helmet camera catches bad driver

This lady motorcyclist in Los Angeles had her helmet camera on when a car in the lane next to her had an accident and caused her to crash into the car.
At the time of this posting, there’s 16 pages of commentary. The upside is that this video will exonerate the motorcyclist and will implicate the car driver for the idiot that he is. Sadly, it looks like he’s an undocumented Mexican without a license and insurance (a fairly common occurance in SoCal) and the motorcyclist may not get anything from his insurance.
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2 comments on “helmet camera catches bad driver
  1. JaytotheJay says:

    Wow, incredible video & site.
    Here are my takeaways:
    * Just a taste of things to come — when every car & helmet has a video camera going all the time (and then jump to a few decades later, when every person does, and then they get higher res, and then 360 degree, and then layer on shape/face recognition etc…)
    * This woman was a very experienced motorcyclist… but shit happens. This should be shown not just to bikers, but cyclists, truck drivers, student drivers… to show that just when you think it’s a sunny day and life is grand, a car can spontaneously smash into you.
    * Safety gear is a good thing. Imagine if she had been one of those idiots who cruises around in shorts/t-shirt. This would have been a much different situation.
    * I am never getting on a motorcycle in traffic.

  2. Christian Gates says:

    Gen Gen Gen. The word is not “undocumented”. It’s “illegal”. There’s no multi-culti PC BS surrounding this issue. Undocumented is a nice sensitive word, but it imputes an aura of legitimacy that is unwarranted. This is not a race issue, mind you, either.
    Illegal aliens – Mexican or otherwise – are a major problem, and sugarcoating what they are is counterproductive. You really shouldn’t permit yourself to submit to Orwellian newspeak surrounding this topic for fear of offending someone. If someone can’t stand to be called by their true name, then they should change it, to use a metaphor.
    Illegal immigration is hurting the U.S. – in the form of crime, lost tax revenue (yes) and higher support services costs (I don’t believe that I should pay for Mexican emergency health care any more than I believe that we should send buckets of cash to Cambodia for the same services, for example – because while someone’s an illegal they are in fact a Mexican, the responsibility of Mexico’s society) – and destroying in some ways Mexico. Mexico doesn’t have to structurally change, because it’s easy to flee to America, in massive, massive numbers.
    Also, your prior poster is wise. Motorcycles + traffic equals a dangerous combo. Pucker factor is high.