Month: April 2006

I have joined Mozilla Japan

If you’ve been reading my blog this year, you may have noticed that I’ve been blogging a lot more about Firefox recently. That’s because I’ve joined Mozilla Japan to help with marketing and business development in Japan. I’m also helping

I have left Technorati Japan

Close friends of mine have known for a little while but I have left Technorati Japan. I was honored to work with everyone at Technorati in the US as well as the team in Japan. I learned a lot about live in Tokyo!

If you are in Tokyo and you love deep house, you will do well not to miss this rare opportunity to hear live on May 12. I will DEFINITELY be there. Please join me in petitioning Fleep to spin

Firefox available from Google home page

This is the news that I wanted to share with you last week. This only works for IE-users in the US- you’re presented with a link to download Firefox. This is the first time a third-party application has been presented

Dvorark on IE

I rarely agree with Dvorak- I think he uses his pulput to bully and taunt, but this is… weird. First, it needs to face the fact that this entire preoccupation with the browser business is bad for the company and