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I don’t usually self-link but this news is pretty interesting and it comes from the comments on my own blog.

It seems that Sony has cancelled support for their “Connect” software.

Connect was supposed to be the replacement for SonicStage but was so poorly produced (it basically failed to perform many basic functions) that it caused a gigantic consumer backlash.

Sony customer John Dolan leaves a message on my blog regarding Connect in Europe. I’ve italicized the response from Sony.

Connect Player is dead – NO LONGER SUPPORTED BY SONY !!!!!!

I wrote to the Euro Connect support “management team”, demanding to know why they have included a covert web server in their software. This was two months ago. I have emailed them every single day since wanting to know why they had not replied. This morning I got this message back:-

Dear Mr. Dolan

Sorry for the late statement on this.

First of all thanks for your request. We are happy with all kind of

request because also critics help Sony to get better.

The software you are using at the moment I think should be the Connect


This software is not longer supported by Connect or any other Sony company.

The actual prefered software is Sonicstage 3.4 which does not support the

intelligent features of the NWA 3000.
You can download this software under:

On May 25th Sonicstage will release his new software Sonistage CP which

will support all intelligent features including Artist Link. The software will be

available under the same link as the previous one.

We are sorry about your problems and hope we could help you a bit.

If you need a CD with Sonicstage on it just let us know.

Feel free to contact me if you have further questions

Best regards

Sony Connect Support Management Team

Posted by: John Dolan on April 26, 2006 01:19 AM

Gen Kanai weblog: Sony Connect Player fiasco


Yamanote-line is stopped

Just FYI to all in Tokyo, the Yamanote-line is completely stopped at the moment due to track irregularities near Takadanobaba. You’ll need to use other transportation.
This will be interesting…
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April 30 Mozillagumi Party

The Japanese Mozilla community, Mozillagumi, will host their annual event on the afternoon of April 30. Darin Fisher (Google, ex- Mozilla) will be a speaker and I’ll be attending as well.
Please let me know if you plan to attend.
Mozilla Party JP 7.0 � スケジュール


Rebecca op-ed in WaPo

Rebecca MacKinnon‘s recent op-ed in the Washington Post.
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Google in China

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