Month: December 2005

36 million blogs, MSN leads the pack?

There’s 36 million blogs in China and MSN Spaces leads the pack. Sounds like an alternative universe as non-Chinese blog tracking services don’t even have half of the 36 million that Baidu seems to be tracking. That is a one

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quick Japanese lesson

I learned something today about making lists in Japanese. For instance, in English, it is common to write a list of items such as: “A baseball, basketball, volleyball and soccer ball.” In Japanese that would be: ベースボールやバスケットボール、バレーボール、サッカーボルーなどの。。。は、 Translated, that would

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Blink vs.

Phenomenal post by ex-Blink COO, Ari Paparo, on why Blink (a bookmark service a bit like died after raising $13M before the Internet bubble burst. There’s so many lessons to be learned here. Plus, I had friends working at

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visiting Tokyo

In the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with two people that I may not have otherwise met without weblogs and the Internet. Sean O’Rourke of the Organized Shopping Blog and Umair Haque of the Bubble

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enrish net ladio

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Livedoor is one of the top 3 Internet businesses in Japan (behind Yahoo! Japan and Rakuten.) Why does Japan have to be so bad at English? It really boggles the mind. I

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