four things

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Four jobs I’ve had

– forklift operator

Chief Philosopher

– R&D lab manager

– outdoor trips manager (Dartmouth Outing Club Trips Director)

Four movies I can watch over and over

– 2001: A Space Odyssey

– 七人の侍 (Seven Samurai)

– Blade Runner

– Lord of the Rings Trilogy (I’ll count those 3 as one 🙂

Four places I’ve lived

– New York City

– Tokyo

– Hanover, New Hampshire

– Los Angeles

Four TV shows I love

– 攻殻機動隊 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

– …

– …

– *crickets*

Four places I’ve vacationed

– Mexico

– Hawaii

– Italy

– Chile

Four of my favorite dishes

– dinner at Tre Vaselle, Torgiano, Umbria

– sushi at a real sushi restaurant in Japan

– mom’s potato leek soup

– M’s curry & rice

Four sites I visit daily


my account at

FZ1OA (Yamaha FZ1 owners association)

Four places I would rather be right now

Onizuka Center for International Astronomy, Mauna Kea, Big Island, Hawaii

– Umbria, Italy

– New Zealand (on a motorcycle – excellent!)

– Khadgar server, World of Warcraft

Four bloggers I’m tagging

Paul Baron

Peter Adams

Fazal Majid

– Jon Yongfook Cockle

2 comments on “four things
  1. Mark says:

    Interesting idea. Now wouldn’t it be interesting if all those items were linked to other people so you could see who shares the same stuff as you? that’s the premise of Crisscross ( Currently we have sharable Goals and Favorites working, with favorite Places coming soon. We are still in public beta (with a lot of changes this week and next) so drop by from time to time and see how we get on.

  2. Kodaku says:

    Mark I’m curious if your commenting or shilling as part of a viral marketing campaign?
    Gen, I also LOVE Stand Alone Complex. The 2nd gig DVD’s are just coming out in the states now although I already have the HK DVD’s.
    It’s refreshing to see an intelligent story.