Year: 2006

Happy New Year 2007!

2006 was a great year for me. Hope it was for you too. Let’s all work to make 2007 even better. Happy New Year everyone! Gen in Tokyo

’87 Duran Duran in Japan

The Japanese subtitles are amusing.

New Year TV in Japan

Cyndi Lauper on TV in Japan, probably 1990s, probably a New Years Eve show.

$300 million spent…

Look at Meg Whitman’s grimace. Ouch. For eBay, It’s About Political Connections in China – New York Times Related, of course: EBay Is Expected to Close Its Auction Site in China – New York Times

OSS and community

In case anyone forgets how important community is to open source software, it’s clear here. Let this be a lesson for all of those who wish to partner with Redmond.