Month: January 2006

Sony Connect Business Division.

You know that there are changes that are either yet-to-come or that there are things unmentioned when you see a one-line press release: “Connect Company has been renamed Connect Business Division.” In Sony speak, this means that a stand-alone unit

Shoebox review

Fazal does a great review of Shoebox. I wanna try this out but my Powerbook is maxxed out. I want to get another desktop Mac for photo stuff but we’re right in the transition to Intel. Not sure if I

Yahoo! Japan and Roppongi Hills

This is a funny story that I caught via Adam Greenfield’s It deserves some explanation. Mr. Mori, who is Tokyo’s current top real estate magnate, spent decades and probably billions to build the gigantic city-within-a-city that is Roppongi Hills.

Rebecca interviews Adam

Rebecca Blood intervews one of my good friends, Adam Greenfield, of Studies and Observations, who has a new book out, “Everywhere: the dawning age of ubiquitous computing” which I am very eager to dive into. Thanks to Rebecca for a

Why, Halo there kitty

Why, Halo there kitty, originally uploaded by Heroine Sheik. One (Halo) plus one (Hello Kitty) makes for funny 🙂