Love is my message

So crazy!
Michael Jackson hawking Suzuki scooters!!
Look at him then vs. now. 🙁

3 comments on “Love is my message
  1. Richstyles says:

    That’s hilarious look at the pain in his eyes as he says that “love is my message”! You know, lots of Hollywood stars have got the most embarassing Japanese commercials with legal contracts forbidding them from using footage outside of Japan. Little did they know that YouTube would arrive…

  2. kim says:

    MJ should have stayed in another country, perhaps then he would have been found guily of his crimes against children. The State of California won’t convict any star no matter how horrible the crime. I understand he no longer lives in N. America. Great, someone find him and subject him to the cruelty he has done to children. Then take his children away from him. He is a sick person.

  3. lala says:

    who is that random chick? and i think at the end he was supposed to wink or something, but uh… he gave a random spaz blink