firefox Flicks: Bring Firefox to life!