Month: December 2005

The Bad Review Revue

Taking a page from’s Bad Review Revue, here are a few choice quotes from reviews of “Memoirs of a Geisha”: “A more fitting title for Memoirs of a Geisha would have been Cliffs Notes of a Geisha.” — Dustin


I said I was tired of this topic and then Dirk pointed me to this scathing review. Andrew Lee gets at what I have been trying to say all along. The stereotyping and the blatant cultural inaccuracy is what bothers

the second round is the killer

Excellent, excellent post by Galbraith. Joshua deserves his payout. He’s done more for the Internet via and geourl and then (essentially single-handedly) than the vast majority of people on the web. Beware the second round…. David Galbraith –

Stephen Roach on Japan

Stephen Roach, a NY-based economist for Morgan Stanley has an article in the Morgan Stanley GEF on the Japanese economy. He sees all the signs of growth for Japan but cautions us against two scenarios: 1) US or Chinese growth


Use greasemonkey to turn any page you want to into “A Yahoo! Company” branded page. (for those of us who haven’t sold our companies to Yahoo! for tens of millions of dollars…) A Yahoo! Company