Month: April 2006

Sony Connect E.O.L.

I don’t usually self-link but this news is pretty interesting and it comes from the comments on my own blog. It seems that Sony has cancelled support for their “Connect” software. Connect was supposed to be the replacement for SonicStage

Yamanote-line is stopped

Just FYI to all in Tokyo, the Yamanote-line is completely stopped at the moment due to track irregularities near Takadanobaba. You’ll need to use other transportation. This will be interesting… Google 検索: Yamanote

April 30 Mozillagumi Party

The Japanese Mozilla community, Mozillagumi, will host their annual event on the afternoon of April 30. Darin Fisher (Google, ex- Mozilla) will be a speaker and I’ll be attending as well. Please let me know if you plan to attend.

Rebecca op-ed in WaPo

Rebecca MacKinnon‘s recent op-ed in the Washington Post. Shattering the China Dream

Google in China

Long and fascinating. Google in China: The Big Disconnect – New York Times