The history of electro

A Guy Called Gerald (AGCG) waxes nostalgic about the early days of electro. Gerald asked Greg Wilson, a DJ who influenced Gerald, to create a mix for Samurai FM. You can download that mix from AGCG website.

The people that were into Electro and breakdancing were basically crazy – it was definitely a young movement. We had a kind of careless aggression about things – a Punk attitude – people would be laughing at us for washing the floor and spinning on our heads, but you could see they would never know how to break out of a system. And that’s basically what we felt we were doing.

Greg Wilson talks about Legend – a club that was more important to him than The Hacienda, which was a seminal club in Britain for dance music in the 1980s.

Nowadays, people naturally want to talk to me about The Hacienda and how incredible it must have been for me to work there. Given its subsequent worldwide recognition, I can appreciate how difficult it must be for them to fully comprehend that, although I had some great nights at The Hacienda, it couldn’t begin to compare with the intensity of what was going on at Legend. The rave scene might have kicked-in some years down the line with The Hacienda at the forefront of the movement, but people were full-on ‘raving’ at Legend in the early 80’s, and this was without the aid of chemicals! It’s just that these people were mainly black, at a time when black culture was marginalized in the UK – the style press had yet to catch up with what was happening on the black scene.

No Sell Out Part 1 – Legends / Wigan Pier Electro Retrospective – Mixed by Greg Wilson For A Guy Called Gerald

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