1 Comment on “Google in China

  1. It sometimes puzzles me that people are actually starting to expect that corporate entities need to do the work that government entities themselves are unable to do.
    Even world leaders do this (after all, who was the first person Hu met with on this last trip?)
    Yup, Google has gone toe to toe with the Chinese govenrment and folded like a house of cards.
    So what?
    This simple fact of the matter is that China does not *need* Google. China does not *need* Yahoo or any other web company to come in and teach them how to use computers.
    China already knows how to do this.
    Yeah, Google has great brand name recongnition. They are pretty much the best of the “A” game now. But basically, as has already been proven, If govenrmnet officials in China do not like what they see on Google, there is a handy little off switch. And unlike countries like Iran, the overwhelming majority of the population of China does not seem to mind that much when the Chinese censors put on thier Nazi boots.
    So Google gets stuck with the delimna. Cut out a tiny fraction of content in order to provide thier service. They have to censor it. If not, they are breaking Chinese laws and they get cut out.
    I hate to do it, but I see it along the same lines as censorship of child pornography in the US. It’s agains US laws, therefore Google cuts it all out. Heck they will even turn you over to the Feds if they can cause, well its pretty darn nasty stuff.
    But regardless of why they do it, or the fact that no one in thier right mind would say it is wrong, they are in fact “collaborating” with the govenrment to bring down “dissidents”.
    Google can’t change Chinese laws. Google can’t be responsible for Chinese policy. If they refuse to enter China because they disagree with local laws, then basically they will lose any chance at having an influence in China at all. Why? because although China may want Google. China does not need Google.
    Why blame Google for failing to do what the US State dept, the United Nations, and countly human rights organizations have failed to do? If you yourself are not willing to boycott any company or government that works with China in spite of thier human rights violations, how can you blame Google for a similar stance?
    In my personal opinion, China with a censored Google is better than China without Google. Yes, controvesial local information is censored out, but the rest is still there. Give people nothing and there is little to complain about. Give them 99% and sooner or later they will be demanding the last 1%.