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Sony Connect Player 1.0 review

Here’s another trainwreck about to hit Sony.
A Sony customer at ATRACLife colloquium (a fan site for ATRAC) purchased a Sony Network Walkman NW-A3000 which came with the Sony Connect 1.0 Player software. He shares his review of the software and the device with the community at ATRACLife. Basically, the software doesn’t work and the reviewer had to resort to Sonic Stage, an earlier Sony music management software that was roundly derirded for it’s unusability.
The first part of the trainwreck is that this device and software was not to be sold until later- it was sold by mistake in advance of the official sale time. Sadly, the store that made this mistake? None other than an official SonyStyle store. It gets worse, a lot worse.

I purchased an NW A3000 on Friday, from a UK Sony Centre, who are the first to have the units available in the UK. The unit came with Connect Player 1.0, which I regret to say after a weekend of perseverance is extremely disappointing. Put simply, I can’t get it to work.
I have 4200 Atrac files in my SonicStage database, which Connect Player offers no easier means to import other than File/Directory import. There does not seem to be any way to import playlists from SonicStage. I made several attempts to import the files all of which were ultimately unsuccessful. The software offers the iTunes style option of manual or sync connection to your device (i.e. the NW A3000) but I found that after transferring 200 or so tracks the process would hang indefinitely. The only way to stop it was to detach the NW A3000, which resulted both in the database on the NW A3000 being corrupted and Connect Player not opening when I tried to reuse the software. The only way to get the program open again was to delete the library folder in the All Users\Application Data\Sony Corporation\Connect Player path, which meant that there were now no tracks imported. Lastly I tried to import the tracks and manually transfer them to the NW A3000, but although Connect Player seemed to import the tracks ok (it takes about 4 hours to do 4200 tracks, far longer than in SonicStage) after closing Connect Player, it took 5 minutes to open again and then froze completely. I simply could’t open it without scrubbing the library again.
It seems to me that Sony have rushed this software out – I can’t believe my problems are due computer compatibility as I am using a month old Vaio. There are some potentially good features in Connect Player – drag and drop, the sync function and a folder watch function, which I presume allows automatic updates of any new tracks added by another program such as SonicStage. But there are major drawbacks, not least that it doesn’t work, but also there is no back up tool, so if your database was damaged or your computer blew up, you would be stuck – I don’t think simply backing up and restoring the oma file folders would work with a new install on another machine. The only way to back up would be to use SonicStage back up tool, but then all tracks would have to be imported/ripped with SonicStage and then either the folder watch function used or the files be imported into Connect Player, which seems crazy.

When this software hits the mainstream public, the backlash will be swift and merciless, mainly because Sony music management software has been horrendously unusable from day one. Heads should roll for this (and I would name names but that’s not sporting) but that hasn’t happened in the past so I’m not holding my breath.
If you had any hope for the future of Sony Network Walkman software, forget about it. The distance from iTunes to any legitmate competitor is so far that it is a very significant competitive advantage for Apple. Why Sony has yet to understand that is one of many reasons why Sony is in the dire straits that it is in at this time.

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I bought an A3000 at the weekend and am having similar problems.
Ultimately, the software is just not up to the job. It is slow to add tracks into the library (even slower if you do a load of albums at a time), slower to add them to the player, and slower still to delete tracks from the player (it just hangs – and the really annoying bit is you have to delete track by track – not a whole album in one!).
Possibly the worst thing you can do with this software is to “scan directories”. Being as I have over 100Gb of MP3s on my pc (90 odd % of which are mine – ripped from my own CD’s (I now have 1000’s of CD’s I don’t need!!)) this just froze the software. When I killed the programme and re-started it, it had corrupted itself and i needed to re-install it!!
Another major fault seems to be getting info from the database. I don’t want this – all my mp3’s are in teh correct album and artist folders. Yet the info it gets from the database confuses it and either looses the artist or album title. Also, if you then edit the titles in Connect player, it changes them back again!! V frustrating!!
I could have bought a pod or similar, but was won over by the design of the Sony. I am already seriously regretting this!! I go travelling in south america in a fortnight and want 20Gb of my own music to take with me…is that so mugh to ask!?!?!

i also have a A3000, looks great, shame i cant get any music to go onto it.
The Connect software totally messed up my PC, and I cannot get it to work either.
It starts, gets to the splash screen and closes.
I am going to be having words with the customer services people tomorrow.

Much the same story, got the nwa1000. This software is an absolute joke. They better sort this out and fast.

I bought the NWA 3000 the day it arrived in the UK, much like the guy who posted the first message.
I bought it in a Baker Street (London) Sony Centre, and am REALLY impressed by the design, functionality, sound, etc.. of the MP3 player.
The software however is an absolute joke. The biggest joke of all time. I could probably write something better.
If Sony want to do well with this product, they’re going to have to sort out the software. They’ve started doing an excellend TV ad campaign, but what’s going to happen – is that loads of people are going to get this thing for XMas. Then at Christmas people will want to download loads of tracks onto their new shiny MP3s, and it won’t work.

Bought the NWA 3000 like the rest at the weekend. Tried to phone sony, line not working. Emailed them 5 times before got a response. Shock horror they can’t help. Super Sony!!!

I’d like to add something to this. I have reinstalled the Connect Player, and Sony have released a new update on the website.
I have to say that the program is MUCH quicker, and it seems to be working well so far, I will post more details on the software as and when I come across any problems.
So far though – it is a massive improvement.
As far as the software goes – I think it’s a great concept, and it’s a nice design etc… it’s just the execution has been EXTREMELY lacking. If they get rid of all the bugs, then it might actually start to be a good product.

I’m having exactly the same problems…ripping CDs takes forever and then Connect Player just hangs after each one. After closing down it will not relaunch until the PC has been rebooted. I love the NW-A3000 but the software is a joke!

I got my A3000 yesterday and eagerly sorted it all out. Last night I transferred a couple of albums across with little problem. Today however, it is refusing to transfer any more music across. I deleted everything off the player to see if that helped, but it didn’t, and now I cannot transfer any music across. The (+) button doesn’t work, neither does dragging + dropping it to either the transfer window or the location on the left hand side.
I am really disappointed with this. The player itself is fantastic, but what use is it if I can’t get any music on it?

Same, same, same. Got the NW A1000. Great player. I mean I really like it and want it to be successful, because the thing deserves to succeed. Plus, it needs to be popular to get the support of 3rd party accessory manfacturers etc. But the Connect software is just a headache to work with. It hangs way too often – just ripping Cds to it. It is seriously memory and processor hungry – the process tinyhttp.exe takes up on average at least 100mb, and the processor usage fluctuates wildly but is generally high. How do we get Sony to sort this???

Joe: have you tried to update the player? (see last Gareth Coker’s comment)
I’ve been almost convinced to buy this one (as soon as it appears in stores here) but I’m quite scared by what you’re saying about the Connect Player

I don’t know if Sony makes this clear, but the new Walkman will work with SonicStage, which is currently much faster and more stable. You just won’t get the artist link feature, which you probably won’t miss at all anyway.
I think UK can get it at or try

Same problems here. Used SS3.3 before installing the connect player after reading all the postings. It (sonicstage 3.3)didnt like transferring over more than about 50 tunes onto it for me. I spoke to their customer support who tried to fob me off when i told them about how power hungry the program is, although the guy kinda empathised with me because he knew too that the software’s rubbish. He did tell me that the NWA3000 wouldnt work with sonicstage. I’ve downloaded the patch for connect, but it’s still crap. I think the library slows it down. If you go to documents and settings/all users/ etc, you can delete the library and start afresh. CONNECT is then really swift. Takes ages to transfer over 13gb though – like 5 hours for me last night. After much research on the web there is a rumour that vaio music transfer will let you drag and drop over to it. Have yet to try it however. will let you all know if i have any success. Also not sure about this supposed 30hr battery life. anyone esle?
BTW, the player does look the mutts nuts.
What a shame. Sony really wanted to compete with the Ipod, but this isnt gonna get anywhere near close until they get professionals to write the software to go with it. How could they release it like that?

Trainwreck is probably the most appropriate description. v1.0, simply put, does not work. I’m planning to return my NW-A1000 to the Sony Store in Canada where it was purchased. From my perspective, if the software that supports the hardware (and, in fact, is required in order to utilize the hardware), is defective, then the entire unit is defective.
Return all units and maybe Sony will pay attention.

Im in the same boat as most of you guys. bought the player last week. Great player, and managed to get 4-5 albums on there on the first night , and since then……nothing. Its been a nightmare!
The player is fantastic, good quality, no problems, but only managing to get a total of 8 albums on there in a week must say something. Connect Player now just crashes the computer pretty much everytime I run it.
Is there any news of upcoming patches, updates, COMPLETE OVERHAULS???

You can,t scroll in the libary. You can,t see whats in your own libary. You can,t see the progess of the track you are transfering. You can hardly do anything with this awful software

After 8 frustrating hours trying to copy my music using Connect I gave up and used Sonicstage. Sonicstage worked first time and was quick doing the transfer.
Connect is the most useless piece of software I have ever seen because it just doesn’t work. I can point out a host of major bugs.

Love the player, but like Darren the software now crashes my pc everytime I run it.This is both the Connect software and the SonicStage. Cannot even begin to tell you how annoying this is. Can’t figure out any other way to transfer music, so it looks like its going back to the shop. Should have stuck with my trusty minidisc!

I bought the AS3000 for my daughter’s birthday. Love the player to bits – best i’ve seen but it is SOOOOOO let down by the rubbish CONNECT software. I can’t believe a household name like Sony has let such utter rubbish software out. It just doesn’t work. Has anyone successfully managed to transfer more than 2 albums? – if so tell please me how. Is there an alternative? Does Sonic Stage work with it – seems to be a varied view here.

I installed Sonicstage after using Connect and Sonicstage works perfectly without a reformat or anything.
I have transferred more albums in 5 minutes with Sonicstage than I did in 8 hours with Connect.
Also ripped a couple of CD’s into Sonicstage because I wanted them gapless. Transferred correctly and played perfectly.
The only problem with not using Connect is that the player gives me a message about using the Connect software which I just ignore. I believe it is so that the artist link functionality can be generated.

I couldnt get sonicstage to work with my player. What version are you guys using? (the ones that have got it working) I tried using it again but it only imported 500 songs instead of 2500 and just hung on 99% transfered. I’ve had no luck with any other software either. This is going to be sent back to the supplier shortly if i have no further luck. What a shame.

First Sony product I’ve bought which hasn’t been thought through…Spent most of this week end tring to get Connect to work with my new A3000. I transferred about 3Gb of songs (incredibly slowly) but it kept giving me a ‘no database…’, or ‘no songs…’ error message on the walkman.
Tried installing / uninstalling three times, AND I tried the ‘patch’. Something seriously wrong somewhere! What a joke.
I’ve just sent it back to the shop and ordered a new ipod. At least that software works.

I am really glad to have come across this page. I got the A1000 delivered on Saturday. The player itself is an absolute beauty, but the software…well! ‘Connect’ (what an irony as it does exactly the opposite) software kept hanging/freezing/crashing.When it did work, with considerable effort on my part, it was very slow and has an insistence of searching for info when u don’t want to. Eventually when I had downloaded abt 1000 songs onto the player, which took more hours than I care to remember, it simply refused to download any more despite extreme effort. I shut the software down on saturday night, and as we speak it has refused to start up again since! I have uninstalled and reinstalled about 5 times, downloaded the upgrade both automatically when installing and manually, still no dice! SONY SORT THIS OUT

Welcome to the club sege. This is enough to make me boycot Sony for life. I see there are plenty of ex users out there who now do the same. I just think it’s such a pity.

Latest update.
Well – currently I have 2600 tracks on the Connect Player.
The problem I’m now having is adding extra tracks to that library.
The update does fix some issues – but it’s the program tinyhttp that messes it all up.
More to the point – we know absolutely nothing what it does!

Incidentally – Sonicstage does work well with the player as well. It is certainly the safer option at the moment.
What Sony and Apple and Creative also need to do – instead of having their own ‘I’m better than yours’ lossless audio compression formats, they should just come up with a universal MP3-style file until broadband becomes fast enough that we can all use WAV files.
Sadly that is not going to happen.
If only the Sony player worked with iTunes…
But I still would like to make the point that I have managed to get 2600 tracks onto my player – I will photograph proof if needed – as I seem to be the only one!!!!

Have you guys downloaded the update? It fixes quite a few of these issues. I have the update and I have imported numerous albums without a problem. Speed of ripping is still quite slow but it does happen. Also general speed of the program seems to have improved a lot!

Bill – the update is an improvement – but it is in no way definitive.
It’s the program tinyhttp (which appears to operate the Connect Player) – which takes up 116 MB of system memory – this is outrageous for what should be a simple software program.
If you press CTRL+ALT+DEL and then click on ‘Processes’ you should see this program.
If they don’t make the connect Player less CPU intensive – no-one is going to use it. Not everyone has high-end PCs. Basically – people with 128MB of RAM will not be able to use this player.

No, not definitive, but an improvement. I’m sure they will continue to update and improve as time goes on.
Thanks for the tip with tinyhttp.

In the meantime – if people are so outraged with the Connect Player (rightly so) – then they should download the very usable Sonicstage 3.3 – which is actually pretty good. It’s not itunes – but it will do.
You can download it from or direct from Sony ( its easier to find!)
If Sony fix the Connect player – (make it quicker) I’m convinced it will be as good as iTunes – because it’s basially a copy of that program – just not executed very well!

I have tried using Sonicstage with limited success. It does not transfer all of my tracks and just hangs on 99% completed where i then have to force the program to shutdown. Anyone else having this trouble?
I’m trying to transfer around 2600 tracks in mp3 format.

I wonder if Sony reads postings like this? I am a product manager for a SW company and what Sony is shipping as relase SW is tragic. I bought an A1000 on Satuday at Heathrow and if it wasn’t for this thread I would have wasted hours trying to get something to work that is clearly flawed. I downloaded the update file from the support link and it says its version ….1120. This is actually the current version I have installed when I check the Connect help about option. Manual download on the same update page says …….11040. I downloaded this update and when I ran it received an error message to say “The Target software for this module is not installed”. At that point reinstalled but still took 2-3 minutes for the application to open. I then checked the library files (see one of the previous posts) and the folders were 440Mb. Note these were not deleted when I reinstalled the SW. After I deleted the sub folders this speeded up the opening of the SW but still wasn’t snappy. Anyway having read all the current posts decided to try Sonicstage (I have V3.2 installed) and so far have had no problems except not being able to transfer Atrac files that have already been copied to another device and the Genre not updating when Atrac files are transferred. For MP3 files the Genre isn’t lost when you transfer to the player. For the life of me I can’t understand why they have brought out another SW application, rather than continue to enhance SonicStage. My advice use SonicStage and wait until sombody can show us there is an advantage to move to Connect, at least you don’t have to reimport all your music! Also be very careful about downloading new versions of Sonicstage without knowing what the update does, positive or negative. I have stayed on 3.2 as 3.3 appeared to add restrictions that I didn’t like.

A call to Sony customer service was the last straw. They obviously know there is a problem, as according to the person I spoke to ‘Everybody who calls is calling about the same thing.’ The only advice was…….Take is back to where is was purchased for a refund. Am doing exactly that!

Finally got ‘Connect’ to open again and to transfer more songs, after deleting the library folder using the file path posted by the first guy: All Users\Application Data\Sony Corporation\Connect Player\Library. Thanks whoever you are! Unfortunately this will mean the library in ‘connect’ is cleared, but the main thing is getting songs on the player so who cares right? If you end up having too much data (songs) in the above library, dragging and dropping etc will simply not work in ‘Connect’! And eventually the software won’t start up after you close it. Uninstalling and reinstalling the software simply won’t solve this as the software library folder is not deleted when you do this. I have now got about 1300 songs on my A1000 and almost filled it up. On the update, it only works if you have got version ….1.10190 on your system, which is the basic version on the cd that is installed if u cancel the automatic upgrade during installation. It says version .1120 on the website for the upgrade, but the update is actually .1140. If they can’t even type right, are we not really expecting too much? Note that this does NOT solve the library memory problem. I know as I tried. Finally whatever you do, DO NOT sync! My pain is your gain…

I will probably download it tonight but is there anything special I need to do with SonicStage to get it to adapt to the nw-a3000??. What exactly doesnt it do, that connect player does? (or is meant to do)
I tried connect player with a friends brand-new pretty high spec laptop last night. Think I buggered it up, oops!
If SonicStage doesnt work very well then I think Dabs can be expecting a shiny, almost new mp3 player through their letter box in the next couple of days.

On the plus side, the Connect Player 1.0 CD makes a superb frisbee.
Every cloud, silver lining and all that.

Probably nothing more can be said that hasn’t already. The 1.0 software is just awful. I cannot believe myself when I hear myself say I’d rather have iTunes. I am quite certain that there’s some sort of huge memory leak which prevents a large number of music to be in its repository. It won’t even boot up anymore at home when I added 10gigs worth of MP3s. I had to install SonicStage to play around with it. Unfortunately, all of the cool features are disabled when you do that. I installed it at work and have resorted to only having a single folder of music I want to synch with the device imported into the player. There’s only about 5gigs worth of music and I cannot believe how slow it is. Scrolling too quickly locks up the app. It’s pulling nails to fix tags. I’d love to do it outside of the app with a proper tagger (MP3Tag) but even though I have it “watching” the folder, none of the changes are imported back into Connect Player. If I re-scan the folder, it duplicates everything.
Sony should be embarrassed to release software that completely ruins this wicked hardware.

I am the origional poster on here and still seriously racked off! I fly to south america in just over a week and need this sorted – I managet do get 18gig on there, but I decided I wanted to delete some of the albums off there and add other ones….BAD MOVE! connect hung when deleting the albums, and also thought it was a good idea to rename a load of my albums/artists etc!
I have two options…
1. Format it and use Sonic Stage and hopefully get everything on there by next week, and take it to south america without ever really trying it out and hope it works.
2. Trek over to Birmingham on saturday (braving the christmas shoppers and the high chance of snow) and take it back to Sony….and hope I get my money back and its not a wasted trip! (this will take me half my day!). And then go and buy an iPod!

Oh, and just to say, I have a SonyEricsson Mobile, a Sony DVD Player, a Sony Freeview box, a Sony Home Cinema setup, a Sony playstation and a Sony Minidisc Player as well as the AS3000.
I have always loved their design, but this is the last piece of Sony Hardware (and software!!!) that I will buy in a long time!!

erm……… i am slightly worried now. just ordered an a1000. should i send it back before i open it?

Great player, can’t even get the Connect player to load, my pc matches all the specs and I’m no newbie either.

You can use Sonicstage to delete and you don’t need to reformat to use it.

Well, I downloaded Sonic Stage and used it to transfer music across. Got about a third of my music on, then next time I tried to transfer more it hung on 99%. I closed it and since then it won’t let me transfer anything across. The player itself says there is a system error (no. 032), while my computer says it doesn’t recognize the device. Resetting the player works, but not when I want to try transferring more music across. This is the same in both Sonic Stage and Connect.
This is getting beyond a joke. I’m really disappointed, upset and frustrated at this whole situation. I can’t decide if I’m just going to give up and send it back, because the player itself is fantastic and I don’t want to give up hope on it. But I’m so annoyed at how awful this software is!
So, should I send it back and go for the player I was after before (Creative Zen Sleek), or stick with this one and hope they fix the software??

There is a thorough review in Japanese at the AV Watch website. The titles of each subsection of the article are telling:
“Just Released: All Of A Sudden Software Update”
“No Support for ATRAC Advanced Lossless”
“Difficult to Understand: Artist Link”
“Would Hope for Future Improvement”
Here is the URL:

I recently got my NW A3000 and am very disappointed with its performance. I tried to use connect player, which worked for about 10 minutes, before freezing. I then opened task manager (ctrl+alt+del) and closed all the processes that connect uses. i was suprised to see tinyhttp.exe alternating between 80 and 100% of the CPU (P4 3.4 HT). i didn’t even try and -open this again and moved onto sonic stage. i have found this ok to use, however it leaves the player without:
-artist link
-any kind of shuffle mode
-recently listened to tracks list
when i try any of the above the walkman just says “connect complient software”, but im not going to hook it back up to connect player because last time i did it formatted the player.
Also i have encountered major skipping in tracks ripped using sonicstage, which is very fustrating with a £175 player. not even casette tapes skip!!!
another thing to look out for is that sonicstage will allow you to import tracks not compatable with the player, which is again very annoying.
when i got this walkman i hadn’t even considered the software as a reason not to get it… but i’m afraid it really is that bad. i love sony, but this is just rubbish.
in addition, the battery on my walkman only lasts approx 6 hours, nowhere near the 35 that the website says.
YET ANOTHER bug is when you play an album with only on one song in it, on shuffle, the player turns itself off. not really very useful.
to be honest i think looks are the only thing that this has going for it.
P.s. i have only 2GB on it and there are still major bugs in connect for me. like the library disappearing and almost constant freezing.

People who have ordered the Sony NW-A1000 shouldn’t send it back.
If Pat Collins is to be believed – then we should have a decent piece of software in the next few days.
To Dave (November 23rd, 10:42 pm) – I find it quite weird that you only got 6 hours battery life out of your walkman. What bit rate are you playing at? Did you finish off the battery before you did the first charge?
I’m also surprised to hear of your skipping of tracks – it suggests that you have a lot of USB activity on your computer and that you were doing stuff at the time. It’s generally better when transferring to leave the compoter well alone (as with burning CDs).
I would hold on until Sony release their new update. Everyone should reformat their drives and redo their libraries. This would then enable everyone to see if the new software does actually work.
Finally – Sonicstage 3.3 works pretty well with the NW-A3000 I’ve found. It’s just not a great program
If they can fix the Connect Player though – it should be as good as iTunes – as it’s an almost identical program/style/layout.
God I hope so!
Let’s hope we don’t have this sort of nonsense with the Playstation 3. (And I get my XBox 360 next week!!!)

i m gonna destroy my local sony center as i bought a A3000 today and connect dont even work…..rhaaaaa

urm…..i’ve ripped using windows media player hundreds of times without a problem. and i have USB 2.0 so i dont think that should be a problem.
and that battery life…apparently when it is 0/4 bars (appearing empty) it is still mostly full. a bit dodgy though.

Hi everyone. I’m the owner of this website/weblog.
I appreciate everyone sharing their stories here- please continue to do so.
Unfortunately, I’ve had to take a few comments down due to external concerns.
Again- please feel free to share your experiences here. I can promise you that Sony, both in the US and in Japan, is reading this site, even if it doesn’t seem so from the software.

Just brought a A1000 and connect is messed up. managed to get about 10 albums on it then just completely crashed and i lost my library. What is worse, any CDs i now try and rip dont go into the library, anyone have any ideas?????

Got my A-3000 from the Sony shop in Inverness after having reserved one when I first heard about it
Connect software as far as I am concerned is non existant when I click on the desktop icon Connect opens then promptly shuts down the computer to a restart with the subsequent serious error notification
Have removed and re-installed Connect several times to no avail
What use is a £200 player that you can not get music on to
I’ve gone back to using my Walkman NW-E99 – Just 1 Gig but at least it plays and the software was no problem
If Sony do not sort this problem out soon they may as well recall all the units and give refunds

Just installed sonic stage 3.3 and (touch wood) everything seems to be working ok, just cant use all of the features on my walkman! Sony better hurry up with an update for CONNECT

Fortunately, I found this group of Walkman owners, since I had same experiences as all of you have mentioned above with the soft, and I thought it was just me. After installing the update, I did manage to put about 1200 tracks on the player ( it’s slow but doable since I have upgraded to a better computer recently). However, I can’t figure out how to transfer a playlist onto the device; it only says “Insufficient ifo. Connect compliant software and transfer”. Has any one else had this problem. Any input would be appreciated.

Player is nice and works pretty well when there’s music on it, but that’s the point – I’m also having terrible problems and am totally flabbergasted with Connect. I wouldn’t even consider it as first cut prototype standard software let alone ready for acceptance testing or releasing!!!
After crashes, file corruptions, forced device resets, application tardiness, sync tardiness, etc., etc., I have managed to get quite a few songs on to my NWA-1000 (its taken me about 20 hours to rip just over 700 songs onto the device!). The main issue I have had is that the application freezes and doesn’t respond after ripping a second CD. At first I had to re-boot to get my laptop back, but after some experimentation I found that responsiveness will return if the CD is ejected, then do a ‘refresh’ and ‘submit’ from the CD drives right click menu, then try reloading the CD for ripping.
I can only see perhaps one other poster experiencing this problem, anyone else out there?
Sony have suggested that I upgrade to Sonic Stage 3.3 – I don’t even have Sonic Stage installed! Any why should I? Has anyone heard if this problem is due to be fixed? I’m on the latest XP service pack and have all the patches installed.
I’m at the end of my tether so unless its sorted by the end of the week I’ll be forced to return mine – I’m pleased I got it from a Sony Centre, surely they can’t deny me a refund?
Also, on a separate note, I’m a bit new to all this but I do notice that levels between ripped albums can be quite different (for the same compression type) i.e. I have to continually alter the volume when tracks are shuffled across albums. Is this an MP3-wide ripping issue or another ‘feature’ of my NWA-1000/Connect package?
Apologies for the long post.

I can understand the frustrations of everyone who want to use their new players but seeing as Connect has an Auto update feature and Sonic Stage 3.3 is easily available then perhaps we should be more constructive.
What Sony should do is:
* Make Connect Compatible with all “Walkman” devices
* Get rid of the Tinyhttp element of Connect or reduce it’s CPU usage
* Employ experienced music software engineers as it’s the software that sells the hardware.
* Admit on their website to issueing dodgy software and how they are rectifying the problem
* Test the Hardware and software together before release!
* Remove DRM and allow WMA files on their players
* Increase the Capacity of HI-MD Discs
If Sony can get the Walkman range and Connect player right then they would dent ipods market share but at the current rate they are fueling it’s growth by releasing a player every other month then having buggy software and fixes all the time.

After many hours surfing the web I opted against an Ipod Nano and bought an NWA-1000. Looks good, feels good but the connect software is not so good.
Like many of the comments posted here I also had problems with my PC freezing when trying to rip a CD. After spending many hours doing a CD between re-boots, I gave up.
Considering I have a top end Dell PC with plenty of RAM I found this very, very frustrating. I’m now seriously in favour of taking it back to the shop and getting an Ipod instead. Shame.

This really is the last Sony product I buy. When I called through to Sony again this afternoon, they now find it quite funny that they are having to deal with yet another annoyed customer due to the software. I have now been told that I can try and return the goods but Sony do not deem them to be faulty. This is because they feel the software is only causing a problem for a ‘Handful’ of people and it is due to our systems, and not there software. So basically we all have rubbish pc’s/laptops.
If our systems meet the specified requirements laid out in the product specification, is it not correct that the product has been mis-sold under the sales of goods act? IE a 20gb product that crashes at 13gb.
I’m now ready to tear my hair out. Bring back the good old tape!

Just looking here for any updates. I have decided to return the piece of trash named nw-a1000 and have already got a creative zen microphoto 8gb instead. Sure it costs £30 more and isn’t as pretty, but it has way more functions (+ a colour screen), the sound quality is much better, it can store pictures, the software is MUCH MUCH easier to use…it actually works!, and most importantly for me it’s still a small device, and not an iPOD! U could even use windows media to transfer songs…
As much as i love d look of the nw-a1000, i simply cannot bear the thought of always dreading what would happen if i tried to load more songs, or delete songs etc on it. It took 5 mins to delete 1 song and that was the last straw. Updating the tags on Connect didn’t transfer to the player. For a device that cost £145, that simply wasn’t good enough
Apologies for the long post, just felt like having a moan

Well this has been a good read, I’ve been waiting for some reviews and I was going to buy the 3000 but I think I’ll get the NWHD5 instead, it’s had top reviews and I know it works.

I have had two very frustrating weeks with my NW-A3000. Prior to this I have been using a Sony NWHD5. However, after seeing this thread I tried SonicStage 3.3 (already installed for my NWHD5).
It copied all my 10,744 Atrac+ tracks.
As mentioned above I got the connect to compliant software message but the device does work!
However, playlist titles are mixed up and display music library by album does not work.
Sony have been describing Connect software as a big leap forward. Oddly enough SonicStage 3.3 has more smarter playlist options than Connect.
The NWHD5 also has some features that are better than the 3000. NWHD5 will play all tracks by an artist e.g. The Beatles in Album / Track order. All this thing will do is play them in track name Alpha order.
Display on this 3000 is cool but you cannot read it / see it in bright sunlight.
Some retailers BTW have actually raised the price of the NWHD5 – some by 50% !!!

Aw man and i thought it was just me!
I bought the NW-608 2 days ago and im at my wits end with this connect player rubbish.
It should be able to transfer playlists – and yet… nada, following the instructions directly many times I cannot get a single playlist onto my player. Single tracks sure… up to a point – but who wants 1000 tracks (probably overly optomistic there) in one giant unorganised list on their walkman???
Ive also been in contact with Sony and they provided no help at all. Currently hoping to return the player now which is a shame – such an excellent piece of electronic hardware completely ruined by its software.
I was determined not to by any iThing but thats looking now to be my only option.

Please clarify the following:
The NWHD5 also has some features that are better than the 3000. NWHD5 will play all tracks by an artist e.g. The Beatles in Album / Track order. All this thing will do is play them in track name Alpha order.
If this is so then the thing is absolutely useless for Classical fans (ie me) even when/if they sort out the Connect software. Classical music just has to be listened to in track order – unless its a compilation CD.
Please tell me this isn’t the case.

Apologies if i’m repeating anything that’s already been reported, but I’ve just got off the phone to Sony customer services who after leaving a message on my answerphone have told me to be expecting a “big update” for sony connect. This, however was supposed to be released at 3pm GMT on 24th November. The operator checked for me as I could not see this on the sonydigital-link website and told me they’re now “investigating why it isn’t available”. Contrary to what I have been told by them before, the chap recommended using SS 3.3 which is supposed to work perfectly with the player. I seem to be one of the few users who are experiencing problems with the transferral of tunes using Sonicstage though – just seems to hang on 99% still. Oh well. If this update doesn’t fix the issues, Apple will be getting my hard earned cash.

SONY NW-A-3000
Using SonicStage V and have no problems Ripping and transferring music files / no hang ups all pretty easy and straightforward
Once music files in the A-3000 it is “MAGIC” – easy to navigate to Albums or Individual songs
Sound is brilliant thro phones or using line-out to the Hi Fi
I’m definately now keeping the A-3000 Walkman and will be ripping CDs for a while yet to fill the hard drive
Once Sony sort out the software problems I will try Connect but only if good reports are on the web
Best of luck to all who are still trying to get music on to their walkman – If possible give the above version of SonicStage a try you will be surprised how easy it is

Re the new software
The web link did not actually seem to include a download option.
Anyway to give it a fair fresh start I uninstalled the old version, deleted the Sony Connect folder under all users and Sony Connect under Sony in Programs Files. This folders also contained a 287Mb log file!
I also deleted the registry keys for Sony Connect.
On reinstal (after a reboot) I allowed it to download the new version.
On startup now the connect banner shows a pattern/bar while it is backing up its databases.
I also have of course re-initialised the drive in my NWA-3000.
Software is now re-importing the first 6000 of my atrac files. will update if it works.
Today also i had my player in my laptop computer case. When I took it out I have found its rear case lid has now got a dent in it! Thus treat yours with very tender care.
Re my earlier comment re this player vs NWHD5
The NWHD5 playing all tracks by Abba
The player will play each album by album title with all the tracks in that album in their correct order (as per on their original CD).
The NWA3000 playing all tracks by Abba
The player will play all tracks in track title order in A to Z title order.
The NWA3000 has no option to play the whole unit or just an album.
The NWHD5 by default would play a selected album and then go onto the next album.
The NWA3000 will only play the select album then stop or repeat play it.

In response to Skypilot – this definitely is not the case.
The NWA-3000 would be ridiculed if that was the case. I have listened to many film scores with the track order and many pieces of classical music in order.
Whoever posted this is wrong, or hasn’t read their manual properly.

In response to Sege – I don’t know how you can say that you got better sound quality out of a Creative product than a Sony quality, I find that very hard to believe. Did you rip the tracks at the same quality, use the same headphones?? More likely, you’re just anti-Sony following this software debacle.
I test audio software and hardware for a well-known music magazine, and also am a professionally-trained musician, and Sony’s sound quality beats Apple and Creative at the same bit rate.
In response to David Trelfer, you might want to have a look at the NW-HD3 – which Sony aren’t releasing any more, but I thought was actually the best of the NW-HD range of players. It’ll cost you less.
Alternatively you may want to wait a bit longer annd wait for the software update, because the NW-A3000 – the actual player is nothing short of brilliant.
In response to Automan – your statement about the NW-A3000 not being able to play albums in track order is simply not true. More likely – it is how you’ve imported your files. I have huge collections of music by the same artists and can play the albums in order in track order. Read your manual.
In response to everyone – if you’re still unsatisfied with the NW-A3000 – I would go back and look at the NW-HD3 – as it is in my opinion the best player in the NW-HD range.
You’ll have to look on eBay and elsewhere for it, but it’s worth buying, more so than the NW-HD5 with it’s hideous button layout.

Yes, I apologise it looks like I am in error!
As advised I have re-consulted the manual and it seems the trick is to hold down the play/pause button to select all albums etc.
Of course I can’t try this as it will be many hours before I can transfer any music to the player.

Hello all, got my player, (a1000) didnt even bother loading connect until sony fix it. loaded with songs using sonic stage 3.3 working fine. one query though…. does the volume shuttle button thingy on anyone elses unit feel slightly dodgy or “loose”????

Guys, obviously I’m having the very same unfortunate experience as the rest of you. I’m actually trying to download the updated version of connect player (version from the following page:
on the sony website, however, did they forget to add the download button or have I turned blind? Can someone tell me how I can download this? I’ve clicked on the Help/check for updates… option in the connect player toolbar, but obviously that does not do anything. HELP!

The update *should* be downloaded by the AutoUpdate function (or by going Help/Check For Updates). However, this didn’t work for me so I uninstalled Connect and deleted the entire C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sony Corporation\CONNECT Player directory.
Then I rebooted and reloaded Connect from the original 1.0 CD. Part way through loading it tells you there’s an update available and starts to download it.
After the update is installed reboot your machine again and you’re ready to rock.
Instead importing files I created a Watch Folder via Tools/Preferences and then hit ‘Scan Now’.
626 of 4500 tracks imported so far – seems pretty quick.
Here’s hoping it gets all the way through – it’s certainly looking promising.

Now at 1650 tracks – Importing & transferring to player.
Tinyhttp is varying between 100Mb & 130Mb – seems to be stable & system resources haven’t been stolen.

Sorry, I still cant get the unit to play all tracks by an artist in the correct order even after reading the manual.
Select music library, artist, scroll to artist and hold down play/pause to select all e.g. Abba
My unit then plays 61 tracks.
1st track Angel Eyes from CD Voulez-Vous
2nd track As good as new from CD Voulez-Vous
3rd track Chiquitita from CD Gold
4th track Chiquitita from CD The First Ten Years
5th track Chiquitita from CD Voulez-Vous
If however I select a single album Voulez-Vous the tracks play in the correct order
1st Track As Good As New
2nd Track Voulez-Vous
3rd Track I Have A Dream
4th Track Angeleyes
Can someone point out where I am going wrong or am I correct that this device cannot play all tracks by an artist in CD order (assuming you have more than one CD by that artist).
This problem (if it exists) can be overcome by creating play lists in Connect.

Automan – what exactly is the CD order?? The order it’s released in (Year)? I’m not sure if the iPod can do that (sort by Year)-. Sure iTunes can do that, but not sure about the actual hardware.
You could just make a playlist entitled Abba Playlist – and then you can customise to your heart’s content.
Playlists eliminate the need to worry about these things, as you can put the tracks in any order you want. They’re very easy to setup – although I say that tongue in cheek when using the Connect Player!

They still need to sort out TinyHttp – even my audio programs (Logic/Cubase) only take up 95 MB.
Connect is supposed to be audio management, not sequencing and audio editing!!
For reference iTunes runs at 37 Mb – a much more acceptable level for this kind of software.
However – the updates are promising.

Thanks Silva. That did work, I’m actually ripping songs from CDs now. yeepee.
Now if anyone can tell me how to decode the bloody files I had originally downloaded from i-tunes in my good old ipod days. I seem to have a lot of m4p and wma files that I just can’t play in connect. I’ve googled to see the best way to decode these files but I can’t find any promising solutions, I’d rather hear from someone that they have actually tried something that worked. I appreciate any help with this. Thanks again.

I’d like to confirm that the latest update on the Sony Connect Player (software update) – is a huge huge improvement.
TinyHTTP still uses a lot of RAM, but it does not hog the CPU like it used to.
Importing files was quicker than iTunes.

Gareth, All I am after is the ability to play all CD by an artist in the same order that a multi disc CD player would play them (but in alphabetical order by CD title).
The Sony NW-HD5 did this by default.
Re playlist. Yes these can be created and I have for my favourite tracks etc.
However, after my first test transfer with the latest version of Connect I have found none of the playlists I created were transferred to the player!
Could this be a new bug in the software or is it just me?
P.S. My unit now has over 6203 tracks on it in atrac format after an autosynch.
Interesting that the connect library has 6217 tracks. I wonder what happened to the odd 14 tracks?

I downloaded the newest software update today and it does work much better than the previous versions; however, I also had to delete the old version of the connect player and re-install before I could download the new version. For some reason, the auto-update didn’t work for this. For the playlists, after I made them in the leftside window, I pressed the transfer to the device button on the right side, which caused the list of tracks on the player to appear, and then I dragged the new play list into this window. Then it’s transferred to the player after a delay.
Still can’t directly transfer my wma files (is this suppose to be in the next update?)downloaded from the MS Music store. Like one of the posters above, I could only transfer them by transferring them to a CD and then transfering the tracks from the CD to the player. Could someone with more expertise than me, pleae tell me if doing it this way introduces noise and reduces the quality of the transferred tracks.
Thanks everyone for all the helpful advice.

Does anyone have a direct link to the latest download v Auto update is refusing to find any new updates
Tried uninstalling and reinstalling still nothing. Really getting wound up with this piece of junk now which is a shame because the A3000 is a great bit of kit.
I wonder how much the development budget was for the hardware .v. the software!!

The Sony Support guys told me that if you have the original version the Auto-update should fix all known major problems already, and if you already installed the manual updater that was (is?) available on their support site you can either uninstall the Connect Player, so the Auto Update function Installs the latest versios (and indeed this is working very well compared to the original !), or wait till next week as there should be a manual updater available by then also.

SONY MW A-3000
In desperation to get my player operational I used SonicStage V and it works a treat – No Problems and fairly fast
All functions on the A-3000 work as supposed to and the sound thro good headphones and with line-out on my Hi-Fi is “MAGIC”
The A-3000 is a superb piece of kit and I will only try Connect Software when I see from the Web that a fully working version without bugs is available
If anyone has SonicStage give it a try you may be surprised I have had no crashes and have been able to add to the library whenever I want to
It’s a superb player when you get it loaded and so easy to locate your favourit albums / songs or singers

Hi all,
Has anyone expoerienced problems INSTALLING the Connect software 1.0? I can’t even make out the language drop-down menu on the first page, underneath Region select. Then when I click ‘Next’, an error message appears saying something about SonicStage and that I may experience problems when transferring music; do I want to continue? I click Yes, and on the license agreement page, the ‘next’ button is greyed out and I can’t click it! Any help will be greatfully appreciated.
Please email me or post here.

Finally managed to get the latest patch to install. Had to uninstall the previous version and the delete all the registry keys it had left behind. It looks like there was a reg key with a status for the autoupdater that was confusing it.
Scanning 4500 files (25 gig) at the moment and it’s a lot faster. Heres hoping that the transfer to the player is better now as well!!

This current version of Connect (v seems to be adequate but not brilliant. It works – and for now that’s what matters – but it ain’t fast.
Tips for better performance:
1. CD ripping is slow in Connect – Rip in SonicStage 3.3 and then import into Connect via Watch Folders.
2. Don’t import music into Connect while your Walkman is connected to the PC – it’s faster to let the files import and then connect the Walkman for synchronisation.

Ok this may seem like a stupid question, but on the links for the new version ( of the software I can’t actually find anywhere to download it… Am I being really dense or something?

R. Gunn: it seems that you may be best off uninstalling your current version of connect, deleting Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sony Corporation\CONNECT Player\ and any registry entries (if you are confident doing so) and reinstalling connect from the cd that came with the player. This will d/load the update automatically on install.
I followed the same procedure and am now using the updated version and It is an improvement. I can actually put my tracks onto the device, add more and remove easily. The artist link feature now works on the device (although I don’t see its logic) Transfers are still not as quick as it should be, but CONNECT is more stable but still resource hungry – caught it using 340mb during transfer. Thank you Sony for the update, but don’t stop there.

Help! I’ve downloaded the update by re-installing the software from the disc but, every time I try and launch Connect, I get a microsoft error report that tells me tinyhttp.exe has encountered a problem and has to close. Whats going on? Sonicstage does work, but I’d like to use the new software!

Hi – I Am seriously considering purchasing one of these machines – but am having second thoughts after reading some of these comments.
Can someone answer me this…
Do you have to use ‘software’ to transfer .MP3 files across to the Sony NW A3000 ?
At the moment I am using an antiquated Archos device and basically when connected, my PC sees it as a Hard Drive/Storage device and basically I just transfer albums of music in their own folders via USB 2.0 onto it. This is done via drag and drop thru Windows XP.
I don’t use ‘playlists’ or anything fancy like that 😉 – so don’t care about extra ‘features’
Can this be done on the NW A3000, or what ?

John, I’ve just read this whole thread and apparently you can use SonicStage, but the “Artist Link” function won’t work.
I would seriously recommend this player, despite the software issues – but maybe wait a few days and keep an eye on this thread to see how much things improve.
Thanks guys, this thread is an absolute goldmine of information, glad I stumbled across it (no point recounting my experiences with the software – exactly the same as everyone else!)

Hi everyone…
Unfortunate for me, I found this page too late…
I live in Japan, and I ordered A3000 from Sony Style on release day… amazing toy, ALL worked great – on first connection…
After that and 1.2gb transfered – horror.
Software doesnt work at all, I cant transfer, I cant delete, program is killing my computer (2.4gh VAIO wt/ 512mbr), it crashes all the time, nothing works. And on top of everything, SonicStage f**** up about 500mb of downloaded music.
Im pissed, furious and I feel like throwing this player in head of someone from Sony…
My two cents…

Liquid – I suggest that having found this page you read it more carefully.
No need to despair just yet. Use SonicStage 3 and upgrade Connet to the latest version.
Sony, havinig messed up, do at least look they are on the case now.
I’ve just ordered the A3000….

I’ve read all of the comments…I am having the exact same problems.
I understand that Sonic Stage 3 is working for most people, I have tried this but my PC shows ‘Device Fault’ therefore I cant go any further.
Any help/guidance anyone could give me would be much appriciated.

I’ve installed the software but I cannot get connected to the Connect store or get Gracenote to work.
I get the folowing error when I try and connect to Connect store:
“You are seeing this offline page because the internet could not be found.
Please confirm that you are connected and try again.
When online, click the home button to go to the CONNECT Store.”
And I get the following error when I try and register with Gracenote:
“Socket open fail”
I’m connecting wirelessly to a Linksys ADSL router .
Any help appreciated

Hi, great site, you all know how I found it – ‘connect’ more like ‘disconnect’!.
Sony NW-A1000 – great player, way better then IPOD etc, but as you are all sick of hearing rubbish SW, I had no problems with ripping cd’s on to my PC, but when I try to update the player it takes about an hour for 100 tracks!,
I then wanted to rip music stored on DVD-r disc’s and I can not change the album name like in sonic stage, so I like many have started using sonic stage, it updates really fast, and I can accept the loss of a few features, (artist link, do you think I can’t do that my self SONY).
Anyway I have now filled my 6GB, 2 heart attacks later, I now hope never to look at connect again (until a good album comes out),
It can be done, but it sure as hell aint easy.
good luck everyone.

further to my last comment, as far as the battery meter, somebody else said that if the meter says it is low it actually quite full, I keep thinking my battery is running out (3-4 hours) and keep charging, but it could be full or should be (15-20 hours) any thoughts?.

Hints and tips…
Since I can’t update to the newest version of Connect, I’ve had to find a workaround using version (haven’t got internet on the PC my SW is on because have to wait until 12th DECEMBER to wait for BT to sort the line out, but that’s a whole other thread…)
Anyway, to minimise problems when updating my player, I first turned off screensaver and power management so that the PC wouldn’t interrupt the process.
I then split up my music files into folders of approx 2GB or less, then imported the first of these directories into Connect and waited until there was NO sign of the PC HD being accessed before adding these files to the player. Then I deleted all the songs from the library before adding the next directory, etc.
Keeping the no. of songs in the library to a minimum seems to greatly improve the performance of the SW. It’s a bit annoying, but a little patience is all that’s needed!
p.s. I treat Connect as a way to get songs onto my player and nothing else – I would suggest using different software to organise your tracks/rip CDs such as Musicmatch.

hey guys..i just bought my A3000 few days ago and installed the software connect..and seemed to work ok until i..finally started scaning for music on my HD (Bad Idea!!) Completely crashed my computer..After restarting my computer i decided to just import an album at a time. Every time..crashed. Finally i just got frustrated with it and installed it on my laptop. It kind of worked there…but it would still crash every once while..but oddest thing happend..when i was going to upload albums on it,,the connect software wouldnt read my player..and everything was shaded out. When i unplugged my player gave me this message something about contacting software songs weren’t showing up on my player anymore. my player would not read the songs that were there..even though i could see them if u browsed through explorer. I had to reformat the HD. Finally i just decided to install Sonic Stage 3.3 and that seemed to work a lot better than Stupid connect software, I do get the occasional Crash but its a big sugnificant change,
thanks all for your stories!
i was worried for a while i was the only one!

Hey there
got a load of tracks on there now using Sonic Stage – messed up some of the track data, artists etc (can onl search artist names a-D, for anything else I have to search by album or track name!!!), but I won’t dare touching it with the USB again as I go away on friday and can’t face it loosing everything – hopefully Connect will be fixed by the time I come back in jan. Hmmmmmmmm….
However, I have noticed somehting else…. how do you lock the buttons when the player is off?!? If you turn the player off by holding down option, or through the menus, and then put it in your pocket, it is liable to turn on again if you nudge any of the buttons! It this right?!?

Ian C,
I wondered about locking the buttons as well, especially as it turned itself on in my jacket and was playing all night.
The way I do it (and I don’t know if this is the correct way) is to press pause/stop button to stop the music and then press hold. If you leave it alone then it will turn itself off with hold still in place.

Anybody know what tinyhttp is? it takes up over 140,000kbs on RAM and 100% of my cpu usage and thats the whole problem as i studied mine. I got the canadian version and as far as transferring songs, i do get frustrated but if u leave everything for an hour or so it all sorts out….. crappy software…. i’ve wondered all around and fixed or not i am going to have to stick with this NW-A1000 cause ipod video is piece of garbage and there is nothing else out there comparable with the features this thing has. I bought mine 2 days ago,,,, i have a month to return, should i wait until the update comes out and if it does keep? I just wish i can get rid off the bug tinyhttp.exe that comes with it… Apparently ppl in japan already have this problem… why isnt sony doing anything about this??? O and how do u make playlists? it only keeps record of the last one u transfer

Thomas – I’m not entirely sure what tinyhttp is used for. It’s either controlling the flow of data to/from the player or doing all the GraceNote lookups or both.

Hi everyone,
I just bought this NW-A1000 player as a gift for my girlfriend, and we’re both very upset and frustrated with th software. As hot as the player looks (and probably sounds… can’t tell yet), as lame is the Connect software.
Even though the CD Version perfomed the automatic update during the installation, the software doesn’t even start-up. It crashes before even a splash-screen appears.
Anyone else having had these problems, and (hopefully) found a way to solve them?
We will give SonicStage 3.3 a try this evening, but even if it works, it will be a shame not being able to use the advanced features of the NW-A1000.
As a long-time Sony customer, I’m really ****** with the way they treat their customers, as 240 Euro is certainly not an amount I spend every day!!
Thanks in advance for any help provided!

Does anyone know if Sonicstage 2.3 will be ok to load my music to NW3000. I have all my music currently in SOnicstage 2.3 and would rather use this after reading the problems with Connect.

(NW-A608) Re: PLAYLISTS and tinyhttp.exe error
In response to Automan, no its not just you, this function did not work for me even before the update!
Yeah to even get the update i had to uninstall the programme and start again (because the “check for updates” button didnt do ne thing and it didnt seem to automatically update either… which id selected it to do)So any way, clean install, new version… nice fancy animated bar thingy… tinyhttp.exe error! the programme wont even load up at all now.
So in my wisdom ive installed it on a different computer and the new version will load up… but they’ve still not fixed the playlist function!
How do you get a playlist onto ur player?! aaargh!!! in my frustration ive foned Sony (not holding my breath like) and they are gonna try and make a playlist on the player and fone me back… within 24 hours the guy said – Good luck ive been trying for a week!!!!
Sorry for the rant guys!

Silva do u have one of these ? If so is it working well for you? I phoned sony couple of times but they said they will call me later in the week, but im just wondering if we’re all idiots. Apparantly it worked when they tested it in front of all the technical support guys who got trained for this. When i had trouble with Itunes i found thousands of posts but none with issues with software issue itself but windows errors…. DAMN IT WHAT A WASTE OF A PERFECT PRODUCT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a MD Walkman MZ-N1 & I am thinking of changing to the NWA3000, can anyone answer the following.
1. Is the sound quality any better than my MD player
2. Have they sorted the Connect player problems out in the latest update
3. Should I change now or wait !!!!!

SHould i buy the nwa1000? im considering it but the software is making me think twice. Is it worth it or is the software bad enough to warrant not buying one?

Thomas – I’ve got an NW-A3000. I had big problems with the software up until the last update. Even now the software isn’t brilliant but it is usable.
I’m actually using SonicStage 3.3 to rip CDs to ATRAC and then importing the tracks into Connect. That way I’ve got fast ripping and slow but stable synchronisation to the NW-A3000 with all features.
I now have over 3,500 tracks on my Walkman. I think the sound quality, usability and looks of the player are all 10 out of 10. Software was initially a 0 out of 10 and is now about a 5.
One thing I do believe is that Sony will make huge efforts to fix all problems with Connect – they have to if they want to compete with iPod and others.

Silva thx but i still need someone to answer thsi question…. how the hell do u create playlists? i dont like cramming thousand songs withotu classifying them and if i synchronize as i have done with itunes and ipod vidoe it also synchronized the playlist with it… but im scared to connect the player to my computer… i really am…. and another thing my battery lasts 6 hrs as a previous guy posted… after getting ipod i learned how to use the player so i have bare minimum battery requiring options but still 6 hrs… wtf…. is anythign worth getting anymore other than good old plain mini disc?
and LOL TO ALL WHO THINKS SONY WILL UPDATE THE SOFTWARE….. rofl…just go get a refund i called many times and they said its fine its fine no update coming anytime soon =) but can someone really answer me about the first charge battery ? emptying it from beginnig if i forgot to do that am i screwd? and the playlist part thank you =(

Software pre- don’t seem to pick up auto-updates. Read this blog to find out how to apply update – most answers are already here.
I’m running this update on a fairly basic Dell laptop and all is well (there’s a graceful crash when I’ve been rating a lot of songs).
Getting playlists on device is answered above – you have to drag them onto the NWA-1000 device.
All’s good for me with this version [I’d never thought I say/write that] – in fact bar the memory intensive ‘tiny’http.exe and the crappy gracenote icon flashing up I’m quite content [or this!] as pre- I was getting XP blue screened crashes – something I’ve never seen before!!!
I think most of the answers to a lot of the repeated questions are already in this blog [extra thanks for all the help and hosting]. I still have a few reservations with the current update:
1. Ripping CD’s is slow
2. Playlists don’t auto-sync. for me – I have to manually drag onto device – is this correct?
3. Crashes [gracefully] after rating lots of songs – error report automatically goes to Sony
4. Device transfer seems slow and doesn’t give good feedback, it just intermitently flashes ‘Do not disconnect’ – a ‘Sync. complete’ be nice so I/we know when we can disconnect.
5. Audio levels seem to differ quite a bit between albums – surely this should be normalised as part of ripping at a per track not per album level?
6. As mentioned above a more intuative mechanism to put the device into hold when its in stand-by and not just playing.
7. Gracenote icon flashing up is rubbish – keep the logo in the app. if it needs to be there.
If anyone else has any additional problems with Connect version could they add to this list [hopefully Mr Sony might pick them up!]

I myself have not been able to drag a playlist to the device.
Playlists did however work for me with the 1st version of the software.
I have however managed to get over 10,000 atrac 64kbs files onto the device – Is that a record 🙂
It took my computer over 18hrs to transfer these files with connect – sonicstage did the same in under 2hrs.
Pending a fix I have reverted back to my NWHD5 and have ordered a new black one.
Works well with SonicStage 3.3 which also confirms when sync/transfer complete.
When an artist is selected plays it all their tracks in a logical order.
More control from the LCD remote.
Works properly.
Smaller in size.

what the hell r u talking about rhys why dont u go try and import playlist and tell me im wrong after u tried it…. dont u think i know a thing or two about computers and external device/hardwares? it only lets me put 1 playlist and i dont evne see it on the drag list in the device box at the right
and automan sonicstage works with this? and the playlist?

Useful page this – I installed Connect, and found it to be the buggiest thing ever. Really disgraceful, plus it wouldn’t auto update.
However, the uninstall / install worked, it picked up the latest update, and is now working well.

So is it worth buying one? Or does the software completely ruin it? It seems from what has been said that it is improving, but i still have my doubts

I have 3 playlist on my device – done through Connect by dragging onto device.

Well, after taking some advice from this list, I waited (albeit only a couple of days) then feeling the itch to spend £200 contacted my nearest Sony store in the North East UK. I spoke to a guy from the store and the conversation went something like this : (almost verbatim)
Me : ‘What’s the NW A3000 like ?’
Assistant : ‘You couldn’t buy a better MP3 player, it’s excellent !!’
Me : ‘I’ve heard terrible reports of the software being buggy’
Assistant : ‘That’s rubbish – don’t believe everything you hear on the internet’
Me : ‘Oh, well could I come and have a look at one’
Assistant : ‘Yes, certainly – we’ll even attach one to a computer here and show you the software working’
Me : ‘Fantastic, see you in half an hour !!’
Well – to cut a long story short, I went to the shop and 15 minutes later walked out empty handed, drove 10 miles down the road to Team Valley in Gateshead to my nearest Curry’s store and bought a 60GB Archos AV560 for £299 and let me tell you something it’s one fantastic, sexy, eminently usable piece of kit.
The reason I did this ?
Guess what – when I was being shown a demo of the NW A3000, the software crashed 3 times….
Need I say more.
Sony you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

Well, after taking some advice from this list, I waited (albeit only a couple of days) then feeling the itch to spend £200 contacted my nearest Sony store in the North East UK. I spoke to a guy from the store and the conversation went something like this : (almost verbatim)
Me : ‘What’s the NW A3000 like ?’
Assistant : ‘You couldn’t buy a better MP3 player, it’s excellent !!’
Me : ‘I’ve heard terrible reports of the software being buggy’
Assistant : ‘That’s rubbish – don’t believe everything you hear on the internet’
Me : ‘Oh, well could I come and have a look at one’
Assistant : ‘Yes, certainly – we’ll even attach one to a computer here and show you the software working’
Me : ‘Fantastic, see you in half an hour !!’
Well – to cut a long story short, I went to the shop and 15 minutes later walked out empty handed, drove 10 miles down the road to Team Valley in Gateshead to my nearest Curry’s store and bought a 60GB Archos AV560 for £299 and let me tell you something it’s one fantastic, sexy, eminently usable piece of kit.
The reason I did this ?
Guess what – when I was being shown a demo of the NW A3000, the software crashed 3 times….
Need I say more.
Sony you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

hahhaha john what a waste of money, 15 hour battery… looks like u’ll get about 12 hrs out of it =) i had a ipod video and even that beats the archos Archos AV560 ,, dude u should still have went with sony,,,, its usable man its still the best one out there. Plus u cant watch video on ur thing anyway not even gonna last u 2 hrs .. damn huge

Well, looks like I wount have to attack someone with flying A3000…
Software went crazy today, did TWO times uninstall/install complete on auto and…
And it works… all… i transfered 3 times 4gb packs of songs… O_O???

hey is this thing openable? not from the back i mean the cover on the front. because i had it in my pocket and since the buttons are made so that stuffs can go in between the buttons and on the display screeni see white patches of dirts or some kind object stuck inbetween how do u open this? im afraid to break it

‘Plus u cant watch video on ur thing anyway’.
what are talking about Thomas, that’s what it’s designed for, it’s what i’m doing now…
Please make yourself understandable.
Anyway – I can understand why your defending Sony – you sunk your money into a pile of worthless shite 🙂

john i had ur lil archos player and ipod video and the creative zen with video those came and went as i returned… why did i return it??? cause they suk man i know sony’s software is garbage but it still works atelast their hardwares are descent i care about the quality and the durability of mp3 players so…..

john i had ur lil archos player and ipod video and the creative zen with video those came and went as i returned… why did i return it??? cause they suk man i know sony’s software is garbage but it still works atelast their hardwares are descent i care about the quality and the durability of mp3 players so….. and do u want to watch video for 1hr and 30min???? cause i dont see point of watchign video for it…. if im in public i would b listening to songs adn doing other things not watching out of lil 2 ” screen

Hello. I am the owner of this site.
I would like to make sure that the comments on this thread are civil. If you are not respectful in your comments, I will ban you and delete the comment.
Please continue to share information on the Sony Connect Player software here.

To Gen Kanai :
Sorry, my last comment was a little rude – I apologise for that, just got a little bit ruffled.
To Thomas :
We seem to have widely differing opinions on MP3 players – That’s good, it’s what makes the world go round….;-).
For what it’s worth, the Sony NW A3000 hardware is excellent I DO know that. But on the strength of comments from THIS weblog and the fiasco in the Sony store (as detailed two posts ago)I decided against purchasing one. When and if the software improves vastly, chances are I will invest in one of those as well.
And for the record my Archos player does NOT have a 2″ screen as you mentioned in your last post, it has a 4″ screen. Sorry to say this, but you said you had owned an Archos AV560 in your last post – well I sincerely doubt that….simply based on your startling inaccuracies.

To Gen Kanai :
Sorry, my last comment was a little rude – I apologise for that, just got a little bit ruffled.
To Thomas :
We seem to have widely differing opinions on MP3 players – That’s good, it’s what makes the world go round….;-).
For what it’s worth, the Sony NW A3000 hardware is excellent I DO know that. But on the strength of comments from THIS weblog and the fiasco in the Sony store (as detailed two posts ago)I decided against purchasing one. When and if the software improves vastly, chances are I will invest in one of those as well.
And for the record my Archos player does NOT have a 2″ screen as you mentioned in your last post, it has a 4″ screen. Sorry to say this, but you said you had owned an Archos AV560 in your last post – well I sincerely doubt that….simply based on your startling inaccuracies.

To Gen Kanai :
Sorry, my last comment was a little rude – I apologise for that, just got a little bit ruffled.
To Thomas :
We seem to have widely differing opinions on MP3 players – That’s good, it’s what makes the world go round….;-).
For what it’s worth, the Sony NW A3000 hardware is excellent I DO know that. But on the strength of comments from THIS weblog and the fiasco in the Sony store (as detailed two posts ago)I decided against purchasing one. When and if the software improves vastly, chances are I will invest in one of those as well.
And for the record my Archos player does NOT have a 2″ screen as you mentioned in your last post, it has a 4″ screen. Sorry to say this, but you said you had owned an Archos AV560 in your last post – well I sincerely doubt that….simply based on your startling inaccuracies.

To Gen Kanai :
Sorry, my last comment was a little rude – I apologise for that, just got a little bit ruffled.
To Thomas :
We seem to have widely differing opinions on MP3 players – That’s good, it’s what makes the world go round….;-).
For what it’s worth, the Sony NW A3000 hardware is excellent I DO know that. But on the strength of comments from THIS weblog and the fiasco in the Sony store (as detailed two posts ago)I decided against purchasing one. When and if the software improves vastly, chances are I will invest in one of those as well.
And for the record my Archos player does NOT have a 2″ screen as you mentioned in your last post, it has a 4″ screen. Sorry to say this, but you said you had owned an Archos AV560 in your last post – well I sincerely doubt that….simply based on your startling inaccuracies.

Have I got this right? Connect will not import music from Sonic Stage? If anybody knows a way of doing this I would be grateful to hear of it since I have ripped all my (hundreds) of CDs onto Sonicstage and do not want to have to do it again (and presumably double my hard disc usage) just to get these songs onto my new Walkman A3000.

lol i meant the ipod video had 2″ sorry man but i seriously did some research on the mp3 players for a while now and i have come to decision ill stick with the NW-A1000 because the software still works,,, it sux but i only use the software once a month so… the only problem is creating playlists.

Following my last post, this might be helpful for the less technical of us as a description of what happens with Connect and might also help the more aware to respond to our concerns.
1 When you go to “Import”, whether “file” or “directory” and you point the thing towards Sonicstage the dialogue box shows nothing available under either “supported” or “music” files
2 This surely can not be right as I am sure most of us bought this gadget simply to import our Sonicstage files rather than having to burn all those Cds again
3 I then tried drag and drop. I went to Explore and dropped the “Packages” from Sonicstage into “Removable Device on F”. This seemed to work as all the copied files showed in the “F” directory
4 However these files do not apppear on the Walkman itself although the Connect screen shows that a lot of the Walkman capacity is being used…so where are the songs
5 When re-connecting the Walkman to the laptop and trying to synchronise so as to get the songs supposedly on the Walkman into the Conect library nothing happens
Does this make sense to you. Surely Sony can not have released a Sony Walkman that does not acess the Sony Sonicstage where most of us will have stored our music.
I would be glad to receive any comments before I return the Walkman. Incidentally, will an Ipod import files from sonicstage automatically?

i have one question:
do u can import mp3’s that have been downloaded from internet(torrent’s) into a1000?

i want to buy the sony a3000, 1 question… does it come with the charger/ dock station thingy??

Noel – I am burning cds in SonicStage 3.3 and importing them into Connect using Watch Folders. No problems, it just works.
I do seem to remember that Connect & the most recent versions of SonicStage only recognise .OMA, not .OMG files (I might have the wrong letters there) and I believe there is a conversion tool that converts OMG to OMA.
Just checked – Page 61 of the PDF manual that comes on the CD ROM confirms what I just typed above.

K, it does come with charger, it automatically stops trying to restore power when its complete so u can hook it up overnight, but no docks

o and silva ur link it works but how do i install? it says connect has to close before installing and wheni close it says umm i think it was something like application not found therefore can not install. how do u install latest update?

Noel – I am burning cds in SonicStage 3.3 and importing them into Connect using Watch Folders. No problems, it just works.
I do seem to remember that Connect & the most recent versions of SonicStage only recognise .OMA, not .OMG files (I might have the wrong letters there) and I believe there is a conversion tool that converts OMG to OMA.
Just checked – Page 61 of the PDF manual that comes on the CD ROM confirms what I just typed above.

I was having similar problems to many above on transferring playlists – the player only recognised the last one, even though they were all listed under the device in the top left area.
I seem to have now had a breakthrough – I transferred all the songs first and only then dragged the playlists onto the device (I haven’t been using the pop-up screen on the right for transferring to device). Now have all 5 of my playlists on and 1000 songs.
I’m no expert on speeds but it didn’ seem too bad – rather annoying though that you have to disconnect the player before being able to check whether things are correctly on or not.
As many have said it is a sexy piece of kit and sound quality is good. I would (now) reccommend it.

do u can import in sony nw-a1000 mp3’s that are not ripped from original CD…
Please answer!!!

This morning I found that you can transfer playlists if you expand the list of playlists (which you have made already) in the left “Navigation Window”, choose the playlist you want transferred, and then drag it to the Device folder in the same navigation window. However, the NW-3000 must be connected to your computer. Has anyone else found that this works?

Why didn’t i take look on this site before buying a perfect MP3 Player with the most customerunfriendly software…… I synchronised it the first time and it worked perfectly then i wanted to synchronise it again because of new songs. That was were my trouble started. most new songs i wanted to add had an error and in transporting so it wasnt on the device. then i put the new playlists on the player but then again i cant delete the other playlists from the player so i had all double playlists. i removed all music files from the player even removing files the damn thing can’t do… He added some nameless and byteless songs and the songs with an error while tansporting he couldn’t remove!!!!. Now the Connect software says that : OMGAUDIO/RESERVED.DAT is damaged and unreadable. If i “”connect”” it to the bloody software and starts scanning Data it sticks at 21% and stops. Connect doesn’t recognise my MP3 Player bye bye €249

i really like the look of the sony nwa1000 and am seriously considering buying one but have been put off by all this talk about the software. if i download sonicstage 3.3 can i use that without installing the connect software? and also does the sonicstage 3.3 work no problem with the sony nwa1000 or does that not work very well either?? please help!! and lastly should i buy one?!?

ive just read this on
DON’T trust Sony!!!
28-Nov-2005 12:08:01 PM
Reviewer: davidows
Pros: Great! (if you enjoy exposing your system to hackers who have already exploited security holes in other recent Sony software)
Cons: First, Sony installs a rootkit when buyers play their CDs on a PC, taking control of the PC from its owner and allowing hackers to hide dangerous trojans! Then they distribute First 4 Internet’s uninstall program to remove the rootkit, but it leaves behind software that helps hackers to take control of the PC again. Now, they distributed an uninstaller program by SunnComm Technologies, which does the same thing. To learn more, search Google for the term “sony rootkit”.
does anyone know anything about this? is it true?

Hey there, I’m an A1000 owner and was using the updated version of Connect Player without incident until tonight… boom! My library in Connect Player just disappeared. Tried everything to get it back, it be gone. My tracks are still on my A1000, but the library on my puter is gone. So I’m tired of this crap, gonna try out Sonic Stage 3.3 now, could care less about Artist Link not functioning.
I wish like hell that GYM ( would work on this device… its the only Sonic Stage/Connect Player out there, but as of now it doesn’t work for the A1000/A3000. Speaking of GYM, anyone know what happened to and Those sites have a wealth of information about ATRAC3plus and Sony players of all kinds. I haven’t been able to reach the sites for days… is it just me?

Just wanted to thank Gen Kanai for setting up this site.
I bought the A3000 last week and while being extremely happy with the player, the software made me livid! If it hadn’t been for the useful information on this page, I’d have returned the whole package to the Sony shop.
Having once been foolish enough to buy the 3rd generation iPod, I really want to persevere with the A3000. And having bought Sony products for the past 15 years, I have every confidence that the company will listen to users on here and issue updates to resolve current issues. I don’t work for Sony, before you ask!
Please keep posting on here – it’s an essential resource.

Bought a A3000 at the weekend. Been messing with the crap Connect software all weekend, just trying to do a simple task like put music on the device.
Even with the latest updates, it’s a very tedious task. I think the unit has to go back, there is no way I can use the device with the software provided.
No wonder iPod is do dominant, when even Sony cannot get their shit together.
See my blog for details on my probelsm:

BEWARE, using SonicStage limits the capabilities of the A1000 and A3000, it does nto build the ArtistLink database, so this function will not work. You have to use Connect for this..
This is why I am not using SonicStage..

Want to get your music OFF of your NW-A1000 (and maybe NW-A3000)? Read on.
I was finally able to get GYM 1.11 running on an NW-A1000! Woohoo! For those who don’t know what GYM is, it is a program which can decrypt and export the encrypted music files that you have loaded onto your Sony Network Walkman. The only catch is that in my experience it can only export tracks that were transfered to the player in mp3 format. Eg. mp3 in = mp3 out. Atrac/Atrac3/Atrac3plus in = nada out. Most people streer clear of the crippled DRMed Atrac anyways and really, why recompress in a lossy format?
This whole GYM installation process will only work using Sonic Stage, but before you scream… Ohhhh but I wont be able to use my artist link! I was able to get it working with Connect Player after getting GYM installed.
I put installation instructions along with all of the needed support files here:
If someone finds some errors in the instructions, has an easier way to do this or hell, maybe this ends up working for no one but me, drop me a line at

hey mayonnaise, i have a question. So ur saying this is just one time set up thing? After i do this and i want to add more new songs or manage playlists, a program called GYM will do this??? i dont use sonic stage or connect? how do i convert files into atrac3plus?

mayonaise do u have a messenger program? AIM or MSN? I want to talk to this whole thing to someone in a conversation

o ya and none of the intelligent shuffle functions work without connect… MAN WHY THE **** CANT SONY JUST UPDATE THE SOFTWARE BY BRINGING DOWN THE AMOUNT OF CPU TINYHTTP.EXE USES !!!!!!!

Hi all,
Does anyone know how to check exactly how much space has been used/remaining?

In reply to thomas:
Yep, it is a one time setup thing. You tell GYM during setup the max number of songs your likely to have and it then generates keys for all of them in advance. I chose 2000 keys, as i have a 6gb player and will never be able to put more than 2000 tracks on it. You do this GYM install once and then you can transfer to your player like normal using Connect Player. You then use GYM to get the music off the player, for example, if your at a pals house and want to give them your music from your player you’d use GYM to do this. GYM is only to get music OFF your player, you’ll still need to use Connect Player or Sonic Stage (if you prefer) to transfer music to your player.
My IMs:
ICQ: 83393853 | AIM: ltmayonnaise | MSN:

just got an a3000 and unsure whether to use mp3s or stick with atracs. can i still get the same amounnt of tracks on if i use mp3s? (around 13,000)?

ATRAC3 and ATRAC3plus both take up less space for the same bitrate than mp3. Some say that 64kb ATRAC3 sounds as good as 128kb mp3. I disagree… besides, 128kb mp3 doesn’t sound that good anyway. I use 192kb mp3s which sound about the same to me as an ATRAC3 at 128kb, both being ripped from a CD. So yeah, you’re saving some space with ATRAC3.
If you’re talking about ripping from CD, then you can choose either. However, ATRAC3 Inherently has DRM built in so you’ll be encoding your music library on your harddisk in a DRM managed format… which personally scares me. Also, using GYM (see my post above) you cannot get ATRAC3 files off the player, you can only do this with Mp3 files.
If you are talking about transferring mp3s to your player… I wouldn’t convert them to ATRAC3 as you’re recompressing them a second time with a lossy format, eg. you’ll lose quality.
IMHO, stick with mp3 @ 192Kbs. Less music, but better quality, no fricken DRM and you can get the music back off your player anywhere.

k lol… Here is the thing. All i want to do ,Transfer songs in a playlist group and be able to play them with intelligent shuffle and the connect player to update the amount of times a song has been played so it will automatically have ratings. And i also want to use teh artist link. Is there an update for connect that can do all these? i dont care how slow it goes i just want to be able to use all these features. Sounds like GYM cannot do this. And i swear 2 god with Hi-Net Mini Disc, i tried all teh way from 380kbps to 48kbps i spent half an hour listen to same song numeros times comparing the sound quality but it seems its all exactly same as sony does good job with atrac compression. I dont have ANY cds so i use downloaded songs, so since i only have 600 songs for now i’d have to use the maximum encoding?

I’ve just bought the AW-3000 and the Connect software just won’t load up at all. I’ve also installed SonicStage but that won’t recognise the player!
Can anyone help?

Crap. Thanks. I’ve re-uploaded and tested them. All is well now. Let me know if you get it working eh WooHoo.

Wow, I’ve been reading this thread for three weeks. Got my nw-a3000 yesterday, and opening it I was almost certain that I would never EVER get any tracks onto it. I was ok with this. It looks pretty. It could be a paperweight.
Anyway, I’m using a 1.5gHz 256 Ram piece of crap (I use a mac so I had to pull out my old dell that was propping my sofa up). Let me tell you this, since I was EXPECTING connect to be the software equivalent of getting stabbed in the eye with a rusty syringe, I was almost amazed when it worked! Sure, it took hours to transfer tracks, it ate my entire RAM, it was slower than anything in the world has ever been slow, but… I transferred all my tracks. I am listening to them on the nw-a3000 now. I… can’t believe it.
So take note readers… it works, it’s just the worst program/thing in the world.

After much deliberation I just bought an A1000 instead of a Nano.I was thinking I was at fault as I’m an MP3 novice but the one positive thing I’ve gotten out of these posts is that I’m not at fault!!!
I keep getting an eror message about the server not being found when I try to regsister for grace note and it’s taken me about 3 hours to get 4 cds on the stupid thing. I was ready for smashing it with a large hammer but have calmed down and think I will return it to the shop. It’s just not worth the hassle.
So much for buying myself a xmas present!

Have any of you registered your walkman? Cuz once you do, you get an e-amil saying your entitled to a free album off the connect shop. I tried it but it didn’t work. Did anyone get a free album?

Similar probs here. Software works semi-ok, but it’s even ropier than Sonic Stage. Main prob is I scan the dir where files imported for Sonic Stage are kept and it doesn’t pick them all up….
Love the actual player though!

Just to reinforce what others have said, I’m now using my A3000 with Sonic Stage (3.3 release) and all is working fine!

@ ltmayonnaise
i dont have nw-a1000 yet. But im going to buy it next week and then i let u know if it works.
Thanks in advance for software!!

“ATRAC3 Inherently has DRM built in so you’ll be encoding your music library on your harddisk in a DRM managed format”
The SonicStage 3.3 release allows you to turn off DRM for ATRAC/ATRAC3plus cd ripping. I’m not sure if the same option appears in Connect or if it does this by default.

Im hearing alot of the same stuff ive been experiencing with my A3000! I thought it was just my mince PC but now I feel better.
I had to opt to the ol sonic stage 3.3 but can only search for songs and use the general shuffle job. I went out and bought one of the remote controls so i didnt have to keep taking the damn thing out my pocket, perhaps this is sonys plan?
If the thing wasnt getting me attention of girls on the train id be a very angry customer.
But its SO good looking.

hmmm my connect player seems to be working fine now, it is still a little slow, but certainly usable…
PxEngine version
OpenMG version 4.3.00

I was looking at one of the A-series players, but after reading more and more of the issues the software has, I have decided to avoid it and buy something else.
Does Sony even admit that there is a problem? I am really suprised at the reaction so many folks have here (and other sites). I am in the States and if folks had this kind of hassel with a product, most would return it within a day or two. Why are so many folks keeping these players? Is the return policy at store in Canada and the U.K. significantly different that here in the U.S.?

Crappy obvious nw-a3000 on mac trick.
Alright, so I took the nw-a3000 plunge even though I use a mac. But get this: I busted out my crappy old Dell, burned the mp3s that I wanted to DVD from itunes on my mac, imported them into sonicstage on the Dell and transferred them to the nw-a3000. Then I completely copied all of the nw-a3000 drive contents onto my mac.
Now I can put my 15GB of core albums back onto the a3000 at any time using my mac (say, for example, if my a3000 crashes and I don’t have/want to use my horrible dell/sonicstage). I tried and it works. Now the only problem is adding new files… I will have to go back to the Dell for that, but at least I have my core albums readily avaliable to put on my player.

Hmmm to make that a bit more coherent (I… was excited), here’s how to use the nw-a3000 (in a limited fashion) on the mac. You need to borrow a PC (surely you know someone with a PC you can borrow for a day, or have an old crappy one, ala my sofa-prop Dell).
1. Transfer files to NW-A3000 in the normal fashion (Sonicstage/connect) on a PC. If you don’t have any mp3s, never, ever encode from CDs in these programs. Use iTunes for PC and then add them to the Sonicstage/connect library, or encode them on your mac iTunes and somehow get them over to your PC (I used DVD-RWs).
2. Once the transfer to the nw-a3000 is completed (if that happens), plug the device into your mac via the USB cable (not any of the other nonexistent other connection options avaliable to you). Then copy all the files from the a3000 drive into a folder on your mac.
3. Now, wheneved you need to put (all) those files back on the nw-a3000 (in the event of a crash etc), you can just transfer them via usb from your mac directly onto the device. Works perfectly. It basically means you don’t have to transfer albums (you always want to keep on the player) via Sony’s PC software more than once.

k here is why im holding onto mine, out of everything i bought after my mini disc including ipod and the hi md, this is the most satisfactory product. It has the best soudn quality which is all that matters to me

Well after two days of messing around with different software (connect, connect upgrade and Sonicstage 3.3) I have come to the conclusion the software is junk. So I went back to the store and changed it for a 30 GB iPod. I did not what to go down the iPod route but at least the software is tried and tested, and I now have 30% of my entire music collect on the device without 1 error.
There is going to be a lot of unhappy people on Christmas day, unless Sony releases a new version of software in the next few weeks.

lol lee u fool, i am prepared to bet anything that u woudl soon feel u would haev been satisfied with the sony mp3 than ipod 30 gig vidoe. =) By the way, this is a fact

just as a heads up (sorry its a bit off topic!!) i found a working volume “hack” for the NW-A300 available about halfway down the website, which seems to work.
i notice that since my last post others have posted referring the poor battery life. i have found that after the initial flurry of activity it pretty much evens out at about 15ish hours, which is still respectable.

So after getting the upgrade and all of that, I was really pleased when Connect player began behaving itself and actually transferred music across. However, once I had transferred a substantial amount of music across, it crashed. I wiped the disc and set about doing it again. It crashed. AGAIN. I wiped the disc and transferred again. And it crashed. AGAIN. It seem that when I get around 7 or 8 gb of music on it just freaks and crashes, causing a system error on my player and meaning the computer and Conncet don’t recognise it.
Please, tell me theres something I can do.

“Please, tell me theres something I can do.”
Here’s something you can try.
1. Do not import tracks with the Walkman connected to the PC – it’s better to separate import & device synchronisation.
2. Set up a watch folder pointing to an empty folder. Add a number of your MP3s to that folder & let them import. Connect Walkman & Synch tracks. Close Connect. Use Task Manager to ensure that Cplayer & tinyhttp are closed. Disconnect Walkman. Open Connect & repeat process.
That’s how I got 4700 songs on my NW-A3000. I did 3 batches.

Thank you to everybody on here who has had the same shitty experiences as me with the Connect software and shared their thoughts on both problems and fixes.
I’ve uninstalled and then reinstalled Connect v1.0. I then installed the v1.02 update version from the Sony website. I also intialised the NWA-3000.
I’ve now successfully managed to import 715 songs from my SonicStage 3.0 library and then exported them to my NWA-3000 without the old problems of tinyhttp.exe and crashing etc.
I’ve also installed Sonicstage 3.3 just in case Connect starts playing up again….but so far it’s been great since the update got installed.
Cheers for your help people.

It works fine, just there is need for some patience. Not to put more then 5gb to transfer at once, and it works fine… So in 4 jumps full hard. It didnt crash even once, and transfer is rather fast and complete… So ok…
Today I got mail from to upgrade software or request new cd… I asked for cd just to make bastards work ^_^

1. Just in case new users haven’t read the whole thread, the latest version of Connect is – if autoupdate doesn’t pick it up then you can d/l a standalone installation from here:
2. If the Sony peeps are really reading this, can I suggest that in the next firmware update you include an option for changing the function of the orange-lit button – reading this thread it’s quite clear that nobody wants to use Artist Link that badly that it needs its own button – I for one would prefer that the button activated “My Favourite Shuffle”…
what are people’s throughts on this?

One thing I have noticed that I haven’t seen discussed here is that Connect creates an OMA file on your hard drive for each track transferred. After transfer to the device these can ‘sometimes’ get left behind. And they appear in the Library, and before you know it, you have got each track twice or even 3 times on the device. So now after every transfer, I am searching for the OMA files and deleting them. However they are still in the Library, so it seems you also have to clear down and recreate the whole Libray, which of course takes forever.
Any insights appreciated….

lol, i forgot about that ya in sonicstage there is an option i can search for oma files only so u wont duuplicate, but what i do on connect is,,,,,,hmmm this is a big problem if ur to transfer back and forth but ya only way u can do it is prob manually, i dont delte them since it took long time to convert , try to put them in a separate folder see if it still creates

I gave up on this Sony player a while ago. I have since brought the Cowon IAudio X5l. Cannot fault this player one bit. Battery life 35 hours, sound is amazing, best colour screen I’ve ever seen, and I still haven’t read one bad review about it. Best of all you can drag and drop your music files onto the player without the hassle of software that doesn’t work. From someone who was pro Sony I would never go back down that route again. My office was very much an Ipod office, but since having listened to the quality sound from IAudio, a certain retailer is about to make a killing. Anyone who purchases this player will not be dissapointed.

i was going to buy a walkman nwa 1000 at the weekend.
But im starting to have some doughts. Nearly all reviews say the software doesent work.
is it worth buying an mp3 player that looks good, performs good, but it aint any use if you cant put music on it?

For all thoughs having problems with the Connect software, try this. it worked for me and now I can have fun with my Walkman.
To try and resolve the problem you are experiencing with the Connect
software please can you do the following;
* Click on the [Start] button and select [Run…]. In the dialog box
type appwiz.cpl and click on [Ok].
* Uninstall the following programs;
* Connect Auto Update
* Connect Player Language Pack
* Connect Player
* OpenMG Secure Module 4.3
* Close the [Add or Remove Programs] window.
* Click on the [Start] button and select [Run…]. In the dialog box
type explorer and click on [Ok].
* Click on the [Tools] menu and select [Folder Options]. Click on the
[View] tab.
* In the [Advanced settings:] section select the option to [Show
hidden files and folders]. Click on [Apply] [Ok].
* Delete the following folder;
* C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application data\Sony
corporation\Connect Player\Library.
* Close [Windows Explorer].
* Restart your computer.
* Ensure that you are connected to the internet and then reinstall the
Connect Player software. During the installation the installer should
download the latest update for the Connect Player software.
* Re-try starting the Connect Player software.
* Import any tracks the you have previously recorded. By default
tracks recorded from an audio CD using the Connect Player will have
copied into the [My Music] folder.
If after trying the above you are still unable to open the Connect
software please can you do the following and advise accordingly;
* Click on the [Start] button and select [Run…]. In the dialog box
type explorer and click on [Ok].
* Go to the folder [C:\Program Files\Sony\Connect Player].
* Double click on the [Version.txt] file.
* Please can you let us know the version number shown in this file.
* Click on the following link and download the [GetOmgInfoForCS.exe]
tool to your desktop.
* Double click on the [GetOmgInfo.exe] file.
* Click on the [Browse] button, select [Desktop] and click on [Ok].
* Click on the [Unzip] button.
* Double click on the [GetOmgInfoForCS] folder.
* Double click on the [GetOmgInfoForCS.exe] tool.
* After the tool has finished running it will create a file titled
[Info.csv] on your [Desktop].
* Please can you attach this file to your reply to this email.
If you have any queries please let us know.
Chris Hutchins
CIC – Convergence Team
Sony United Kingdom Limited (Consumer Products Group)

once downloaded and installed the GetOmgInfo.exe programme.,once installed and run it then gives sony a list of the music you have in your library sonicstage/connect. snooping?

k i’ve been on this for 3 weeks and im about to give it up, Sony, forget it, i tried everything and if the software isnt built properly, no update can do anything about it , i suggest u make a note to ur executive about considering recalling all the nw-a units and come up with a new software before u lose more loyal customers =)

My walkman is getting picked up on Monday to be returned. I’m fed up of it.

Bought a NWA-3000 and spent four days trying to get any music to load onto it, now have bad sectors on my HD from all the crashes. Brought it back to Sony, and got an iAudio 5x, which is a dream to use.
Do not try to post a bad review on Amazon, they will not post it, and will not allow you to vote for someone else’s bad review. Nuff said.

I brought a nano last week, spent 5 days tying to get the software to work, it installed itself and then promptly uninstalled itself all under the same process. It also removed by CD/DVD. After a very frustrating few days I took it back and got a refund.
I have now got a Sony NW-A1000 and it is equally frustrating. Do these companies do any software integration testing on the systems they say they are fit for ?
I have the Sony Connect Software installed, but it will not run from the icon on the desk top (Cplayer.exe). When I go into the directory structure, I can get connect up and running by using the tinyhttp.exe, but the progam is sluggish and not all the functionality works, I cant load CD or carry out any Rip. I have to use a seprate program for that (WMA). Once I rip’ed the files, I can then import them to my walkman – its a long drawn out process.
I have loaded all the latest software via auto download. Does any know if Sony are looking at this issue and if so what are they doing about it – there is going to be a lot of unhappy people on xmas day.
Any advice on how to get Connect up and running would be greatfully received, I am using Windows XP home.

I bought an NW-A300 last week, didn’t even bother loading up Connect and downloaded SonicStage 3.3 from Took me 2 hours to transfer 1,200 songs – a song every 6 seconds.
Not too bad! Okay, I can’t use the artists link or the intelligent playlists, I haven’t even tried to transfer playlists from SonicStage, I used the bookmark feature (select the song you want in the playlist, click option, click “Select Bookmark”, select the playlist you want it in) and i’ve got five playlists, each with the maximum 100 songs in them. Takes a while, but it works well.
Pretty much sorted, as all I want to do is listen to the music I want with good sound quality without having to constantly change album/artist. Thanks to Gen Kanai for the page – if i hadnt read this and found the ways around Connect I wouldn’t have bought this amazing piece of hardware.

Can sonicstage be donloacded if you havnt already got it with an old player??

Hello, Bought my NWA-3000 yesterday and yes the software is hard to use, i loaded it up, and i couldn’t accept the license agreement! i was deverstated, having over 10gb of music on my computer i needed to get it on, i checked out the sony website, the only solution was this: sonicstage 3.3 (type into google download it there) O how’d low i’d sunk. . .I had a nw-hd5 and sonic stage on that was pretty poor, 3.3 is no better, but it can be used with the nwa-3000/1000. If more information is needed contact me on

is it possible to rip mix CDs to Connect? I can’t find any option to remove the spaces between tracks.
(Apologies if the answer has already been posted on here, I searched the page but couldn’t see anything).

I’ve just ordered a NWA1000 and I’m considering cancelling it. I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to computers and mp3 players, and having read the whole thread I can’t help thinking it’d be easier just to get an Ipod. If I ignore CONNECT and just download SonicStage 3.3 will i be able to get my CD collection onto my player without messing up my laptop?

day 5 in the connect brother house….
eyes red from staring at crash after crash!
why is it every time i got to roughly 2gb on my nwa 3000 the lovely connect software decides to do its own thing and take a long lunch, from which it doesn’t return, player useless and have to start all over again, update doesn’t do anything to help! and after installing the damm thing again, connect(or rather tinyhttp) has decided it dont want to work at all??? any ideas?
have i woken up in a strange sony sponsered world that combines the worst parts of april 1st and groundhog day.

My NW-A3000 went back to Amazon on Wednesday, reported as faulty, cos the software didn’t work. Refund processed by Saturday, great job Amazon.
It may be the best looking mp3 player ever, but if you can’t get your music onto it, it doesn’t matter how good it looks.
Now, then, when will that new Zen Vision:m hit the stores……

Just bought the NW-A3000. After loading contents of about 300 albums onto it and using up 14 of 18 GB, here are some comments :-
The hardware is superb, but is let down by the software.
Connect S/W is poorly written with no thought whatsoever about someone using it. It is *slow* and buggy and very resource hungry. tinyhttp.exe is a misnomer, sometimes consuming upwards of 300MB and 100% CPU resource. Most of the time
when ripping or transferring data to the NW-A3000 the software is un-responsive.
I would love a program to independently edit the song database, it does not allow cut and paste of track info. And the cd info database is inconsistent in attributing artists and albums to genres.
One of the worst Connect problems for me is that it does not recognise mixed content CD’s, i.e. CD’s with audio and video, I had to resort to using SonicStage 3.3 to rip CD’s of that type. But SS has its own problems. It can’t rip CD’s into a user specified location. It insists on storing it on my %windir% drive which is low on free space.
Also I have both a DVD-ROM and a DVD-RW drive,however, when placing CD’s into both at about the same time, the ‘get CD info’ program attributes album data to the wrong drive.
However, it does at least rip CD’s with both Audio and Data (videos) and a lot quicker than Connect.

“But SS [3.3] has its own problems. It can’t rip CD’s into a user specified location.”
Yes it can.
Try –
Tools/Options/Location to Save Imported Files/Location(folder)

So, I’ve had my NWA3000 for a good few weeks now. I began trying to install the supplied Connect player software on my own PC, but could not get past the installation stage where it asked me to accept the license agreement. It seems that perhaps the resolution or monitor size was too small as I could not see the ‘Accept’ radio button; therefore could not click it and move on. So I gave up and took it to another PC in my house. This time I could see the ‘accept’ radio button and continued with the install. Once finished, loading the software took forever. The importing my 2000 songs took forever, all of them already on the computer. Then it took about a day to transfer and I had to keep checking it as sometimes it crashed. I did download the update but it is stupid how much system memory the software uses (tinyhttp.exe in particular). I will be keeping the player and have purchased the remote control headphones which should arrive any day. I can only hope Sony sort it out soon and release a better update. There’s no way it would run on my PC that has 256mb RAM. Sort it out Sony, many many unhappy customers. Player itself is great. Not sure why the text on the black model looks green/grey as opposed to white in the pictures.

I’m getting quite worried about this, I don’t have an nwa3000 walkman but I am planning to. Is the software really as bad as it seems? Or are the people commenting only those who’ve had bad experiences? Anyone had little or no problems?
I’ve got about 300 albums of music to put on and I could really do without loads of hassle. I’m going travelling for a few months in feb so I need a player with good battery life thats why i’ve avoided the ipods. I’m planning on using it with my 3 year old pc with 256mb RAM.
If these really are as bad as people say, what do people recommend? Cheers.

I have recently wiped my walkman’s memory and reloaded the library using Connect, and the main differences are that the walkman operates much faster when the tracks were transferred by connect (it used to pause to load when I had used SonicStageto transfer them) and that I can now use the intelligent playlists.
Connect worked fine for me, I dragged my library into the device window and left it to copy all of the files over while I went out. Three hours later, I got home to find it was finished! =) If you can get Connect to work, use it, if not, SonicStage will do fine, just leave it to work for a few hours and come back later to check on it.
Also, those of you who have been complaining about low battery life, you have probably had the screen brightness setting on full, the beeps when skipping tracks on, the sound balance on and the display time on the full 30 seconds.
If you change the screen brightness to the lowest setting, switch the beeps off, change the screen on time to 15 seconds and keep the sound balance as “None” then you will probably find that the battery life increases greatly. For those who don’t know, these settings can be found by clicking the bottom left icon on the home menu on your walkman.
As I am going on a long haul flight tomorrow, i’m going to use the lowest settings possible so i can listen to music all the way!

Message for Baz:
Unfortunately the software is as bad as it seems on this site. I do not take anything away from the player itself, but until Sony sort it out and release updates, I’d tell you to hold on. My battery life is great, player is great, music sounds great. Software = awful. Do avoid the iPods (I used to have one, battery was crap) but don’t even think about importing your albums.
Up to you, but I say hold on!

Baz – When you say you have 300 albums of music is this already ripped or do you have CDs that you will rip?
Reason I ask is that I decided to start from fresh and redigitise a load of my favourite albums from CD to ATRAC at 160kbps. When working this way I haven’t had any problems with Connect – I’m up to 100 albums so far and it’s still responsive. I have a suspicion that I’m going to reach a performance threshold but I’m hoping for a software update before I reach it!
However, I did have problems when importing loads of MP3s. You can do it – I had 6,000 tracks on the NW-A3000 at one point – but it’s slow and can sometimes crash.

Bought an NWA-1000V. I use the Sonic Stage 3.3 software which works quite well. However, you do not get the extra functionality of the Connect 1.0 player such as ratings.
Sony sent me an email today asking for feedback on the player….Yes, I was very willing to give feedback….Unfortunately, the link in the email led me to a page that said “error”.
If I didn’t know better, I’d swear they were having me on!!!
Anyway, the device is working well with the Sonic Stage 3.3 software…and I’m lazy….so, I’ll keep it.

Wait for it – I have 3 of the 20gb models- two for my daughters and 1 I treated myself to for Christmas.
I am getting a new PC for Christmas also so what I want to know is- starting from a blank canvas -what is the best way to get these things up and running.
At the moment I am thinking of ignoring CP altogether and loading up SS3.
alternatively I could load SS3 Just to rip the cds I have and attempt CP which after reading the bad press is worrying me a bit to be honest.
Assuming Sony don’t release a major fix for CP before Christmas what is the best way of getting these players up and going on Christmas morning?

Has anyone had gaps appear in their library when their player is connected to the connect player software? I’ve already taken mine back once and its happened to a friend’s player now. Its just weird – the gap appears between e and g in the album title list so no album that begins with f can be transferred…any clues as to what I can do apart from cry a little more?

To: Stevetynant
The SS3.3 software is working quite well to rip CDs and them sync them on the player. It also allows you to keep all your music in .wma or .mp3 format whereas the Connect Player always converts them to .oma.
I’ve ripped about 100 CDs and moved them onto my NWA-1000V without any trouble at all using SS3.3
Just remember, the “Link” button will not work nor will you be able to rate songs using the player. But, if you want to get music on and sync’d quickly and easily with the walkmans, SS3.3 is the best bet.
Just my thoughts.

What do you mean with that CP converts them to .oma? Mine does not do so at least.

Silva – Thanks for replying. My cds are yet to be ripped as I understand that they need to be done with the software or something?
I don’t mind if it takes ages, as long as I can get my music onto the player. How many albums would you recommend doing at a time?
Also, what’s the software like as regards finding the correct artists/albums/track names for you? I presume the unfound ones can be done manually? Cheers.

Baz – Originally I was was ripping in batches of 5 to 10 cds and then connecting the player for synchronisation. As I have become more confident I have left the player connected while ripping and it seems happy to synchronise on-the-fly.
I’m convinced I’m going to hit a performance barrier at some point where I’ll need to disconnect the player while ripping.
As far as finding correct artists/album/track names the system hasn’t failed yet so I haven’t had to manually enter details.

Could someone tell me how to “lock” the buttons, so the player doesn’t accidentally turn on when I’m carrying it. The hold button seems to only work when the player is on, but the screen is still turned on, which causes the power to drain. Pressing the hold button with the player off doesn’t do anything. Any help would be appreciated.

please avoid sony centre in sutton surrey and read the following:-
F.A.O Store manager
In relation to my faulty NW-A1000 that had and still has a low life battery (2 hrs as opposed to 20 hrs)
I will remind you of the problem so you are aware.
On the 30th Nov I purchsed from your store 1 x NW-A1000 for 159.00 from a young sales consultant who did not point out to me that if i have a product fault even on the day of purchase i would have to send the product away to sony central service to be repaired/exchanged.
On returning to your store on day 5 of ownership you and your staff, offered no help in exchanging the product as your company stipulates, that all hard drive products must be sent away, using the words of one of your staff “as i might have put a virus on it”
Your head office were no help and Sony Central Service stated you should exchange the product. you refused. You were no help att all and i took the following action to ensure others were aware of the facts.
You may be interested to know that I arranged for over 600 A5 leaflets to be handed out informing customers of the poor customer service shown by your store, and your company, over the last 2 days.
I very much hope that this will affect your sales of the hard drive products, any bonus you may receive in relation to your sales, and have posted a copy of the leaflet, to the following, with a full run down of my problems with your store/company.
The main purpose of my leaflet drop was to make sure that any potential customers of yours were aware of the poor customer service they would recieve if they had a genuine fault with there hard drive product in the early stages of ownership.
Sony Central Service
Sony UK The heights Brooklands Surrey F.A.O Customer Care Manager
Sony Uk Customer care department Pipers way Thatcham
And finally BBC Watchdog
Could have been an easy solution to an easy problem, but your store/company rules that you will not swap or exchange a faulty product under 7 days old,and are over and above what every other company stipulates
Michael Collins
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“Could someone tell me how to “lock” the buttons, so the player doesn’t accidentally turn on when I’m carrying it.”
Ste – you need to press pause, then press hold – the machine will auto power off in hold mode & if you press a key it’ll power on in hold mode.

To “Mick Collins”
Have you contacted Trading Standards for the local area the store trades. They can be really helpful and will tell you what your consumer rights are.

Thanks Silva for this advice, and all the helpful suggestions you’ve given about the Connect Player. I tried it and it works!

I’m a software design engineer by profession and have recently acquired an NWA1000 for my daughter for Christmas.
Having read through the above threads, I was beginning to regret the purchase, and thought I had better break the seal on the packaging and set up the player with the Connect software as I didn’t want a feisty 13-year-old to freak out on Christmas morning and start throwing (very hard) purple Walkmans at me.
As I have been a proud owner of the 40gb Vaio pocket music player for about a year and having already been through the several stages of angst-ridden hair-tearing with various incarnations of SonicStage I reckoned I could cope with anything even Sony throw at me.
Let me say before I continue that I am a great admirer of Sony kit, my house is littered with the stuff, TVs, hi-fi, radios, headphones, in fact just about everything electronic that I own apart from computers and loudspeakers comes from Sony. The Vaio pocket player is one of my treasured possessions and until I started playing with the NWA1000 I thought it just could not be beaten in terms of quality of build, musical sound quality, design, ergonomics – the things Sony have always been good at.
After playing with the NWA1000 for a few days I have rapidly come to the conclusion that it beats the Vaio hands-down in every respect, just like it does with most other mp3 players that I have experience of and to say that it makes the peepods seem like plastic toys is an understatement.
Alas, the Connect software, just like its predecessor, highlights the things that Sony have always been BAD at – software design, engineering, testing, version control, debugging and customer relations.
It is memory and processor hungry in the extreme, particularly the ironically-named tinyhttp.exe, has measurable memory leaks, is clunky, slow, intermittently hangs, has a terribly-designed human interface, is badly thought-out in terms of workflow and is generally as bad as SonicStage was and still is.
However, the latest version, with the latest firmware on the player actually works. After initialising the disk and clearing down my library for the nth time, I transferred 5 Gb of songs and huge audio-book tracks to the player in about 20 minutes after updating both the Connect player and the firmware. These were all directly imported as mp3s from hard drives, not converted from CDs. I have tried a few original CDs too and these transferred no problem, but naturally with a slower throughput as they needed conversion first.
Mind you, I’ve got a 3000MHz P4 with a gig of RAM and a SCSI array, so if it didn’t work on this it’s not going to work on anything. The whole package is still distinctly illogical and non-intuitive and should not be construed as ready for general release, even by under-pressure Sony execs.
But the fact that these versions work are not going to get Sony out of the mire for this Christmas. Their excellent television advertising campaign, together with the fact that Tesco have the glittering Walkmans on their shelves means they are going to sell by the tens of thousands at the very least, mainly as Christmas presents for teenagers and/or humans. The shipped version of the firmware and the original Connect player version means that 99% of the poor buggers who have bought them will be queuing up at the customer services counters for their refunds with black eyes or facial scratches, depending on the gender of their siblings.
I am personally looking forward to this happening and just hope that it gets onto the front pages and TV news like the Apple plastic toy screen cracking fiasco. This is the only kind of major event which will make Sony try to get it’s act together and pull it’s head out of the Japanese sand. Another reason why I hope the shit hits the fan is that the second-hand market will be flooded with lovely walkmans soon after Christmas and I’m hoping to pick one up on the cheap so that I don’t have to sell my pocket Vaio on eBay to fund a new one.
Excellent hardware again, Sony, get your fingers out on the software but wait until about Easter before you release an update for the masses. Then sack your development managers or whoever decided to release the software while it wasn’t even out of alpha test.

i tried to return my NW A3000 to the sony store in trafford and i was told if i think ive got problems i should of tried an ipod theyre worse.

iv’e got nw-a1000 today and can please somebody tell me what do i need to do to get connect working step by step please!!!

hey, got my nw-a3000 on friday, installed the connect player and tried to get going. Took about 20 mins to import all 3200+ songs i have stored locally on my comp, slow i know, but it didnt crash. The transfer to the player then took nearly 2 hours, mainly it seems because it converts everything into .oma files, (damn lack of a universal standard). I didnt have any crashing problems like a lot o people here, but this software is seriously flawed. Whats needed is a plugin similar ot the ml-ipod , which allows drag and drop in winamp for ipods, no file conversions and quick transfer. Or a rapid overhaul of the existing connect software. I am currently downloading the update (~16mb) to see if theres any change.

Yep I’m with WooHoo – need step by step instructions. Installed the software ripped a few CDs with no problems, then attach the A1000 to the pc nd come up with the install new hardware wizard. Go through the various steps and then it says it can’t install the hardware. Should I need to install the hardware? The manual(!) says nothing about that.

As of the 18th December the (Don’t) Connect software is something like 16MBytes and does not fix any problems the software is still rubbish.
I will be trying to take mine back for a refud tomorrow.

“mainly it seems because it converts everything into .oma files”
Actually, it just puts a DRM wrapper around the MP3s – it doesn’t transcode them. It’s still a processing overhead but not as bad as a full format conversion would be.

Hi all!
I spent several hours troubleshooting the issues related to Sony Connect 1.0. I have updated it to version, PxEngine version, OpenMG version 4.3.00, Auto-Update version
Despite that, I continued to experience problems even launching the software – it would take about an hour or longer before finally showing itself on my screen, and even then, the tinyhttp.exe task would be constantly hanging utilizing a lot of CPU time and making things painfully slow. The program was virtually unsuable until I went to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sony Corporation\CONNECT Player and renamed the Library folder to Library.old. Following that, Connect would launch right away without hesitation (no reboot was necessary), and it automatically recreated the library folder. I didn’t even have to re-install the software! I then tried to import the contents of my iTunes library (I had owned a 60-GB Ipod Photo until it broke down on me recently). It worked, but I had to relaunch the Connect application several times in the process, as it would just crash without any warning, having imported more songs into its Library each time. Finally, I got them all in there, and it all seems to be working fine; the tinyhttp.exe task is behaving itself and is not using any of my computer’s processor time when Connect just sits there, and very little CPU time during the file importation process (it varies between 04 and 06 in Task Manager). I think – and hope – that I finally got it to work. Well, true, it still needs to be tested on my new Walkman NW-A3000. All this was happening on my big Dell Media Center PC – a pretty powerful, higher-end machine, equipped with a 3.4 HT processor and 2 GB of RAM.
BTW – I tried the SonicStage 3.3 on the same computer, and it sort of worked, but it hung at the 99% of task completion and I was forced to kill it. My preference would be to use Connect, and that’s what I will be trying to stick to it despite all its flaws.
I need to add that I also installed the Connect s/w on my little Dell Latitude D600 notebook computer and had no issues there at all… Maybe I was just being lucky! I didn’t even do what Sony recommended for the successful installation: close all programs and turn off spyware or virus protection first. I installed it, did all the available updates to it, imported my music to library, and then I was able to transfer it from my laptop PC to my Walkman without any glitches. I was amazed how easy it went for me on the notebook, after the very bad desktop experience.
I think that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and no one should despair. I’m sure that Sony, being who they are, will do their best to resolve this unfortunate software problem, as their new Walkman appears to be a very-well-designed and beautiful piece of hardware. I already had had my encounter with and iPod and was not too happy to see it fail only after about 3-4 months of usage, and so I went out and bought the Walkman… Besides, while looking for an iPod replacement, I didn’t want to follow the iPod crowd and feel like being part of the sheep flock…
Thank you, Gen Kanai, for hosting this very useful blog – it’s been very helpful, albeit frustrating, to read about other people’s experiences with the Sony Connect software.
Good luck to you all! 🙂

What an amazing player, Brilliant sound quality, design and battery life. If only sony had got the software right, this would be fighting the ipod because i know several of my firends who are getting the product for xmas. I think the ipod is a real scam and have tried my best to try out alternatives, this is a real front runner and could easily beat the ipod. If only the software was right. However, the software does work no matter how rubbish it is.

the problem with connect is a small prog called [tinyHTTP.exe] there are 3 versions of this prog the first is old and only needs 2or3 MB of mem. the 2nd is much the same the 3th is the sony monster and will consume a Cray never mind our small pc there are lots of progs they could have used but no they had to go and build there own…ha ha ha …anyway its to do with connect store, ok i am just going out the back to kill something???????

Does anyone know how to transfer Artists strictly as the primary artist into the artist list on the NWHD5. For instance on a Santana Album I want to have just one Santana entry not Santana Featuring whoever a million times in the artist listing on the player. Is my problem clear?? Thanks in advance!!!

Further to the above problem when I transfer a compilation it fills the artist list on the player with all the artists on the cd. Very frustrating, I wish I could have just one entry for each cd in the artist list such i.e Various.

To Chris Hutchins of Sony
Thank you very very very much. Connect is now working. Okay, not perfectly, but I’m sure Sony are doing their best and will upgrade it when they can.
Until then here are some things I have found helpful:
1. defrag after a crash
2. be patient – transfer a few albums at a time
3. disconnect the player while you rip
4. the ‘tiny’ thing seems to behave itself better if you leave a CD in the drive while you transfer to the player – it doesn’t need to be the CD you are transferring
I haven’t tried transferring converted files yet, only freshly ripped ones. So I may still have trouble waiting for me. But right now I have 72 albums on it which means I can enjoy the player a lot.
All the best to the rest of you.

Reply to Andrew:
Why dont you just use a different media player to edit the artists/album to Various…thats what i did.
I simply changed the albums for all my Misc songs to Misc Music now they appear in their own album and dont fill up my album list.
I had the same sort of problem for Ministry of Sound since its got a different artist for each song, just change the artist of the songs to whatever you want in Media Player or something….should do the job

Try this it worked for me:
just import songs from sonicstage and then erase lybrary’s C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sony Corporation\
run CONNECT Player let it syncronize with nwa1000/3000
after synchronization unplug player from computer and you will see that player is building lybrary
and everything works…(artist link,top100 etc.)
Let me know if it works for u it worked for me !!!! 😀

I got a NWA1000 for one of my daughters a few weeks ago and having read this blog I tested it straight away.
The Connect software launched OK and after updating itself (fairly quickly), it seems to work OK.
Admittedly, it has frozen once or twice, and I think I’ve experienced the tinyhttp.exe problem, but overall it seems alright as long as you take things steadily and don’t try too much at once.
My youngest daughter (12) happily sat for an hour yesterday tranferring songs across from my other daughters (16) mp3 collection, without crashing the program or PC. We’ve also ripped a few tracks as well.
I reckon that with the latest update and no other programs running, it should be fine.
The only thing I’m not sure about is how to shut the NWA down with the Hold button on? I tried a number of things and read the instruction book, but it always turns on by just pushing the top left side button!
Any ideas?

EDIT: everything works with this method but wen i try to get artist link i get a message: cannot find linked artists.
but other features seem to work fine:D

I was so close to buying one of these, I assumed that I’d be able to simply drag and drop music files into the player via the USB connection — as you can with the PSP and Archos players for example.
But it seems that proprietry software is *required* to transfer files to this device so I’ll just have to keep looking for the right player I guess.

If you pause the track you are listening to and then turn on hold the player will auto power off on hold mode.
Then if you touch a button the unit will briefly power on and display ‘Hold On’ message but it won’t power up the HD.

Can anyone help with playlists? I have the latest software but they still wont transfer across to the player. Any suggestions?

I was having really really bad problems with the connect player software. Many of which are mentioned above.
I realised I was using a USB 1.1 port I have switched to USB 2 and the latest version of the connect player software is finally useable.
The box does not say that USB 2 is a necessity. DO NOT TRY AND USE THIS PRODUCT WITH USB 1.1 IT IS HELL. 30 mins to transfer an album using USB 1.1 > 5 mins to transfer 480 songs using USB 2.

Is this the only way? Manually change all the artists on compilations so they dont fill up the artist listings?? This will take some time yeah??

Hi, I ordered my NWA3000 a few days ago and am now worried the Connect software is still not sorted. Does anyone know if it’s been updated with any success yet?

To be fair, the warning applies to any MP3 player. It’s a matter of physical hardware speed limitations of the USB 1.1 interface rather than the software you are using.

I just bought the 3000 and went two days tring to get Connect to work. It starts to read my Walkman then just hangs (I left it for 2 hours) I fianlly got fed up and had it at the door ready to go back to the Sony Store…when i tried one last thing. I tried using SonicStage 3.3 and it worked! Not one problem…I can’t use the features such as Top 100 or artist link…but until Sony comes out with a new update to fix the problems, this is great. I’ve got about 2000 songs so far uploaded, and never a problem.
For those y=using Connect for ripping, or Sonicstage I highly suggest you don’t. Use Windowms Media player, no matter how crappy it is, it’s great for ripping music to mp3’s. That way you can use the files in any player, and not inly rip into WMA, or Sony supported formats (Open MG,.omg)

Just got an NW-A3000 at work for “investigation purposes” or some such (my boss got the video iPod, boo!) and the software is, to put it mildly, almost unusable. (I work for the competition, and thought our stuff was bad…)
What’s bad:
* The stupid tray icon keeps blinking and installed itself without asking.
* Performance: on my P4 2.4GHz, 1Gb RAM, the ripper hits 70-100% CPU, taking about 30 seconds to rip each track at 128kbps OMA. Playback chews up 5%-15% CPU. Scrolling the wee playlist window hits 100% CPU on my PC! 30 seconds startup with only 111 tracks, and lots of extra background activity afterwards.
* Useability: no big RIP TO HD/PLAYER button. Can only rate the current track from the wee playlist window. Deleting things! Shift-clicks on the main track list doesn’t work correctly half the time. Popping when skipping within tracks. Useless tooltips and icons. Isn’t the sort of all columns back to front? The “up arrow” should have smallest/first in alphabetic order first, yes? The whole Playlist interface is wonky in many ways. Search UI also user-unfriendly!
* Strangenesses: occassional floppy drive accesses, especially after ripping each track. Error message: “The selected track could not be played because…”

WoW… this thread got long huh!
Just a quick update – after receiving (eventually) the most idiotic reply from Sony about playlists I quote;
“In order to listen to your Playlists as a playlist rather than individual tracks
you need to set your NWA608 Walkman to playback in Playlist mode, as described
on page 20 of the instruction manual.”
Genius – yes I know how to playback a playlist but how the hell do you get a playlist on the thing to begin with! aaaaaaaargh!
So long story short, I sent the damn thing back and got a full refund. Currently waiting on the delivery of a ipod nano.

is there a way to improve battery life????
iv’e recharged my battry yesterday and today iv’e come out with one bar left.
display is on 15sec,brightness is on lowest level…
player costs too much for that kinda battery life
im sooo mad at myself ive should better buy an iRiver 5GB

Bought AW1000 for my son for Christmas. Fortunately we are going away so we gave it to him early to load up his music. Six hours of utter frustration trying to get the software onto our PC (P4, 3Ghz with 500 MB of RAM). We could not get it to launch. My suspiscions were confirmed by the advice on the “Getting Started” leaflet to disable any virus and spyware checker (“these use large amounts of resources”). Not as much as the tinyhttp.exe subroutine which needed every byte of memory and more. For an established company to be advising people to turn off virus checkers while connected to the internet seems irreponsible at the very least. The thing went back to John Lewis’s today. Son is getting a generic MP3 player to tide him over the holiday, and we will wait and see whether Sony can get this sorted out. I think post Xmas could be a little awkward for most stores!!

can anyone advise which version of CONNECT they are using? Have been onto the Sony website and latest version is:
CONNECT Player Software Update (version
Is this version as troublesome as previous ones?

“To be fair, the warning applies to any MP3 player. It’s a matter of physical hardware speed limitations of the USB 1.1 interface rather than the software you are using.”
I know my real point was that using USB 1.1 makes the software apear to be a lot worse than it is!
So some of the people having all the problems may be using USB 1.1
No other device hangs my system when i use USB 1.1 although transfer might be slower.

I’m using CONNECT Player version For me this version has been stable and although a little slow is not unusable.
However, I am in the process of redigitising to ATRAC at 160kbps and have not imported a large MP3 library into the software. I’m currently at about 1200 songs. I think the software may slow down as I get more songs digitised but I’m hoping there will be another software update by then.
For me this version is not a problem. Previous versions were virtually unusable on my setup.

Just as a quick addition to my previous post, I’ve found that the little Vaio music transfer program does work with the NWA3000 and NWA1000. This enables you to drag and drop folders of music files from windoze exploder onto the players and these appear as albums once transferred.
The downside is that the transfer is relatively slow as conversion to attrac format cannot be avoided, but not so slow as to put you off. Also, Sonicstooge v 3.0 or higher needs to be installed (but doesn’t need to be running) to allow the Vaio music transfer to operate.
This may help some of those out there that cannot stomach using either Sonicstooge or Disconnect player.
Also, I see that an NWA1200 will be launched in the UK early in the new year, which is an 8gb version of the Walkman. I think this is because there is a shortage of 6gb drives.

sony do it again. they’ve never been good at software. only hardware.
does anyone know if mp3 transfer can be done manually?
i haven’t got my walkman yet (if i actually get one.
all i want is a really lightweight program which updates my walkman. 100mb – i hope not. what’s all that memory being wasted on?
what would be perfect is if someone created a winamp plugin. like the ipod one. mmmmm bliss. lightweight and easy.

I cant even get the connect software to install
when the installation is started:
1/.from autostart i click to install the connect software
2/.from the welcome box which says installation process for CONNECT player will begin. click [next] to begin installation
I click next and it goes onto the next screen. o.k so far
3/.The installer then asks to select my region. this is where the problems start, there are no regions to select! the next button is greyed out, but if i scroll down with the mouse button the next button is activated/selectable.
4/. The installer software then goes onto the License agreement screen, the next button is greyed out, I then scroll down the license agreement to the end and the next button remains greyed out. that is as far as the installation goes!!!!
luckily i was upgrading from a sony MD player so i had sonicstage installed. version 3.1 didnt work but v3.3 works o.k so at least ive got some songs on

Just wondering, has anyone tried the latest update, claims to have fixed a few of the issues…
Asked for one of these for xmas so hoping the software issues will sort themselves out pronto 🙁
– CONNECT Player software hangs when exiting
– Windows Security warning message is displayed
when CONNECT Player software is started
– CONNECT Player software reports script errors
when accessing the CONNECT Store within the
-CONNECT Player software displays “tinyhttp.exe” error message when more than 1.000 tracks are being transferred to the device.
– CONNECT Player software instability after having
imported more than 3000 tracks into the
– Connect Player software does not restart after having dragged and dropped more than 3000 tracks from the library into the ‘Now Playing’ queue.

Just go my a3000, read some of the posts here before i bought it but rckon id try it and bring it back if it doesnt work. Loading tracks onto it now (using the update version of connect) and im at 1800 so far. Very disapointing software though!
Hopefully posting this wont automatically make connect crash… bet those sony people are monitoring all this and at the click of a button: “There goes your software ronan! You shouldnt have badmouthed us”

Just started using the Vaio music transfer program and in my opinion is the best option at the moment. I love the hardware and wouldn’t swap it for my own family… Sometimes you just need to perservere and be patient.
All great things come to those who are pro-active.
Thanks to John Dolan for the great tip.

Hi Silva/Rob,
Can we agree what the LATEST version of connect is?
Rob you specified CONNECT Player Software Update (version
I have found which Silva has tested.
Also what is the difference between an ‘update version’ and a normal version?

ok i’m close to break down now. i’ve installed and reinstalled version 1 of connect a few times and then tried to reinstall the newest version. I get 84% of the way tghen a box appears telling me that it is optimizing the database files and that it may take several minutes to complete. HA. I left it runnning all day and nothing, it just freezes on this screen. Has anyone else seen this and if so how do you get round it?

Arrrrrghghhhhhh!!!! Everything worked perfect, had 3500 tracks on it and it was gorgeous! Now all im getting is “No Database found: Connect to Compliant software! I repeat – Arrrgggghhhhh!!!

I had the same problem. Don’t worry your songs are still on the player. Try to connect the player to your computer with the software running and leave it to recognise all the tracks. Make sure you don’t disconnect it until the “Do Not Disconnect” message on the software is showing.
I hope this helps!

As it is Christmas I thought you lot might need a laugh.
I sent an enquiry to the Connect software support address, this is is a copy of the message and the reply:-
Your enquiry:
Why is the Connect software a pile of shite?
Subject:Connect software
Our response:
Dear Mr Dolan,
Thank you for your interest in the CONNECT online music service and taking your time to contact us.
Unfortunately the nature of your inquiry is not clear enough. In order to assist with your enquiry we need a little more information.
Please contact us again providing of any error messages (screenshot/s preferred) you receive at point in the process they are displayed which will allow us to respond to your satisfaction.
Thank you.
Kind regards,

Thanks Temi, switched to Sonic stage 3.3 and everything (fingers crossed) is looking good again. Was using it all day and transferring a second batch of tracks onto it now. Think maybe sonic stage 3.3 is the way to go

Can anyone answer me this?
When you import tracks into sonic stage or even Connect for that matter and, for example, 2 or three of the tracks are labelled wrong (eg might have a typo in the album title) is there any point in changing all the details in sonic stage because even after i have done that,the files are still wrong on the walkman when i transfer them.
Can anyone suggest the best way to sort out the file names such as album title, artist and genre?
Surely theres a simple and quick way

Hi everyone!
I bought a NWA1000 a few days ago, and I have encountered (almost) all of the problems described here ….
I am a supporter of open source application … so maybe Sony can just give us the source code of that damn ConnectPlayer so that we can fix the bugs ourself?!?!? ….. I’m curious to see if those guys know how to program at first!!! …. It’s a total shame to release such bugging software, especially in the case of a big corporation! ….. I trusted the brand …. now?

Ok i spoke to soon about sonic stage, it now refuses to transfer more than 106 tracks inone go, if you try to import about 1000 it picks about 100 tracks randomly and puts them on ut. And after that i cant transfer more onto it.
Has anyone experienced this and sorted it out?

Hey i have bought a A1000. Really cool. But connect player is just the worst thing i ve ever seen.
I’m forced to use connect player and sonicstage3.3.
SS to put file on my a1000 and manage my library. And then i must just launch connectplayer(it s takes about 5 minutes Sempron3100+ / 1Go ram) and i close it. It s rebuild the library of the player and avoid this fu** message at start of the player.
In the other way Connect store do even work. I Can’t get my free album.
And the artisit link is a joke. I’ ve seen this shit works 3 times… HaHAHAaHaHaHaHa… pff
Pour les petits français qui aurait eut la bonne idée d’acheter un NW A1000/A3000 à noel.
Installer connect player.
Installer Sonic Stage 3.3
Utilisez SS pour transférer la zik sur le lecteur. Et ensuite il suffit de fermer SS et de lancer connect pui de le fermer. C’est le moyen le plus rapide que j’ai trouver pour faire marcher cette merde correctement.
Le site shot.connect-europe ne marche tout simplement pas pour l’instant, ne cherchez pas à vous en servir, perte de temps.
Si vous ne comprenez pas a quoi sert le bouton artist link, c’est juste parce que c’est encore loin de marcher ce truc. C’est sencé trouver des artistes du meme genre(et autre criteres inconnu sinon ca serait super simple a faire.). Ca marche parfois sur des groupes trés connu, mais de toute maniere c’est unitile =)
J’ai mi 2 jours à pouvoir lire de la zik sur mon lecteur. (connect player). Et l’utilisation des logiciels demande bcp de patience. Sinon le lecteur est génial. Mais si vous avez encore le choix en 300E .. suivez mon regard.

I’ve bought the A3000 as a Christmas present and it’s going back to the shop after Christmas.
Connect seems to install and update O.K, but just will not run. I have a 3GHz P4 with 1Gb of fast Ram so the system should be up to it, but Connect won’t start up.
I also tried to install SonicStage 3.3 fom the link near the beginning of this thread, but the installation terminates near the end.
I’m dreading tomorrow morning (Christmas day) trying to explain this away. This is the first Sony product I’ve bought and it will be the last.
Now, where can I get an Iriver from?

i had the nw-a3000 this morning for christmas….i cant even install the conect player….really peaved….ruined my day really.
and its only 12:10….

i had the nw-a3000 this morning for christmas….i cant even install the conect player….really peaved….ruined my day really.
and its only 12:10….

This softwares so crap…it took 2 hours to do 17 tracks and then guess what, it went back and transcoded them all again- is it just completely stupid. Honestly sony should release software like itunes thats what I expected and I’m sure others thought the same!

basically your all not trying hard enough.
i’ve just imported 5 albums by ripping the cd’s and
600 tracks from my hard drive, by dragging and dropping them all into the library. Now i dont have a top-spec p.c. but i do have the minimum spec, which is something you might want to look in to.

if your running windows me or nt it wont work…..ever….this isn’t a bug in the software it just dosn’t work with those os’s

Beautiful looking Christmas present – A3000.
But can’t load the software on to my computer – and I ain’t retarded. It’s going back tomorow………

just put 1600 tunes on in one go, it took 15 minutes. 2.8ghz processor running win XP. no problems whatsoever……
don’t understand why no-one else can seem to use the software..

seriously guys, connect player DOES work….have you downloaded the latest update? is your os compatible?
im not especially clever and my p.c. isnt paticularly fast and i’m not having any of these issues with it…
i can maybe help if you can tell me your pc spec.

spent 2 hours trying to install this piece of crap connect player. I cannot install it because when i get to the EULA page, it will not let me click “i accept” because the window is too small or something…because of this i cannot click NEXT AND MOVE ON WITH THE #$@#$@ Installation. Anyone else having this problem?

try lowering your resolution:
start –> settings–> conroll panel –> display
change resolution to lowest poss, this will make everything appear bigger.

also make sure your connected to internet…if youve got a slow connection you might have to leave it five minutes b4 it’ll carry on

TRIED…tried everything possible..opened this gift at 7.30 am. it is now 1.30 in the afternoon…and im still trying to get it to work…id be using sonic stage if it didnt stop me from using certain features on the mp3 player o_O

Here’s a little trick to get the “best” of both worlds.
Transfer all of your stuff to the Walkman using SonicStooge. Then close SonicStooge without disconnecting the device. Then start Connect and either add or delete just one track. Disconnect as normal after doing this.
Now all of you stuff has been transferred using the faster, safer transfer method, and your intelligent playlists etc will all work.
This is I think the only way to deal with the present situation until Sony get their fingers out with a major upgrade to Connect.
Happy Christmas everybody.

if anyone knows how to fix the problem w/ not being able to click next during installation please post asap.

Does anyone know where I can download a FULL version of connect – not the upgrade, the full monty, I’m not bothered about the version as I can use the upgrade package to bring it up to date. My daughter managed to smash the CD by staning on it this morning.
Cheers, If anyone can help…

I suspect the main problem is the software was designed for a maximum track limit of 3,000 tracks.
With less than 3,000 tracks on a factory built XP computer with 512Megs of RAM fair performance is possible.
I myselh have managed to get over 10,000 tracks on the 3000 but my Sony VAIO swap file use peaked at over 1Gb.
It seems Connect software tries to do everything in ram rather than writing the information (as required) to a database.
Connect of course does have a database but seems poorly written when it has to manage with large numbers of records.
Once upon a time SonicStage software had a bad name (this was also orignally written for low capacity devices, minisdisc which could only store 60/74 minutes of music.
I assume Sony will have a new version of connect out soon – fingers crossed 🙂

Sonydude, why do you keep spouting such shite?
That is the page to download sonictooge 3.3.
Is that what you have been thinking is Connect all through these threads?
If so, I think your name is quite apt. Run along now and get a job with Sony development.
Does anyone out there with a bit of sense know where I can download a full version – not the upgrade? (And not sonicfeckingstooge)

If you cannot be respectful and polite on this topic, I will ban your IP address. Please do not force me to take this kind of action.

Hey, i recied my NW-A3000 for christmas and it has all worked fine. I installed CONNECT Player and transfered about 30 songs onto my mp3, and it was all fine. I then switched off my PC and went out to the old crimbo dinner etc. When i came home and switched on my computer i find that due to the introduction of the new software it has totally trashed my PC.
For example, i cant access any of my documents, ANY! They’re still there but not visable unless searched. All my saved info has been deleted. My background/screensaver has been reset. I can still get access to the net but programs like Steam and msn and ventrilo just do not work. Its like my whole computer has been reset and nothing works! Its Christmas Day and im gutted!
Can somebody please please help before i end up spending hundreds of pounds on getting my PC fixed. I would love to hear your emails but i cant view them -_- so can you please post your solutions onto this site.
Regards, Josh

Are you running XP? Can you do a system restore to Christmas Eve?

Good Ol’ Christmas aye.
Well seemingly invetibly now i’ve had problems all afternoon/night with this player (NW-A3000.)I gave up with the connect software, but I have installed sonicstage 3.3 and it seems to be working fine and all. But, I now have this problem of there being ‘no database,’ although when I go into the music device folder, theres clearly 99 songs on the player. What is going on? Quick solutions? Everything is fine apart from this.

got the stupid connect player running!! 🙂 installed flawlessly from the cd. All i had to do was press tab and the arrow keys on the eula page randomly until the ‘next’ button was no longer greyed out. Now i have 454 tracks loaded…:)
the sound quality on the nw-a1000 is amazing =|.

quote sonydude “your all retarded if you cant even get connect player to start!!!”
Well I guess I must be retarded then. I have installed Connect (multiple times) and it appears to update successfully, but the damn thing just will not start (it just hangs). I’ve tried starting it from the desktop icon and the Start menu with no success.
The machine is a 3GHz P4 with 1Gb of Ram, running Windows Xp. There is plenty of hard drive space.
I also tried to install SonicStage, but each time the install failed near the end, with a message saying that the core module couldn’t be found.
The shops are open again today, so it’s sorry butt is being kicked back. Anyone seen any iRivers in stock anywhere?

Absolutely ruined christmas day trying to get additional tracks onto it(nwa1000).
ONE of the initial problems was getting a driver to load so the computer would recognise the device through the usb port.
From what i can work out there are 2 drivers that XP thinks are suitable. It loads the first which doesn’t work and displays an INF error, this driver is labled SONY…….. the second is called MASS STORAGE DEVICE. By manually searching for the possible drivers after opening up
right click my computer, left click hardware,left click device manager, left click Universal serial bus controllers, right click the usb port affected, right click the relevant entry, update driver, click on advanced option,next,
(from this moment it gets a bit hazy) but 2 clicks later – and forgive me because there are a couple of permutations to get there, a list of icons appear, click on My Computer and the 2 usb drivers will appear, pick the mass storage device, and it will load from there.
Once the device is recognised you then get to visit
nightmare on sony street II(return of the sofware)

Dear all,
Started reading this blog early Nov. Came across it via a search. How useful it has been! I always try and read reviews, etc. before buying equipment as there is nothing like user feedback to discover the real quality of a product. Thanks.
Anyway, because the A3000 was new, I could not find any/many reviews in publications, so pieced together what I could from various sources (may be there are reviews about now). The result is that I held fire and did not purchase one of these players immediately. My son wanted an MP3 player for Xmas, so I had a few weeks to decide which one. He, like a lot of students/people (anti-establishment?), did not want to go the ipod route.
The consensus seemed to be that the hardware was as good, if not better, than anything out there, BUT the “Connect” software was a little lacking in the workability department (shame on you SONY – did you rush it out meet the Xmas market? – God only knows how much damage have you done to your reputation!).
We, like most, expect quality products from Sony, even if you pay a few pounds more, so, we thought, their latest MP3 player should be better than most. Bottom line is, because of the software issues, we looked at other makes of MP3 players, but kept coming back to the looks, etc. of the Sony A3000. So, reading that there were s/w patches coming on line, I took the plunge and purchased a silver A3000 a week before Xmas (I thought we could always take it back if the software was unusable). Here is what happened yesterday (Xmas day):-
Son opened his A3000 – loved it. So far so good. I explained there may be some problems with software. We then went to install it on his PC (3GHz P4 with HT 1GB ram running XP pro (with all/latest updates)). PC is permanently connected to Internet via 2Mbs Broadband. I should say that I also purchased the Sony “cradle” to charge/program the A3000. Quick read of the (very small) paper user manual, and connected up. We first let the A3000 charge up. Did not take long. We then closed down ALL other running programs, i.e. virus checker, zonealarm, spy sweeper, etc. (message to all – I work in I.T. and even if it doesn’t tell you to on the packet, and you do not think you should need to – ALWAYS close other programs/applications before loading new software – experience has shown that sometimes you can have problems, so easy, elliminate the possibility!)
So now to the point of installing the software – CD into the drive…. It started installation and then automatically went and fetched the update (v11180 I think), took a while to download, must be some update! We followed on screen instructions, got to end and rebooted. No problems so far, software was in!.
PC detected the A3000. So far so good. my son then launched Connect. Launched ok (a little slow – do not press anything until it has fully loaded or it locks/does not respond!). He then dragged and dropped his 1500+ MP3 music he already had into Connect. Easy, it then downloaded then to the A3000. Took half an hour or so. All went in ok. Just one slight hickup (Sony please note)- lets say we dragged 100 songs to library. It then downloads these songs. The number (of songs) displayed at the botton of the Connect library stated 97. We assumed therefore that we had “lost” 3 songs. On checking, all 100 were on the player, so can only assume that the totalizer is incorrect?
So, unplugged the A3000 listened…’s everything it should be! Great stuff and all the data with the songs has been passed across. The A3000 works a treat. If only everyones experience had been good, I’m sure this player would have been hailed as a great alternative to the ipods. I wonder how much damage the “dodgy” software has done for sales/reputations? Good news travels fast, but bad news travels faster!
Only one days use I know. So, were we lucky? Has the latest update fixed the basic problems? I’m happy (so far) as I feared the worse based on above people’s experiences. I’m sure we might find some problems before my son goes back to uni end Jan. I’ll keep you posted if we find any problems. Sony – keep those updates coming!
Conclusions : Buy one (in the sales?). Ensure you can exchange it or get a refund if software has problems on your PC. The units themselves are fantastic and the software is being sorted.

Just a few general observations being an owner of a nwa1000 and having read the threads posted here and have suffered all the same problems.
My PC is nothing fast, AMD 2000+ with 512mb ram running Windows XP Proffesional with SP2 and all latest updates.
Using Connect version and Auto Update version
When starting Connect it took nearly 30 minutes to display the main screen and another 30 minutes of running my PC at 100% before i could use it.
Once Connect has started i tend to leave it running and instead of a shutdown and power off i put my PC into standby.
Ripping a single CD with 20 tracks takes about one hour plus another hour to transfer to nwa1000, quickest method is to have the nwa1000 connected then it will rip and transfer.
Any sort of work with Connect is very time consuming, even changing the sort order of your library.
To be positive, you can use Connect but a lot of patience is needed, never interrupt it while a transfer is taking place and don’t expect to be able to use your PC for other tasks.
I really hope Sony take notice and give us a version of Connect that is not only user friendly but PC friendly as well.
As for the NWA1000, it is works well, when you finally get your music onto it !!

Before i installed the software, i had XP but it was set to the classic mode to speed up startup. It has now changed to the default settings.
I have tried System restores, but it crashed and comes up witha blue screen say stuff like…
Windows has deteced an error…
this could be caused by newly installed software/hardware. I tried unstalling connect but it crashes and comes into the same blue screen. I tried doing it in safe mode too but it wont let. It also wont let me unistall steam and msn but ive still got the net :S
Thanks for your support btw

Please all dont kill me at once, but i think my Connect Version is working!!!!!!!!! Got AN NM-A3000 there for Xmas, and on Xmas day, i found it hard going, it kept skipping all my files when trying to import them to the library so i couldnt get any music to try to put on the machine. I got Sonicstage 3.3 after reading all the hoopla about Connect but i found, if i edited a track title, it would not appear on the nw-a3000 when transferred. A bit disgruntled. I took a mad turn and edited all the id tags of my mp3’s to give genre, artist, song title, album blah blah. After that i updated connect to Connect Player Version 1170 and auto update 1150. Now, i can manage to import my files with no bother at all. I tried downloading 500 songs onto the a300 last nite, and it did it in about 5 mins. However that was just as mp3’s, not atrac, this us taking up more memory as you will all know. Right now im tranfering files at 64kbs (600 or so songs for testing) and its coping fine. Maybe i got the one and only good copy of connect. Or perhaps everyone needs to edit their Id tags for their music! We all know how mean sony are about their copyright etc. I always found with Sonicstage, if i couldnt transfer a file onto my minidisc for a copyright issue or related. i would just edit the id tag, reimport it and hey presto it would work!
Im sure this is no help whatsoever, but still, im so happy!Please dont all kill me at once, just do the updating and edit the id tags and see what happens.


Thanks everyone for your comments – now I know my NWA3000 isn’t faulty…
Xmas pressie opened yesterday…connect software loaded…files imported from previous Sonicstage 3.2 directory which I’ve been using as a Jukebox for my pc….downloaded to player (slowly…) all ok…I was one happy bunny.
Then tried ripping and adding new cd’s … whole process ground to a halt; failed miserably…locked up my pc…onto internet to search for solution….and found this site…
So back to Sonicstage…works wonderfully and transfers to player in seconds…display tells me what is happening at every stage…why did Sony bother with Connect?…they have turned a great piece of kit into a nightmare…I just pity all those families who have bought them for Xmas only to hate them by Boxing Day…
Conclusion – use Sonicstage, keep an eye on this page and maybe return to Connect at Easter by which time the working version of the software should be available!

Hi All
Been scanning through all your messages…..I can add tracks to library and playlist but cant transfer to my NWA3000 at all. I cant click on transfer icon as disabled and cant see how to select my device. Any ideas? cheers

To G: try to go to the “initialize disk” option on the mp3 player (under settings). The same thing happened to me. Initialize disk reformats your whole player (meaning all data goes bye bye). But after I did that it would PERFECTLY fine.

Hi “Person” tried that and nothing. When i connect to usb all it does is state connecting. mmmmmm. Should i be able to see my mp3 player on connect software? thanks

when its connected, the transfer button should be “clickablE” and your mp3 player shows up on the left where all your cd drives and library are listed. I see nw-a1000 when i plug my mp3 player in on the left hand ur case you would see nw-a3000. Does the nw-a3000 have a reset button at the bottom?? I also did that maybe that will help?

Yeah it has a reset button at bottom. At the moment my windows media player seems to be synchronising my tunes from my c drive, i can see my tunes on my removable disk on windows explorer but on connect s/w i cant see the mp3 player. I will wait and see once all my tunes have synchronised , if they dont show on my mp3 player i will reset and try ,,,,thanks for help…i will let u know (could be a while)

Recently got the NW-A3000.Great product in my opinion,software is worst ive ever seen (connect 1.0).Received an email telling me i can download a whole album of my choice for free..however the connect store doesnt let me log in,register new user or even go to checkout screen.
Ive also read some bad reviews on sonicstage 3.3 from even used by new sony walkman yet…..very very disapointed.

…and so the complaints rage on…
I myself received the new Sony MP3 NW-A1000 Walkman for Christmas. At least most of you have had the, allbeit, unfortunate pleasure of experiencing the Connect Player software. I haven’t. Upon starting the installation, all was fine, but once I reached the first and second installation screens (region/language selection and license agreement) it was clear that this software WAS NOT going to install successfully. Why? Well, part of second drop-down menu (on the region/language selection screen) was “cut-off”. I managed to complete this section, barely. However, on the next screen (license agreement), the part where you had to agree to the terms was completely cut off, therefore I could not continue.
I have taken the liberty of uploading some images to show you what I mean: (Region/Language Screen) (License Agreement Screen)
*The red markings on the images are to highlight the problems…
I highly doubt anyone would have any clue as to why this happening to me, but, if you do, please contact me via e-mail at the following address: Thank you.

…WOW! after recieving my A3000 I thought I was going mad! I pu the CD in and I only got as far as the Region select screen apart from there was no regions to select.
I am a big SONY man and my girlfriend knowing I wanted an Ipod type of device was the sony and went for it with out question, I after wasting now nearly 2 days I wish I hd never seen it! Souinds good when I got songs on from using sonic, but after coming across this web site I have no faith and will be convincing my shop to swap it for an IPOD, sony you really missed the boat here guys!

Man, I cant even load the damn programme, it installs then says its missing an ordinal 11 in dynamic link libary dsound.dll, Its the same tinyhttp.exe that has been causing problems for others. I am well anoyed as i meet all the minimum req, its boxing day and i still cant get my present to work! aaagggghhhh damn you sony!

Becky, i seem to be having the same problem about the “license agreement” page – if anyone knows how to fix it, please tell me too! Thanks!

Update all the software and then update the firmware everything works like a dream then. I have an ipod and a Sony A1000 and after the firmware upgrade everything works like a dream

David, according to John Dolan from, this problem is due to “badly-designed software”. In an e-mail I recieved from him today, he suggested I do the following in an attempt to fix the problem:
“The Tab key cycles around the buttons and drop-down lists while the space bar selects the currently highlighted option.
I can only suggest that you alternate the Tab key with the space bar, this should allow you to make a selection even though you cannot use the mouse to click on the options. The most difficult problem will probably be the licence agreement screen, you should use the Tab key and space bar until the Next button becomes clickable.”
Unfortunately, I had already tried this before John informed me of it. If this method works for you then you are sorted, however, if it fails I can only suggest that you do what I have done – use Sony’s Sonic Stage software to transfer music to your device.
You can download Sonic Stage from here:
Once you visit the site, in the top-right of the page is a link saying “You will need SonicStage CONNECT Europe Edition to use CONNECT. Click here for the full list of system requirements”. Click on this link and check that your computer conforms to the system requirements by clicking on the “Check System” button at the bottom of the popup window. If all is OK, you will be able to click on the “Download” button that appears after the system check. You can then download the software and install it onto your system and start transferring tracks.
If all else fails, let me know and I’ll chase them up on it…
Hope this helps…

im out of town and keeping up to date on this site…i want to try to fix some problems with my walkman (i managed to get some music on it before leaving town) but i cant download connect…does nayone know where to get it???my disc is at home.

Sam, as far as I am aware, you can’t DOWNLOAD the Connect Player software from the Internet, you can only UPDATE it. You can download Sonic Stage and use that to transfer music files while you’re out of town. Just a quick solution until you return home.
P.S. In my post above (posted December 27, 2005 08:26 AM) I talked about “John Dolan from,” let me just correct this and say that John Dolan is NOT from and has NOTHING to do with Sony. He is just like us – another frustrated Sony user. 😛 Apologies go out to John Dolan for the mix up.

Does anyone else have problems getting on to the “Connect store” via the Connect player?… I set up a username etc when I registered my A3000 but when I enter username and password and click “Log In” it clears the username details and remains on the Connect Store home page.
I can choose stuff to add to cart but no way to navigate to check-out.
All this makes the big assumption that I’ll be able to download any albums I but onto the player itself of course!

I got the Sony Walkman NW-A1000 for christmas, opened it up..wooow! this looks great, played the demo tracks pretty kewl then decided to add some of my own, put the connect cd into the computer drive, the installation came up, it all installed fine.
Installation was complete, updated it. Double clicked on the CONNECT player icon on the desktop, the timer cursor comes up for about 1 second then nothing happens.
Very very disappionted.
I read earlier tha someone said they had to leave it for about half an hour before it comes up, i left it for an hour and nothing happens!!!
I downloaded Sonic Stage, and when i try to load that it comes up with initialising it then says there are problems we have to close. and then it closes.. i cant do anything to transfer music!!
Anyone else having these problems or any solutions??

I got the Sony Walkman NW-A1000 for christmas, opened it up..wooow! this looks great, played the demo tracks pretty kewl then decided to add some of my own, put the connect cd into the computer drive, the installation came up, it all installed fine.
Installation was complete, updated it. Double clicked on the CONNECT player icon on the desktop, the timer cursor comes up for about 1 second then nothing happens.
Very very disappionted.
I read earlier that someone said they had to leave it for about half an hour before it comes up, i left it for an hour and nothing happens!!!
I downloaded Sonic Stage, and when i try to load that it comes up with initialising it then says there are problems we have to close. and then it closes.. i cant do anything to transfer music!!
Anyone else having these problems or any solutions??

Got a sony A3000 for christmas, looks great, but crashed my computer. Won’t let me transfer songs into the playlist even though it says that it has been successful.
Its going back to the shop right now! Very disappointed with Sony as they are supposed to be the best, they need to sort this out and fast!!

Don’t give up on it folks- the updates are coming through -26th Dec a new firmware upgrade to the player allowing WMA playback- easy install- unlike CP which took me about 3 installs and deletions to get fired up.
I’m taking it slowly – ripping about 5 albumns at a time – but once on the player the sound is brill.
Used the volume limiter hack to boost the sound -software seems a lot more stable now and I’ve got about 50 albumns on the player.
Persevere if you can – I’m sure theres more improvements to come.
Happy Christmas to all

Agh, I thought I had cracked this whole problem, but there is still some. I now have 5 gigs of stuff on the sony nw-a3000 and it was working fine a few hours ago, but i fell asleep to let it add more songs. Now its once again given me the ‘no songs’/ ‘no database found’ error on the player. What is all this about, the songs are on there. Can someone please give me the quick solution to this, all in all it doesn’t seem like a major problem considering it was working before.

Got a nwa3000 for xmas, installed connect onto my low-spec slow dial-up pc and its going fine so far. I’ve only done 5 albums and I did them one by one, took a while but its working ok so far.
How do you add more than one cd at a time? I just click ‘add to device’ after each album’s info comes up.
Also, how do you minimise your time online? I’ve been staying on the whole time I’ve been doing it, is there any way of getting the cd info up for a load of albums and then disconnecting from the internet before transferring all the tracks?

Got this e-mail from sony regards the license agreement bug, hope it helps some people
*Follow the onscreen prompts until you reach the [License Agreement] screen.
*On the [License Agreement] screen, if the radio buttons to select whether you agree or disagree with the license have not been created, press the [Tab] button four times and then left arrow key once, The [Next] button should no longer be greyed out, please click on it.
*Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation.
*If the [next] button is still greyed out when following the above steps please can you restart your computer, follow the steps above but this time when you reach the License Agreement screen press the [Tab] key once and then the [left arrow] key once. If the [next] button is now active please click on it and follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation.
I personally wouldn’t bother using the connect software at the moment and stick to sonicstage 3.3

Im on 2mb Broadband and i found the only way the connect player software would work was if i completely unplugged all the broadband.
The connect player is rubbish!

Im on 2mb Broadband and i found the only way the connect player software would work was if i completely unplugged all the broadband.
The connect player is rubbish!

Todays (or last nights) Updates certainly work, CONNECT will now rip and convert cd’s into omg files in the background whilst surfing on the net and doing other usefull things.
Only been glitch free since the update, haven’t discovered anything the new firmware does, but then the thing never really ran well enough to take a snapshot to compare it with. Once converted it takes less than a minute to dump a several albums onto the walkman.

I got the NW A100 for christmas but I’m having a couple of problems like everyone else so could anyone please answer a couple of questions?
I can get a first batch of songs on to the player and sometimes a second but when I try and put on the next batch I have problems. The songs transfer but when I play the songs on the unit. I get an error message saying the files are damaged and to reconnect to the software and try again. However this doesn’t work so I have to initialize the walkman and start all over again. Anyone know how to stop this from happening?
Some questions:
1) Does anyone know anything to help with the above?
2) Once the files have finished transferring to the player and the ‘do not disconnect’ message dissapears the ‘conecting message is left on the player. Is this supposed to stay there?
3) Once the player is finished transferringcan I just unplug it or do I have to close the program or do anything else first?
Thanks A lot guys!!

2)yes, that connecting thing is supposed to stay there.
3)you have to close connect player before disconnecting the device from your computer. make sure the words do not disconnect have disappeared before disconnecting.

For all of you who are having trouble actually getting Connect to start up you need to make sure you have the europe version of sonic 3.3 or if your in US have the US one.
Thats the only way Connect will work.
I had trouble tryin to get SonicStage starting at first, if you’re having that problem then make sure your windows microsoft is up to date.
You can check that by clicking on the automatic updates (bottom right toolbar – world with microsoft windows logo) if you do download windows service pack 2, be careful because alot of people have trouble with that.

I got the Sony Walkman NW-A1000 for christmas, opened it up..wooow! this looks great, played the demo tracks pretty kewl then decided to add some of my own, put the connect cd into the computer drive, the installation came up, it all installed fine.
Installation was complete, updated it. Double clicked on the CONNECT player icon on the desktop, the timer cursor comes up for about 1 second then nothing happens.
Very very disappionted.
I read earlier that someone said they had to leave it for about half an hour before it comes up, i left it for an hour and nothing happens!!!
I downloaded Sonic Stage, and when i try to load that it comes up with initialising it then says there are problems we have to close. and then it closes.. i cant do anything to transfer music!!
Anyone else having these problems or any solutions??
I had a similar problem.
Solution for me was :
1: Uninstall via Add/Remove programs all of the Sony connect software.
2: Reboot.
3: Delete the registry keys : HKLM\Software\Sony Corporation and also
HLCU\Software\Sony Corp…
4: Delete the following directories :
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sony
C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Sony
C:\Program Files\Common files\Sony shared
C:\Program Files\sony
The last path may differ if you choose a custom install and a different path.
5: Reinstall Connect Software …NOTE : This requires DirectX as far as I can see, so be sure to download and install the latest version of DirectX before reinstalling.
Regarding the NW-A3000 …
hardware …Very Very Very nice.
software …OMFG!!! but having said that I did get a nice free album via connect for registering with Sony. My advise to anyone that does this …burn the album straight to CD as a backup.
Other then that …I love the player and the proporta leather case ..very nice 🙂

I purchased a NW-A3000 for christmas. When I first connected my MP3 player to the computer, it worked but I noticed that connect player said I only had 18GB on it when mine was supposed to be 20GB. I thought that the more songs I put on it, the memory might expand. By the end of the first day, I’d managed to put 650 songs on it (with some difficulty as it kept disconnecting) and I’d already used up 3GB. I was thinking if 650 songs uses up 3GB how does it manage to fit 13000 on. The next day, my MP3 wouldn’t even connect to the computer and I lost all my songs for no reason. When I finally managed to connect it back up, when I tried to put songs on it, it wasn’t working and just closed down. In the end I had to take it back as it was causing too many problems. I am very dissapointed in Sony.

Hey guys just wonderin if anyone can help, i got the a3000 on christmas day and as of yet i hav had no problems with either the connect software or the unit itself. However, I can’t seem to get the artist link feature to work. In preporation for gettin the player last month I used itunes to rip about 500 tunes from my own cd’s into MP3 format at 192kbps. I then cut and paste all the mp3 files into a new folder. Upon installing the software i simply imported these files onto my library and then onto the player using the sync function. Now, when i click the artist link button on the side of the unit it states, CANNOT FIND LINKED ARTISTS. Is this because I did not rip from cd’s using the connects software?

Mish – all ’20gb’ ones will have around 18gb usable space. It’s just the way it’s formatted. My ‘6gb’ only has 5.5gb usable space. That’s the same for any harddrive, pretty much.
Connect Player is disgusting. I’m pretty sure I’ll be returning my A1000 because of it – CP makes it unusable. If they can’t sort it out, why not bring out firmware that makes it drag-and-drop compatible, like the Creative players? Unacceptable, Sony. Don’t try and copy iTunes, just bring out something usable, otherwise I’m going back to iPods – which actually work!

I finally got my Christmas present from my Girlfiend yesterday, her pevios attempt to order a violet 20 GB A3000 foild by the thieves at DHL.
I wanted the Sony as it was by far the best looking MP3 on the market, and I’m not bothered about Video or photos.
The player was great once I got the songs onto it, but the software sucked. It crashed my computer three times this morning, lost the songs of the walkman then regained then, hung then crashed and failed to rip all songs form one CD. I really thought it was something that I was doing until I read this thread, and realised that it was the software. It is my first MP3 but I have had lots of experience with i-tunes due to my girlfiends I-POD, and whilst I didn’t think i-tunes was great, it is truly outstanding compared to sony’s connect.
Finding myself thinking like this I simply packed it all away and we took it back to the Sony Centre today.
Answr for jakthelad06 – My mate changed from i-pod mini to A3000. Connect won’t let him import the i-tunes files, I think this is as i-tunes encodes the files as it rips them from the cd so that they cannot be used on other players.

Just wish I had read these comments before lashing the cash, last night of trying to
get the software stable or its back to Dixons with the nw-a1000 …… shame though .. looks cool

Anyway of seeing how many GB/MBs of music you have like on iTunes it tells you exactly at the bottom. CP only seems to give how many songs you have so you have to judge how many songs the player will hold when you add new songs to the library :-\

Basically as far as I can see CONNECT is just rubbish. How a piece of software like that can be released I don’t know.
Anyway, I’ve found Sonic Stage v3.1 works best. It seems much more stable than 3.3 and transfers with no problems. I’ve had problems with v3.3 hanging on me.
An updated CONNECT from Sony in 2006 that actually works would be nice :o)

Reading the above, I reckon I’ve been lucky. I haven’t had the crashes or system instability, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend these to anyone on account of the palava involved in getting music onto the player. I can swallow the requirement to use sony’s own software to juggle tracks around, but it had better be slick. Unfortunately it’s anything but.
I have the flash player, NW-A608, which is brilliant. I have updated everything with the latest versions, and my PC well exceeds the recommended spec (Windows XP Media Centre, athlon 64 3700+, 2GB ram, etc.) I should mention I’m an experienced IT pro and specialise in quality assurance. As I type, the appalling Connect software is entering the twentieth minute of attempting to transfer 99.9 degrees by suzanne Vega. This track alone, from my selection so far of just under 100, will not transfer. I’ve had no problems ripping cds, playing cds within Connect, or playing .oma files within connect, including 99.9 degrees. Every other track has transferred, albeit at completely different speeds, in strange orders and with unnecessary pauses both between and within tracks. After a LONG time, maybe half an hour, the status changes from ‘ready for export’ to ‘Error’. There’s no more detail anywhere, and there really seems to be nothing wrong with the track. Has anyone else seen this?
There are many other gripes, but here is just a single related one. While Connect is taking an indeterminate amount of time getting stuck on this track, if you disconnect the player, you lose ALL the data on it. This is supposed to be a 2005 consumer product and it’s unacceptable that your data should be at risk. And some of you have 20 Gigs to lose!

Similar problems. Loaded Connect Player and made the Scan Drives mistake. It seemed to work at first with about 500 files making it to the library and some of these making it to the player. However, it then froze and was doing a lot of “skipping”.
Tried then importing by drive and then by file, but managed to get a few tracks across at a time.
Have now resorted to ripping one CD at a time. Need to fire up and close connect player before and after each rip as it crashes otherwise.
When connected to the PC the mp3 player always says that it is “connecting – do not disconnect” whether the software is running or not, whether the pc is on or not. Each time I physically disconnect it I hold my breathe!
Have had a variety of hanging incidents – problems with httptiny (or something like that) seems to be a recurrent one at the moment. The mp3 player managed to crash last night, which was a little disconcerting, but the reset button seemed to solve that without losing what I have managed to put on it.
Have sent a general enquiry to Sony – i.e. when is a patch going to be available? Received a very nice response back (you must be disappointed and frustrated etc…) and then directed to the update to v.11170. I replied by saying that I was already on that!
Oh dear. I think Sony have fallen under the belief that we Sonyphiles (and we are legion!) will buy any old tat so long as it has the precious Sony brand stamped on it and it looks cool, rather than we buy it because we want to use it and we want it to be the best.
PS The quality of the player once the tracks are on is superb! Anyway, must get back to the ripping.

I purchased my wife a Sony NW-A3000 from Comet for Christmas. Like others here, I am a software engineer and know my stuff. I have a collection of 20,000 WMA,MP3 files that work fine in Windows Media Player and iTunes (about 100GB worth of files). I tried using Connect to scan the directories 3 times and each try took about 8 hours on my mega Athlon 64. The end result was the same each time 2GB memory in use with tinyhttp and a big fat crash.
After the crash, restarting Connect yielded an empty/corrupt database.
I have all the latest updates installed and working properly.
Unlike others here, I am not willing to accept this sub-standard software quality. I am not going to play with Sonicstage or import directories individually or anything like that ….. I haven’t got the time or the energy.
I will be returning the unit to Comet as ‘faulty’ today and will get an iPod instead because at least the software works.
This whole issue really annoys me, this is very simple software that should work perfectly. Managing a collection of 20,000 files and doing file transfers to a standard set of units is really very trivial. If Sony can’t recruit anyone to write the software they could at least make it Open Source so we can fix it.
….. that adds Sony to my least of refusal to purchase along with Netgear and Motorola.

Having got all my tracks onto my player (eventually) a few weeks ago, I decided to let things be and haven’t been on here for a while, but decided to take a look to see if there are any plans for a brand new release of software…
it takes the p!ss that I have to goto an independent site to find this info out – there is absolutley nothing on any Sony website about what their plans are to rectify this situation.
Every time autoupdate pops up I get excited thinking it is going to be an update that will actually solve these massive problems, but so far nothing has.
I’m no expert, but I don’t see how mere updates are going to solve this, they need to re-write the software from scratch, keep it NICE AND SIMPLE and restore some respect.
The player is so sleek that I don’t want to give it up, but I would have been happier if they did away with the ripping and other surplus functions and just gave me a piece of software that allowed me to get my mp3s on the fricking thing with no fuss!

I bought my wife an A1000 for Christmas, was swayed by the brand name and how “cool” it looked (also that it came in her favorite color, purple). Now I regret not doing my usual thorough research…the unit itself seems excellent, but the Connect player is hands down the worst piece of software I’ve ever used.
Does anyone know of another media player (other than SonicStage) that will work?
Can anyone explain why simply dragging & dropping music files from Explorer (or from another media player) doesn’t work?
Has anyone heard of any hacks for the above (i.e., to fool the player into accepting dragged & dropped files)?
Someone mentioned a volume limiter hack…what’s that? (Some of my files are a little too quiet…)


It does work…
took me 5 reinstalls/deleting library etc. but CONNECT works fine now… admittedly the program does visibly crash during transfers (hangs, no response etc.), but simply leave it alone for a minute and its back. Its just working so hard on the transfer that it cant cope with other User Interface responces at the same time.
Be patient, and the updates help. Its unbelievably fast at transferring when it gets going… i got 2800 tracks over in under an hour, which is a similar speed to what i got using SS 3.3.
Also, if you are using SS, simply loading the player up in CONNECT after SS transfer will unlock all the features, Link/Intelligent Shuffle/Rating etc.
I hate connect, but at least i know if i use it, I’m doing things the way they were intended
Just try a few re installs and resets etc. 🙂

I got my son the 6GB model for Christmas. Loaded the software and uploaded the tracks, no problems!! What I didnt know is it produced some errors and some track wouldnt play, then the nightmare. Reconnected the player and the Connect software just hangs, takes 100% cpu and eventually it starts up, then it closes. I looked for an update and found one so installed it, it got worse! So I decided to uninstall the software and clean out the registery and reinstall, making sure nothing was running in the background, it works fine now even if it is slow. My duaghter has an iPod and she can transfer tunes quickly, to transfer to the Walkman takes time.

Hey guys just wonderin if anyone can help, i got the a3000 on christmas day and as of yet i hav had no problems with either the connect software or the unit itself. However, I can’t seem to get the artist link feature to work. In preporation for gettin the player last month I used itunes to rip about 500 tunes from my own cd’s into MP3 format at 192kbps. I then cut and paste all the mp3 files into a new folder. Upon installing the software i simply imported these files onto my library and then onto the player using the sync function. Now, when i click the artist link button on the side of the unit it states, CANNOT FIND LINKED ARTISTS. Is this because I did not rip from cd’s using the connects software?

My artist link isn’t working either but i’m not too bothered.
Anyway I’d be really grateful if some of you guys could help me by answering my questions :
Got a nwa3000 for xmas, installed connect onto my low-spec slow dial-up pc and its going fine so far. I’ve only done 5 albums and I did them one by one, took a while but its working ok so far.
How do you add more than one cd at a time? I just click ‘add to device’ after each album’s info comes up.
Also, how do you minimise your time online? I’ve been staying on the whole time I’ve been doing it, is there any way of getting the cd info up for a load of albums and then disconnecting from the internet before transferring all the tracks?

does anyone how to get the artist link feature working. It hasnt worked for me at all. All i get is cannot find linked artists.

yeh, artist link looks like its not working for most people at the moment, which is a shame.
I assume this feature recommends similar artists or something, which would be nice… still, with future updates it may begin to work…or simply may be a feature which assesses your listening habits and matches artists through listening patterns…i dunno.

Hi Having exactly the same problems as this post……
Posted by: Scotty on December 29, 2005 11:31 PM
LOVE the hardware but the software is a Joke. Looked up sony connect on the web. There seems to be a version 3.3 on the US web sites. Anyone in the UK tried this? Not sure if its even worth trying and scared stiff of loosing everything that I have transfered from my (now dead) ipod and itunes.

Problem after problem really. All of the software seems to be fine now, good speed transfers and stuff. BUT, can someone please tell me how to sort out the ‘no database found/ no songs.’ Is this something corrupt? I wiped everything off the player then put some songs back on, but the problem is still there? I feel like i’m at the final hurdle, and its the biggest.

To sminkbear – the so-called Connect 3.3 on the US website is yet another attempt by Sony to cloud the issue by confusing everybody. It is in fact SonicStage 3.3 with the word CONNECT written on the splash screen. It won’t work on this side of the pond if you are connected to the net as it is regionalised to work only in the USA.
Sony wouldn’t dare release the current CONNECT in the USA because they know they’ll have their arses sued off.
I wouldn’t be surprised if some sort of litigation doesn’t happen here, possibly via the Trades Description Act. This Walkman cannot be used for its advertised purpose and Sony should be paying the costs incurred by anyone spending days trying to get it to work and then needing to return the product. I wonder how many kids’ Christmasses have been spoiled by the wonderful Sony corporation? My daughter is keeping hers but only because she’s lucky enough to have a dad with long of experience of SonicStage and who knew by bitter experience that CONNECT wasn’t going near her computer until it is at least 3 years old.

To John Dolan
Many thanks for clearing that up. Agree with you, can you suggest an alternative. I am long used to itunes which was pretty good. I just would like a piece of software that I can transfer my albums to my nw3000.
I am of the opinion that they can sing for any more of my money regarding downloads from their website.
Again many thanks.

To sminkbear –
I’m afraid you’re stuck with SonicStage for at least two years unless Sony have a change of executives at the highest level.
The relatively good news is that there is a little program which comes with SonicStage called Vaio Music Transfer. This is a small footprint applet which sits on your desktop and allows you to drag and drop music files directly into the Walkman. If you drag and drop a whole folder of files it will create an album on the player for you. You need to have SonicStage installed but not necessarily running for this to work. The drawbacks are that A> you need your music pre-ripped into folders of MP3s or WMAs, B> that Vaio music transfer converts these into ATTRAC format before transferring them, slowing down the process somewhat. But at least it works reliably and doesn’t corrupt the database indices on the player, which is why so many people have problems with CONNECT, because the stupid “programmers” neglected to give the “program” a decent way of telling the user that it hasn’t finished transferring.
How can the Quality Assurance testers (if they have any) let something through which sits there with “Connecting” on the top of the Walkman screen and “Do not disconnect” flashing at slow, irregular intervals on the bottom half? The mind boggles at their raw stupidity. The bloody “Connecting” message doesn’t even change to “Connected” for chrissakes.
After a couple of years hair-tearing with SonicStage and trying in vain to get help or even a bit of common sense or courtesy out of Sony “support”, I know that I won’t bother with CONNECT for at least a year. Sony ARE that bad and I just can’t see them changing overnight.
What really rattles me is to find out that CONNECT hasn’t been released in the states because Sony needed a large population of beta-testers to help them get rid of the bugs first. The UK muggins can do that for them, just like they did with SonicStage, which wasn’t released in the states until it was into version 2.
Doesn’t anybody out there know someone who works for a national paper or the BBC or something? What we need to do is make this situation public big-time, like they did in the states with Apple’s cracking Nano screens. Although that’s just a pipe-dream in reality, as Sony are so big and self-obsessed that they probably wouldn’t take any notice of some Brits kicking up a stink.

Those people who keep getting the refreshed paged when they click ‘register’ on sony connect store. You need to wipe all your internet history, temp files and cookies. Then reset IE defaults and it should work. Worked for me – found the solution on some random forums.

Does anyone know why Playlists are limited to 1000 songs ?
I manage to transfer multiple playlists but once the list exceeds this limit the playlist transfer fails. No error is shown.

This limitation is inherited from SonicStage.
Nobody at Sony thinks you will want to put more than 999 tracks in a playlist even though they give you 20gig to play with. 40gig in my case with the Vaio player. I asked them about this over a year ago and never got an answer, as is usual. They don’t bother telling you in the help file or the user guide either. It’s a real bummer if you’re trying to put an audio book into a playlist, which is the only way to get the tracks to play in a sequential order. When I mentioned this they didn’t reply either.
Another limitation was filename length for imported tracks – less than 255 characters or it crashes without an error report and your database is up the spout again. I don’t know if this is also inherited but it probably is, otherwise they would be bragging about it on their website.
Talking about the website, thanks for the tip, Dom, it worked for me too. So I have to reset my browser to defaults just to access their poxy site? This means that nobody at Sony could have tested this with anything other than a newly-installed system…
Is there any limit to this company’s stupidity?

Hi all,
I have the NWA1000 & loath the Connect software.
I use the SonicStage software (now 3.3) with no problems, I’ve used this satisfactory ever since I purchased a NetMD a couple of years ago.
Also try this link for the volume limiter hack
It over rides the players own limiter, I’ve done it and it works, but do it at your own risk.
I’ve got my free album with no problems. When I registered I received a code by email, chose an album, checked out, put my code in and got my free album.
See also this sister site

Like many people here I received an A1000 as a xmas gift. My wife has an ipod mini hence we use iTunes, and my kids have mp3 players where we just use WMP.
I have around 10,000 mp3 tracks collected over a few years.
Currently have P4 3.0Ghz, 1GB Memory, ATA drive etc
What a beautiful piece of work the A1000 is !
SHAME about the Connect software, here some problems I have.
1. the tinyhttp.exe process grows.. after importing my tracks i noticed that tinyhttp.exe was utilising 50% and memory usage grew from 80mb to 570mb
2. Exiting from the connect software didn’t kill the tinyhttp process and it didn’t reduce process/memory usage.
3. Won’t import all directories
4. Won’t import all songs in directories, I noticed in the library not all songs from albums were there.
5. After importing my files and rebooting, I noticed that on some occasions not all, that the connect s/w was taking up to 25 mins to start.
6. Does the Sony software install a rootkit, rootkits are often utilised by malware were they hide processes, files, logs etc from the user. Are Sony trying to prevent/monitor the use of protected music under the Connect s/w but doing it without your full knowledge or consent.. allegedly.
Well my first blown experience of being a Sony customer, hasn’t gone well. And I’ve talked to Sony support after trying to get through for 1.5 hours, not much help except a few suggestions, split my music up into manageable chunks try it on another disk/partition, and some sympathy.
I still haven’t been able to achieve what I want from these products, which is what my wife gets from iPod/iTunes, effortless music transfer. I guess I’m taking mine back to the store and pay a little extra for an iPod Nano, anythings better than Sony !!!

What a piece of shit! I am a software product manager and would’ve fired the entire dev. team and QA team if this crap left our doors. What an embarassment. I’d quit my job before I’d ship a product like Connect.
I couldn’t even get past the “choose your country” prompt (i.e. no selection of countries were displayed).
Thank-you to other posters who point out to try SonicStage 3.3. (I don’t even own this product, I’m installing it for a friend who is not software savy – thankfully our office gave out iPod Nano’s for Christmas. If they’d given these out – NW-A1000 – I’d have given mine back)

There is a firmware update for the A1000 which updated my unit from Ver 1.0 to Ver 2.01.
Here’s the thing, it doesn’t use Connect to do it, at least not that I can see. It does however blow away the music on the device, Sony do warn you about this, but I believe it resync’s after you connect it again. Don’t know if this is a Europe/UK thing or if it’s global. here’s the url;

Thanks for the volume limiter hack, that worked fine.
Anyone know what all the other cryptic settings are in the “test mode”? Might be some other useful tweaks in there…
I normally use Media Jukebox 11, and noticed last night that it CAN see the Sony, and lists all the files. But they’re in (I think) *.owa format, just listed numerically, no readable track information or anything. MJ11 will also transfer tracks, but of course the player doesn’t recognize them. I would love to find a way around that.
As for Connect, well it’s sort of working now. I’ve found the best thing is to close all non-essential programs, fire up Connect, then just leave it to load & settle down for about 15 minutes. It freezes frequently but does revive. Then transfer tracks or whatever, and leave it alone again for awhile (depending on how much work you’ve given it to do).
One thing’s for sure: the sound quality on the player is extremely impressive. Almost (but not quite) worth the software hassles…

Sadly it is going back to the store after 5 days of messing with it. Major issues:
Crashed the PC
Software crashes and looses library, had to re-install all the tunes and format the player again
Software crashes and will not load up again
Had to use windows key and left tab to agree to terms and conditions, due to small install screen
Software cannot cope with large number of tunes being transferred and stalls
Software zaps resources and cannot use other programmes properly during file transfer
Never thought I would have to resort to an ipod.

Thanks for all the comments, I’ve been reading this site since November when I first heard that there were problems with Connect. Got my A1000 for Xmas, and am pleased to say that it all works fine – I updated everything before I started, including the firmware mentioned by Gordon, and it’s all a-ok. The only slight issue is that it often crashes if I try to rip more than 1 CD at a time, but I think I can put up with that compared to what most of you have experienced!
I’m not very technical, so I was wondering if anyone here could help me – there are options for the quality of CD ripping eg. 128kbps, which setting should I use? What is the optimum level of quality between size they’ll take up on the player, and actual noticeable quality difference? Thanks everyone!

I should probably say that I only have around 500-600 tracks, so that may be why everything is working, since a lot of the problems mentioned start at over 1000 tracks.

Thanks for the tip: “Also, if you are using SS, simply loading the player up in CONNECT after SS transfer will unlock all the features, Link/Intelligent Shuffle/Rating etc.”
Can you please give a bit more detail about simply loading the player up in Connect?

giggsy, 128 kbps is probably about right. Try it and see; the original file isn’t changed, as you probably know, so you can try out various rates.
But Connect won’t recode unless you tell it to; by default, it will just copy the original file at it’s original bitrate.
You also have the option to recode to ACTRAC, which has the advantage of better compression; in that case, you might start out trying 96k.
It all depends to what degree space is at a premium…

simply open connect and plug in ur player…once its been loaded etc. close connect, safely remove ur player….and all the features that were locked through use of SS will be opened 🙂
hope this helps

Thanks Simon – sorry to be a bit dim but how do you mean ‘once it’s been loaded etc’ – do I need to download from Connect? This was my initial problem.
Cheers Michael

Thanks Simon. Space isn’t really at a premium, so I’ll leave it at 128. Cheers!

Similar thing with mine, It worked fine for a couple of days, then when i was putting a new album into the software it crashed and wiped all my music from it. I tried putting it back on, which didnt work, then i tried uninstalling and reinstalling… Now it just comes up with an error message saying that theres an error in tinyhttp.exe and closes its self.
Im just downloading 2.01, Im just hoping it works! If not, does sonicstage? Or is that only for the 3000

Hannah – SonicStage 3.3 works with both the NWA1000 and NWA3000. You’d be well advised to use it as CONNECT is still unstable and will cause you frustration…

I also received the NW-A1000 for Christmas. My only problem is that all the cd’s that I ripped using CONNECT don’t have the little album icons.The Artist Link feature works for me and all the right song titles show up. It’s weird because CONNECT displays the album covers from mp’s that were already on my system converted using windows media player.

Michael…u dont need to do anything…
by loaded, i mean once CONNECT has recognised your player as connected and the ‘NW A3000’ icon to the left goes from a greyed out, italic text to normal black.
hope this helps…if not, email me for pics…
never_eat_beans ‘at’

sorry, my bad….
never_eat_beanz ‘at’
that’s with a Z 🙂

I have just bought a NW-A1000 and after reading above comments I am very wary about loading on Connect software.I have just spent the last 5 days sorting out I-tunes for the i-pod my daughter had for Xmas.
does anyone out there run both these on the same computer nad not have any problems or should i take my sony back and swop for an i-pod ??

I’ve just loaded the firmware upgrade on my A3000. It took two attempts but it DIDN’T wipe the library. I’m using SonicStage as its far more stable and usable than the lousy Connect Player software and I can live without the bells and whistles.
I love the Vaio Music Transfer software – makes adding stuff far easier – thanks to John Dolan for that tip.
I’ve just bought some Creative Travelsound speakers for the A3000 and I’m delighted with the combination.
The player is one of the best around – it really is a pity the software is utter rubbish. Surely this can be put right soon by Sony?

Sonic Stage doesn’t seem to be working for me :-\. Connect, however, has seemed to have settled down, except for when I set the prefs to convert all files to Atrac to put onto the player, it started converting about 1/10 songs on the player… why not them all :-\… hmm… Still considering sending it back. Been totally put off it.
Creative Travelsound – good choice 😀

osted by Ian C. > Ultimately, the software is just not up to the job. It is slow to add tracks into the library (even slower if you do a load of albums at a time), slower to add them to the player, and slower still to delete tracks from the player (it just hangs – and the really annoying bit is you have to delete track by track – not a whole album in one!).
Easy to delete a whole album, Press Ctrl and highlight each song you want to delete ( or hold shift and drag your mouse down the list to highlite all the tracks ) right click and select Delete!

Same as everyone else love the nw3000 connect sofware a nightmare,connect store wont work to claim free album,software hangs,when running sofware floppy drive makes noises.Lets hope for new software if sony want to challange the opposition they had better get there act together.

Chris Paul, just a small idea – I tried the Connect store a few times to get my free album, then realised that I needed to register – it’s not the same registration as for the player.
That said, the download wasn’t great, several tracks failed repeatedly, and I am still waiting for the final track to download without failing.

So far I’ve few complaints about my NW3000, even the Connect software seems OK, although hardly state of the art.
I would like to delimit the volume though because, whilst it isn’t too bad through the supplied earphones I would like to use my better quality ones (£35.00 Sony) which appear less sensitive. I have tried following the instructions given above but cannot get to the test screen. As soon as I put it on hold a screen comes up to tell me to press hold to release other controls and I get no further. Obviously, I am doing something wrong, but what?
Thanks in advance

Simon – I’ve followed your notes on getting all the functions on the player to work (load up with sonic stage -> then open connect -> wait for it to recognise it etc).
Hey presto all the functions work now.


As much Xmas woes as everyone else. I got the A3000 for my boy. Worked ok first time but later lost all the library and now cannot access the connect player as an error message keeps coming up with httptiny.exe.
I have uninstalled using add/remove and then reinstalled it to see if i can download the new update that other people have said is working. Problem is i cannot access the player as the error message keeps popping up. Do i need to remove more for it to allow me in. I noticed in earlier postings people referring to registry keys. I am not that clever with computers what am i doing wrong. (Apart from buying the dammed thing in the first place)

As with most others I find the AW1000 quite a good player. I bought 2 for my children for Xmas and have been swearing since, Ive only just found this site
What fun Ive had with the connect software, uses huge amounts of resouces crashes frequently and I dont seem to have any choice as too what folder to seach for sound files from, its found every wav file that is part of windows, my GPS warning sounds and anything thatI dont want making it a huge task to seach through files for the music that I’d like to use.
Congratulions Sony, The worst bit of software I’ve come across

I sent an enquiry about this dreadful software to BBC WATCHDOG and I urge everyone in the UK to do the same!!!!
Perhaps by a joint action of bad publicity we can shame Sony into doing something or at least making a statement that they will fix the software and a timescale for doing it. Then we can then decide if it’s worth keeping the units or not.

like most here i have abandoned connect in favour of sonic stage but am having problems transferring files from WMP downloaded previously. am i right in thinking that apple had similar problems with their software for the ipod at the beginning? compatability issues, that sort of thing? am i also right in thinking that these were ironed out and that sony will probably do the same? or is this just wishful thinking? stunning piece of kit this player though.

Can anyone help me? After a whole weekend and a few re-installs – i’ve finally managed to get circa 1200 MP3s on my new A3000.
However, my “Library” on the Connect Software is now showing no tracks!! Anyone know how i could restore the Library

Happy 2k6 everybody!
As I am trying to hack into the $%^%$^@$% Connect software, it seems that there is an upper limit of 221 elements allowed for an “extern playlist” …. If a .m3u file contains more than 221 elements, then Connect is not able to import that playlist!!! ….. Can anyone confirm this fact?!

Absolutely horrible.
I dont understand, the potential for a good player is right there in front of my eyes. The hardware is excellent, Sony could’ve redeemed millions of sorry mp3 player owners overnight by fixing this damn connect software.
I updated it and still got the tinyhttp error, not to mention the horrible lagtime.
I bought a NW-608 2 days ago, im considering on gambling on the 30 day return policy. hopefully within the 27 days sony can come up with something or else nano it is.

I got the NW-A608 for christmas, installed the Connect player, but the program just doesnt work! It just comes up “connect player has experienced an error and needs to close” or something to that effect. I downloaded the patch from the website and still no joy. My computer is 1.6Ghz with xp, there should be no problem there.
To make matters worse, i brought it back to the sony store that i bought it from and the manager told me that I was the first one he heard of with this problem and that “some people just have a problem with following instructions” and fobbed me off with some update CD. I have a degree in computer science, what level of education do you need to work in a shop?
Needless to say the whole experience has left a seriously bad taste in the mouth. I’m going back tomorrow for a chat with that guy again.

I agree, the player is great although the connect software is so bad its not even funny. I have managed to get 2800 songs, I have actually found out a way to keep it from crashing ! You need to have at least double the space of your mp3 in free space, as when transfering they will be cpoied to a temp directory either encoded as oma or direct to mp3.
I have kept the directory open where the temp files are going and now and then I deleted a fe that had already been copied. Hope this helps.
Sony, help us out here. A delete after transfered file would be great and would solve part of the slowdonws.

To MrKuppy,
Don’t hold your breath. I’ve been struggling with SonicStage for three years now. It’s still crap, but just about usable. Sony are notorious for their software and for ignoring their customers’ pleas for quick fixes. Right across all of their product ranges, from Vaio computers through to MD players, the hardware is great but the software is total shite. They’re slow to update, don’t support their own hardware with driver updates if it is more than about a year old and are just generally crap at writing and supporting software and customers.
Same goes to all those out there who are trying to use Connect – my advice for what it’s worth is to use SonicStage, at least it is stable now after four years of very slow “development” (forced debugging), and quite quick if you do stuff in sensibly-sized chunks.
If you want to use the bits which SonicStage doesn’t allow for such as Artist Link, then plug your player in while Connect is running after you have used SonicStage and this will restore full functionality.
I still can’t think of a good reason for Artist Link though, and to dedicate a button on the player to this just confirms to me that some people at Sony are from a different planet. Why couldn’t they make it do something sensible that most users will use often, like EQ, or something like that?
Sony? Rampant twattery.

Help! I was recently given the NW-A1000, and after receiving the email from Sony offering a free album on Sony Connect, I tried to register. However, whenever I click “Not Registered Yet?” the page just refreshes. Has anybody else had this problem?
Also, is there an easy solution to transferring your iTunes tracks to Sony Conect?

I, like everyone else here, am having too many problems to count.
I recieved the A3000 from my wife for my birthday and was very upset to be asking her if she had kept the receipt!
I am a senior software developer and can tell you that I have never seen anything this bad, even during a alpha stages of development.
I hated my iPOD but now, it looks great again.

I too have spent many frustrated hours trying to get the Connect software to work.
Have searched through, but does anyone else get the following message when trying to download the connect software update:
“The target software for this module is not installed”?
I have uninstalled everything now – and tried to find the newest version of connect to install but can’t locate it anywhere! This is all I can find, and it generates the above message:
If I can get it to work ; ) does anyone know how to synchronise/export playlists using connect to the NW-A3000, I lost all my bookmarks on the player, and wish to create playlists on connect and export…any ideas?
Many thanks in advance

Hey MonkeyBoy.
You can’t install the update unless you have loaded Connect v1 from the CD.
Even though you have uninstalled the Connect program there are some data files left behind that prevent any future install from being seen as ‘first time’.
The instructions for cleaning are above in this thread but I will quote one of the posts for convenience:
Solution for me was :
1: Uninstall via Add/Remove programs all of the Sony connect software.
2: Reboot.
3: Delete the registry keys : HKLM\Software\Sony Corporation and also
HLCU\Software\Sony Corp…
4: Delete the following directories :
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sony
C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Sony
C:\Program Files\Common files\Sony shared
C:\Program Files\sony
The last path may differ if you choose a custom install and a different path.
5: Reinstall Connect Software …NOTE : This requires DirectX as far as I can see, so be sure to download and install the latest version of DirectX before reinstalling.
When you reinstall this time it should see this as a fresh start and go looking for the latest update.
You can create playlists in Connect and then drag and drop them onto the device name (probably NW-A3000 if you didn’t rename it) in the left hand pane of Connect.
It isn’t intuitive because you’re dragging from one place to another on the same side of the screen – but it works.
You’ll see the software attempting to synchronise tracks – it should skip each track as they are already on your player.

Bought a A3000 for girlfriend’s xmas pressie, everything worked fine after upgrades/firmware etc on boxing day, installed 7 albums without problems then, today tried to sync 6 more albums and “hey presto” nothing doing!!!, I have tried many ways to work around the problem but ended up downloading and installing sonic stage 3.3. This software did the job OK but when I open Connect player the new albums only show as 6 Albums(where the album titles should be) with the actual albums inside the drop down where the individual tracks should be???
I also use ITunes and why a massive corporation like Sony cannot come up with something similar(ie that works) is beyond me!!
Regarding Kates problem transffering ITunes to connect, it is possible if a little long winded and involves copying/converting the tracks as follows:
To convert music files from one format (e.g. AAC) to another (e.g. MP3):
1. Open iTunes
2. Click on iTunes – Preferences – Advanced
3. Click on the Importing button at the top of the window
4. From the Import Using pop-up menu, click on the encoding format (AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, MP3, WAV) to which you want to convert your music files
5. Click on OK to save the settings
6. Select one or more songs in your iTunes library to convert (Command-Click to select specific individual files or Shift-Click to select files in a row)
7. Click on Advanced – Convert Selection to… (the format you selected in preferences above is displayed)
8. A copy of the file (or files) will be created in the new format and import into connect.
9. Then delete the copies from ITunes
Long winded I know, but it works, well the ITunes bit will !!!!

It really is about time that one of these big companies realise that what everyone really wants is an MP3 player that we can just connect to as a removable device and drag and drop mp3 files to it in both directions.
Can it really be so hard?
Perhaps someone will eventually write third party software to do it and hack the hardware!

Im still not having any great problems, not with CP neither with the NWA1000. Except two things:
1. It seems like the NWA drivers has disabled my FIFA 2006.
2. The CONNECT store is totaly useless since everything is shown in Japaneese charaters, how do I fix this? I mean, I want my free album ffs!

i have got my son a Aw1000 for Christmas. I have loaded the connect player s/w twice and it will not launch on my PC. Can anyone help? I haven’t even got to the point of experiencing the problems listed on the emails on this site yet.

I have a NWA3000 , I have a question,perhaps someome can answer. Is there a way to add albums to a bookmark list rather than individual tracks, I would like to choose 3 albums and shuffle the tracks.

hello people,
i was given a nwa3000 for xmas and have experience pretty much every problem mentiones.
however i may have found something of interest.
Apple have released a software that enables users to put music from their itunes onto any portable storage device. i havent yet found if the walkman will play it but if it does this may solve all the problems with slow transferring i am having. please take a look into this and see if it is of any help

Thanks Silva. I tried clearing out the folders (a little more complicated for me as I run a Sony vaio computer), and installed the latest version of Direct X…re-installed the software from the CD, went to the update site, downloaded the latest one and hey presto…the same message ; (
I you or anyone has any further ideas I would be open minded.
I have to say I am very frustrated and surprised by usability/functionality of this software. If as some believe Sony staff read these posts, I strongly suggest they make more information available on their own website, as well as taking immediate steps to resolve the issues with the poor operation of the connect player. The amount of time I have spent dealing with the problems raised by this program is ridiculous and with so much consumer choice/information out there, I believe they will see an impact on there sales. This experience has damaged my view of the Sony brand (which had already taken a knocking with the shoddy build of my computer).
Let’s hope that someone is listening, and is willing to resolve these problems asap.

I don’t recall any prompt. The connect Auto update is installed (and set for auto update) but prompts me to update the software – providing a link to the sony website – which is where this all began!
I don’t know what target software module it needs but can’t find. I hope this is something that is resolved in the next update.
I even tried installing this on my old computer and got the same message, surprised more people aren’t having this problem.
Thanks for the help anyway.

Can anyone help me?
I managed to transfer some music to my 20G walkman when i first recieved it, great, no problems.
As a lot of the music on my computer is incorrectly named (artist names missing, track names wrong) or was not compatable with the player, I spent a LOT of time over the last three weeks re-naming tracks (about half of my 4000 tracks) on connect and ripping CDs. Yesterday I decided it was time to put all this hard work to use and finally transfer all of the music to my walkman. Bad move. The tracks moved into the transfer window fine (after leaving my comp on all night to do so) but when asked to transfer that music on to the player it froze. I then decided to remove the tracks from the transfer window and try moving each album from the library to the transfer window to the player one by one, but the tracks will not remove themselves. I have sonicstage and could use that, but am loathed to as it means I will have to go through the long, lengthy, and frustrating task of re-naming all of my tracks again.
I have also tried downloading the update, but after doing so I’m told that the compatable software is not installed (or something to that effect).
So here are my questions…
1) How can I install the update? and if I can’t…
2) Can I move all of the re-named tracks from connect to sonicstage without them reverting back to their old, incorrect names?
I loved the walkman when I had a few albums on it before Christmas. Now it’s just a useless waste of time.

great player but i am just like everyone else, i cant get the software to work right if at all. i received the nwa 3000 as a christmas gift. my boss went to tokyo and brought it back to america, which sucks cause i cant return it
my problems with the software:
1. it uses up 99% of the cpu while running hence the lag (the computer is a 2.4ghz intel, 1 gig ram, 250 gig 7,200 rpm hdd with no programs running in the background. so i know its not my computer)
2. it didnt let me update when i installed the software and it still wont let me update to ver 1.02
3. im having a hard time registering it cause its the japan version and i cant read it.
4. it took 5 hours to auto load 7500 song. loading them on to the player was quick though (a plus finally)
5. i intially loaded 1000 songs on to the player. it took 3 hours to format the songs off the player
6. now im trying to load 4000 songs and the software has just locked up
how can a company that large make such sh!tty software? did they test it at all?
i used to work at a high end electronics store and the most returned portable was sony. not because the player sucked but because the software was utter sh!t. this is the only sony thing i own and i would return it if i could
and i have to say that apple makes the best mp3 player out there. ive tried every mp3 player (even a samsung – ahahah joke) and when i got my ipod, ive never buy a different brand

i got a nwa3000 today but am having trouble getting the player to be reconised by my pc i have installed connect yet have not been able to move any music, the transfer symbol on connect remains dark have gone on system management and when i see sony HDD their is and exclamation mark in front of it under the USB devices when i click reinstall driver it fails and says an error has occured, A service installation section in this INF file is invalid

Excellent product
Does everyone get the 35 hours or do you get loads less battery life. I only get 6 hours. Have i done anything wrong? Can i fix this? Is mine defective?

Hi all
Philip i used my A3000 and it has only got about 6 to 7 hours this is with it being on for the 6 to 7 hours and me skipping throught est.
I love the hardware but have given up on connect player and am using sonicstage, this is still hard work as most of my cds have been added onto windows media player over the last year and now i can not convert them due to copyprotection and am finding the i have had to dig my cds out again to re load them. has anyone found a way round this?
Also has anyone got connect to work??? really want to use it as a lot of the functions on my A3000 will not work when loading my music from sonicstage.

I bought a A1000 yesterday and as i have found out like the rest of you i’m having problems with the software. I have installer the updated version of the software, but when i start the program up the agreement for gracenote appears, i click to accept the agreement and i then get one of two error messages either HTTP internal/processing error or The compression rate chosen is incorrect. I have unistalled and re installed several times but no luck in clearing the error, this means i’m having to use media player to get CD info and also haivng to rip with it, unfortunately since installing connect media player will only rip once track at a time before crashing, does anyone have the same problem or a fix and if not is sonicstage the only other option?

I have got connect to work sorry if this sounds bad for everyone having trouble but its working fine only got it today though got about 500 songs on it so far all my music is in mp3 format which helps but if file transfer seems slow DO NOT put songs on and let them go to 100% just keep draging them into the window and it will transfer alot faster (and i mean alot faster)when using connect the artist link is awesome and the player really comes to life. Many people will not agree with this but i really think connect is the next itunes if not just itunes rebadged if you are having trouble stick with it

I got a black A3000 for Christmas and I totally love it. However, the CONNECT software is indeed a joke. Nay, even an insult! Hopefully some bright spark will invent a plugin for Windows Media Player and similar.

I have just bought the NWA1000, Asked the salesman can I use it on my mac, he said yes no probs, turns out I can’t, need windows is there anyway around this?

Emily – You should be transfer tracks ripped / imported in Connect to SonicStage 3.3 (and vice versa) [as long as both pieces of software are on the same PC].
In SonicStage 3.3 there is the option to rip CDs to ATRAC without DRM (copy protection). If you do this then the tracks you rip can be easily moved from one PC to another if you upgrade.

how long is everyone battery life mine is only 6hours why?
Connect works fine for me. A bit slow but it only takes an hour to trancode and transport all my 1000 songs. I had problems at the start but then i just uninstalled change the library name and it worked fine

Im so frustrated with sony network walkman.I give up.I bought a new creative player and the software works.I love creative.It imported all my mp3s

I got one of the NW-A1000’s as a christmas present and knew nothing about it. After a day of trying to get it recognised on a fully XP patched PC, I had even more problems getting music onto it with files being repeated / deleted and generally not recognised by the device. Not impressed at all and I’ll be returning this awful device as soon as I get given the receipt!
No point buying this if a huge company like Sony can’t design software to go with it. Boycott Sony.

JohnB: Just ignore that “Hold” message and keep pressing the keys in the order given.
Has anyone figured out what any of the other functions in the Test mode do?

AT LAST i got connect player to work. After waiting about four days (give or take) for connect player to open, i pressed ctrl+alt+del and ended it. i then went to processes and ended everything to do with connect player, tinyhttp and all that crap. i then tried to open it again. it opened in seconds and was extremely fast (pc is only 2.2ghz 256mb) im so glad, after two weeks i finally have songs on it without using sonicstage!!!

This Connect Player software is a pathetic, sorry piece or software… what an amature attempt… shame on you Sony and any developers that worked on this need sacking.

oh my god…..wished I’d of seen this before I bought this for my daughter for Christmas, I’ve been trying for 2 days now, thinking that the pc (or me) is to blame….all the same problems as everyone else, won’t load, etc etc. I’m gonna sell this on ebay before it’s too late……what a pile of crap!!

I dont believe it!! i even shut down connect player then opened it again (just in case it was a fluke) and it still works (although if you restart your pc you will naturally have to end all the connect player processes again). the library doesnt work, but if you plug in your walkman and wait bout 1 min for it to load click on it on the navigation menu thing, and drag and drop your songs in that way!!! i done bout 3000 songs in TEN MINUTES, they even work perfectly on the walkman. SCORE!!!!

My Mum bought my Dad the new sony mp3 thingy. I have an iPOD nano. As the only person GOOD on the pc in this house, I helped my Dad out on the connect Player! Thinking I could fix it (like usual)! But it didn’t work. No matter how hard we tried we could not transfer (rip) the cd’s onto the library…let alone the player!
I tried loading it onto iTUNES. Which began to work…but I never got to see if it did because my Dad said it wouldn’t work! But when I was I loaded them at the same time and iTUNES was clearly importing the songs quicker than sony connect! I imagined it would work, as the iPOD and the a3000 both plug into the same usb port for downloading and importing!
If anyone has an alternative to this slow downloading can they please tell, Thanks!

I Have found the answer to my own question (see above)!
THE *+*CLICK AND DRAG*+*. ^_^ To transfer the music into the library click and drag the song onto ‘library’ on the menu. Gotta go, baii xD.

about the battery life…if you lower the brightness in the settings…also…in the display turn of auto and set it to 15 sec…this wil all add to your battery life..songs at 48kbps raise the battery life as well…

about the battery life, again, you can also skip any equalizer (option: none)

Here’s what I am doing to get good battery life:
1. Brightness set to minimum
2. Display set to 15 sec
3. Sound set to none
Also, I have removed the volume limiter and I’m using a good set of high sensitivity in-ear phones that mean I usually have volume set around 10 and push it up to 20 for very noisy environments such as on a plane.

Like many of you I got the NW-A3000 from my wife for Xmas.
This is my first ever MP3 player and I am pretty much computer illiterate, but the Connect software DOES work if you take it slowly. This is my advice:
You MUST download all the software updates mentioned in previous posts. Connect will just hang/crash without them.
Remove any unwanted/unused programs from your computer – the speed of the Connect player improves.
The following method of ripping CDs works every time for me:
1) Attach your player to the computer via the USB at the start of your session, and do not disconnect at any time until you have finished everything you want to do. If you have got more than 6GBs of music already on the device leave everything to load up for 15 minutes or so before you start.
2) Insert the CD into computer
3) When the CD info is displayed DO NOT press the “rip CD” button. Instead press the “transfer to device” button, opening up the
device library.
4) Highlight all the tracks on the CD, then drag and drop them into the device library. The Connect software then rips the CD and transfers to the device track by track.
5) Only remove the CD from the computer when all the tracks have been successfully transferred and the “Do Not Disconnect” instruction has been off for at least 20 seconds
6) Wait for about a minute til all the previous CD info has disappeared then insert another CD and start the process again.
Using this method (found by trial and error after two days of massive frustration) I have successfully managed to import around 4000 tracks into the player without too much hassle. I estimate it takes about 5 minutes to do one CD – not exactly quick but at least the method works.
My other piece of advice would be to regularly delete all the stuff in the library as this too slows the Connect software considerably.
Basically you have to be patient and don’t rush the Connect programme. Let it finish doing one task before asking it to do another.
I am sure I-Tunes is quicker and better software (I can’t judge having never used it), but once you have the tracks loaded onto the player it is an absolute joy and far far better sound quality than the I-Pod. Make sure also you also unlock the sound limiter (using the techlounge instructions detailed elsewhere on this forum) you won’t believe how much crisper and louder the sound is.
Basically if someone as technologically imcompetent as me, with an old computer and a dial up connection, can get it to work ANYONE can.
It’s all worth it in the end!!

I purchased a sony nw-a1000 walk man the other day . Once conected to my pc i downloaded upgraded firmware for it 2.01 .I have since lost all the functions like artist link top 100 etc all it does now is just play tunes. Any help would be very much appreciated

bought a 20gb walkman over xmas but have to use sonicstage software to tx music to it because the supplied connect software wont work.
phoned sony , only to be told that they offer zero support to custumers with a home built pc (company policy).
sale of goods act 1979 only applies if you bought direct from sony, and even then you would have to return the product. i suggest like others that they are all returned and we all buy an ipod.

still looking for any info about the artist link function. mine still does not work o_O

Got connect player to work is well worth it as yhou can use all the functoins still not sure how artist link works as it always says no links found.

With the artist link – on the track you are playing, press down and move onto the name of the artist rather than the name of the track. Then it will find other artists in the same genre on your player.

this is probably a question with a ridiculously simple answer but here goes…got my lovely NW-A3000 for xmas – seem to have missed out on all the dodgy software issues (fingers crossed).
However a lot of my music has been downloaded onto my computer from the Internet and now isnt uploading – I think this could be to do with the fact that it is in “WMA format, protected by the Windows Media Digital Rights Management(DRM)” which apparently isnt compatible with ipods or (it seems) the sony walkman…any way of changing this format so it can be uploaded or am I being stupid and it should upload. If not any recommendations for a cheap, legal download site (other than sony) as quite a few of the mainstream ones seem to have this windows protection on it? thanks

pressing the down button means you can select artist, album or genre and link but the actual artist link button (l.hand side glows orange occasionally) still refuses to link arists at all…someone mentioned something to do with v2.01 firmware…any ideas?

silva, were all your songs uploaded when you had the 2.01 firmware? some of mine are from when i had the 1.0 firmware…could that be it?

Can anyone help me? After a whole weekend and a few re-installs – i’ve finally managed to get circa 1200 MP3s on my new A3000.
However, my “Library” on the Connect Software is now showing no tracks!! Anyone know how i could restore the Library
To get the tracks to disply after deleting and re-installing connect player you need to delete the following files befor you re install
CONNECT Player has become very unstable and I would like to reinstall it.
1) If the database is corrupted during transfer and CONNECT Player becomes unusable, it is advisable to uninstall and reinstall the software with the add/remove program function in the Control Panel. Make sure that the database is deleted as well:
• Go to the Windows Explorer, and make sure to make hidden files visible (go to the Tools on the menu and click the Folder Options, then on the View tab, select the Show hidden files and folder.)
• Browse to C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sony Corporation\CONNECT Player\Library and delete all the files located in this folder.
I have done this for the 4 th time and now it works fine just be paitient with the software it does work althoug it be slow!!!!
GREAT BLOG Has helped me with this great SONY product MW – A1000

Hi All,
Have suffered similar problems with the software, but think I have it beat now.
Generally I concur with Azteclife – Connect is VERY temperamental and doesn’t like doing more than a couple of things at a time.
Let the player connect with your PC and exchange its information, don’t interact with Connect at all during this time (I have about 7gb on it so far and this takes about 5 minutes). You may want to turn off hibernate/power saving modes – I hear that if your computer hibernates whilst it is transferring to the player bad things can happen.
Other tips…
Turn off all other unnecessary background software (anti virus and the like). Make sure you keep your firewall going.
Tinyhttp.exe (or whatever it’s called) can be I massive drain on system resources (so whilst it’s running it may cause your PC to ‘hang’), I have been told this is related to the Artist Link feature. Whilst Artist Link is nice, in my opinion it’s not vital (a quick genre search suffices); Artist Link can be turned off in preferences and doing so should make Connect more stable. Hopefully this will be patched at a later date.
Turn off automatic CD info request. We all know that Connect was probably rushed out and I think (I’m no expert BTW) that it has a problem clearing processes from a computer’s RAM. This means that sometimes when you change CD it gets confused and freezes up. If you turn this feature off you must right click on the CD drive you want to rip from and select ‘refresh CD info’ to get the name of the album/songs. The tracks may all come up as unnamed – just click on one of them, this seems to refresh the info.
Turn on ‘eject CD after ripping’ – this also helps tell Connect that you are ending a process and seems to stabilise the program.
I have had no problems since doing this, yes Connect is slow (I have 1gb of fast RAM!) and sometimes tetchy, but it can work.
If push comes to shove – sonicstge works well enough for me, though you do loose access to some of the cooler features of the player.

When using the Connect software, I can transfer at about 500Mb per hour. I assume it’s converting from MP3 to OMA. How do you get the player to play MP3s???
I have managed to get 2880 tracks on my A3000, still 4Gb free, but it took a LONG time. I monitor Windows Task Manager and watch TINYHTTP.EXE. No matter what the Connect window says(transferring or not) It’s not finished until tinyhttp.exe shows little or no CPU usage for several minutes. The other ‘test’ is to go to the connect window–if this doesn’t refresh immediatly or you can’t drag the slider handeles on the A3000 window, then it’s not finished. It may look as if the Connect software has crashed, but just wait until tinyhttp.exe is finished.
I drag MP3s from explorer and drop into the A3000 window on the right hand of the connect window. I move about 6Gb at a time and leave it for about 12-14 hours. Once you learn the technique and just wait–it seems to work. Do ONE thing at a time with the connect software and once you start transferring music–don’t expect it to do anything else for hours–even refreshing the connect window.
Hope this helps. I still think the software is the most dreadful piece of software I have ever had the misfortune to use, but at least I can transfer music now.
The Walkman is very good–the sound quality is exceptionaly good.

I spoke to soon and tranferd to fast
FROM AUS all updates done it still corupts certain files

I had already loaded 600 tracks on to my nw-a1000 using the 1.0 firmware supplied with my player and every thing worked fine but every time i turned on my pc it was asking me to upgrade my firmware to the 2.01 version saying there was a new feature and i could recive a free album from the connect store. I did so and got my free album only to find out a great deal of the features dont work.In the options menu in my player the features that were there are now shaded and cant be selected from the menu.I emailed sony service department 2 days ago and still havent heard a squeek from them. The firmware was downloaded from the official site and all instructions followed. Does anyone no were to get the original 1.0 firmware as all features worked when it was operating on this. Has any one had similar problems. I never regester any thing but the promise of a free album was to great. I knew i shouldnt have bothered my cousin has since bought one and i have told him not to bother changing firmware as it seems like a con to me .

For those with Artist Link troubles……The feature requires Connect Player to be open for quite a substantial time (with an internet connection) in order to tag all the files via Gracenote. This is particularly relevent if you’re importing large numbers of files into Connect Player at any one time. Go to Tools>Preferences>Internet and ensure that ‘Enable Artist Link background service’ is checked and ‘do not use a proxy server’ is also checked (unless of course you employ a proxy for http). You can check whether Artlist Link data is present on tracks in Connect Player by right-clicking on a track in the Library window, selecting Properties>More Info and seeing if ‘Artist Link Data Are Present’ is written at the bottom of the pane. Once all Artist Link data is present in Connect Player, this should then transfer to your Walkman/MP3 when you connect it.
Best Of Luck !

Is there anyway of telling when all the Artist link info has been downloaded. As i have left connect player on for hours to import somgs and the artist link still does not work!

Just check the ‘More Info’ tab on random tracks in the library window. Right-click a track, select ‘Properties’ and then ‘More Info’ from the left hand menu. ‘Artist Link Data Are Present’ or ‘No Artist Link Data Found’ will be shown at the bottom of the window.

Got an NW-A1000 just after Xmas and fortunately haven’t really had any of the problems that have been highlighted on this site, I’ve upgraded the firmware and the Connect software updates and all seem to be working fine. I had initial problems registering the Walkman whereby I didn’t get a free album voucher code and had to make numerous phone calls to the Sony registration helpline, eventually they sent me a code for the free album, which I downloaded yesterday, which did actually take me approx 10 attempts to get it finished, including restarting Connect a few times, that aside I’ve managed to rip numerous CD’s and transfer onto the device in a timely fashion. I did have problems with the Artist Link feature, where nothing worked at all, but I followed the instructions Mike had posted (a few posts above) and now it works (Thanks Mike!!). I was amazed by how useless the headphones were though, both my girlfriend and I both bought the same Walkman, mine Silver, her’s Violet and both sets of headphones were the same ridiculous design, the wire on the right earpice was nearly three times as long as wire on the left one, if measured from the Y part of the headphone. Mine went straight in the bin, a visit to Comet later and I now have decent earphones.I sympathise with all of you who have had problems and sincerely hope you get them all sorted as this is a great piece of hardware, just wish the software could have been better, a drag and drop option would have been great, hope Sony take note.. p.s Great site, very useful info, keep up the good work!

seriously? the “right wire” goes behind your neck, it is actually one of the best headphones small improvement sony has ever came up with. So your earpieces don’t fall on the floor when you suddenly have to take them out of your ears. Try it, oh no, too late, they went straight to the bin.

I have read this blog for the last fews weeks with interest as I was about to buy one of these things. So glad I didnt !
Things seems to be settling down a little now with the software becoming a bit more stable (it sounds like it could ONLY get better).
However, with Sony being sued all over the US and Canada over the Rootkit fiasco (READ THIS BLOG – ) with their music CDs, are we being a little naive with the CD that comes with the new Walkmans?
The Rootkit on the music CDs was installed without consent and was invisible, and left the owners PC vunerable to attack from hackers wishing to take control of the machine.
Does anyone have a suspicious mind like me, and think maybe Sony have left a little surprise ‘present’ on the Connect software CD?
Maybe it could explain some of the PC problems that this software seems to cause?
Maybe I’m being paranoid, but this all seems to smell bad to me…..I certainly dont trust Sony to tell the truth.
I wont let any CD from Sony (Music or Software) anywhere near my PC.
Anyone care to comment?

Thanks for that explanation Jef, I’m feeling a little stupid now, looking back it was obvious, fortunately the bin in question is in the computer room and I’ve retrieved the headphones, daresay the Xmas beer zapped my brain 🙂

Sandy said – “When using the Connect software, I can transfer at about 500Mb per hour. I assume it’s converting from MP3 to OMA. How do you get the player to play MP3s???”
When SonicStage/Connect transfers MP3/WMA to NW-A1000 / A3000 it doesn’t transcode the file to ATRAC. Instead, it puts a DRM wrapper around the file and changes the file type to OMA. So you don’t lose any sound quality due to transcoding.

Hi, I originally had a sony NW-A3000 for my birthday and had problems with it from the start.. not only was the software extremly slow the battery life very short, probably about 5 or 6 hours.. much less then the ’35 hour battery life’ sony boasts. I brought NW-A3000 back to the shop where i bought it and it was immediately changed for a new one, already i noticed a difference and my player was automatically updated to version 2 with the firmware updates. I have been able to use the sony connect player successfully and easily although it is fairly slow. I have noticed that my battery life is still not meeting the 35 hours sony boasts but apparantly 35 hour battery life is for ATRAC3 files and the files currently on the player are OMA (converted with connect player) i have got through 148 songs and already my battery is half depleted. Has anybody had the same problem?

Can anyone help? I got the black NW-A3000 for x-mas and as of yet have experienced no problems with the new ‘Connect’ software. However, my battery life seems to last nowhere near the claimed 35hrs (it seems more like six). Is this a common problem or something that I could have brought on myself e.g leaving the player charging overnight? All tracks have been encoded into MP3 format at 192kbps using itunes. Additionally I am using the ‘jazz’ equalizer, could this dramatically reduce battery life when used in conjunction with the bit rate of the tracks and ‘scrolling time’? Any reassurance on this subject could help me sleep a little easier. Thanks in advance!

De nada gringo. Always glad to help, btw they might not be the best headphones but they’re very decent for the ‘included’ type.

Got the NW3000 for christmas
Connect software continually crashing despite multi re-installing. Sony support is a joke. THIS COMPANY SUCKS – I WILL NEVER BUY A SONY PRODUCT AGAIN. We all need to contact the press to help get national coverage and force Sony to do something.
I have sent my equipment back – but have still wasted hours of my time.

To jakthelad06
Any DAP will use more battery juice on higher bitrates, higher volume settings, backlights or OLEDS on for long periods, with EQs switched on and a lot of scrolling.
I don’t think Sony are any different to the likes of Apple, Creative, etc when they quote battery life as being under ideal conditions – e.g. low to middle volume setting, low or no backlight or OLED, no EQ, lower bitrates (probably 128kbps for mp3 and 64kbps for ATTRAC), minimal scrolling, shuffle switched off to minimise random disk access, etc etc.
However, 6 hours, which seems to be a common claim on this blog, seems a bit of a rip-off compared to the claimed 35. I use my NWA1000 mainly in the car on long trips. With the OLED off, no EQ (I use the bass/treble on the car stereo instead), normal play mode, minimal volume into the cassette adapter and no scrolling, usually in shuffle mode. I play mainly mp3s at 160kbps. I’m sure the battery is lasting about 15 to 20 hours on average which approaches what Sony claim for this model.
I’ve also got a Creative Zen Micro which is about a year old and the battery on that lasts for about 80% of Creative’s claim under the same conditions. Good little DAP incidentally, but not as good as the Walkman.
Do you know anyone who has an ipod Nano? A couple of mates at work have these and they get between ONE and TWO hours out of them and they’re less than a few months old (the nanos, not the mates). Apple claim 14 hours for these which is scandalous. They’re also made out of cheap plastic crap compared to the Sonys and sound nowhere near as good.
If you want real in-depth info on battery stamina and longevity, the Battery University is worth a visit at

Well all hail sony !
Just a little something for you guys suffering with major problems with the connect software . The connect software for my a-3000 wouldn’t even work on my computer at all and i had to ring sony twice for advice . The first guy was useless and promised me an instructional email on steps to take to try makle the software work – did i ever recieve the email ? No !
Second time i rang i actually got a very helpful guy and he told me how to totally bypass using the connect software all together . So for all you poor people that are pulling your hair out , here is the answer to your prayers .
Download the old software that sony used to use called ‘sonic stage’ avaliable at the following resource ,
Ok there are no drag and drop features but you can mass select files in a folder by right clicking , selecting all tracks and choosing the select option . It works fine , bit slow on converting wma files but thats all . I have successfully downloaded a full 20 gib onto my
a-3000 and the transfers were all relatively fast . No technical hitches , the software runs fine and is compatible with both the new machines .
Everybody i hope that this stops your screams
Enjoy .
Cyberjunkee .

Cyberjunkee is right !! Use Sonic Stage 3.3 and make “shit” of CONNECT software. I am using an A1000 device and it works well with SS. Be carefully to avoid using a mix of SS and Connect. Connect is also able to unable SS to manage the device and you must scratch the hard disk to recover.
Good news: the device is really fantastic …

Agreed, after trying for many days to get connect to work, I finally uninstalled (Be sure to clean all the registry entrys) and downloaded Sonicstage 3.3 European. After initial problem with Gracenote (needed a reinstall all seems to be fine now(Fingers crossed).
Anyone know of a Campaign to get Sony to respond to this issue? if so lets all get involved, we must not let them get away with this total rip off.

I think I must be a Master Of Some Art, because I am apparently the only person this side of the Horsehead Nebula that has gotten the software to work.
I’ll agree that it’s bad – but it’s functional. While I do need to reboot after using the software, I can rip CD’s in about the same time that iTunes rips them, and I can transfer them to my device.
And when paired with a decent pair of headphones, the “device” sounds better than any iPod.
The software issues need to be fixed, but even as it stands, they’ll have to pry this NW-A3000 from my cold dead hands, because it sounds so delicious.

“I tried using SonicStage 3.3 and it worked! Not one problem…I can’t use the features such as Top 100 or artist link…but until Sony comes out with a new update to fix the problems, this is great. I’ve got about 2000 songs so far uploaded, and never a problem.”
Have to agree.
Basically, bollocks to the “Connect” software.
I’ve got more important things to do in life than sit in front of a P.C. for hours trying to find a way to get a player I paid £159 for to “connect” in a satisfactory manner to my very beautiful MP3 player.
In the end, this shouldn’t be happening, there’s no excuse for it and yep, I’ve tried all the suggested firmware upgrades and the like, to no avail.
Fortunately I’d already had Sonic Stage 3.3 installed and was using it with my old mini-disc player and it immediately recognized the AW-1000.
I like the functions such as “favourites” and “top 100”, but I can live without them.
Sonic Stage is a breeze for me..
I’m probably one of those “retards” spoken of before but I’d suggest Sony get their act together and perhaps come up with an upgrade to Sonic Stage 3.3 in order to get it to recognize the AW-1000 and incorporate all of the “frills”..
But then, us “retards” would probably appreciate even more, if we could rely on products which we’ve paid for with our hard earned cash actually did what they said on the tin..

wow, i am a big fan of my new NWA1000 when i could have recieved an iPod instead but i decided the originality of the sony and the sound quality were better so i stuck with this. THIS SOFTWARE SUCKS, it doesnt save nt playlists, sometimes freezes, whenever i end it when my NWA1000 is connected it loses all its music, it is probably the worst software for a music player out. if they could just make a plugin for winamp or another player it would make it alot better, anything is better than the connect player software.

I understand why everyone is ragging on Tinyhttp.exe, but to be honest it’s the only way i can even open the damn program Connect! my player is working okay, but Connect keeps changing all my library track info even after i change it time and time again!
im also pretty damn miserable about the fact that the battery life (after dimming the brightness, no ‘sound’, etc.) STILL ‘aint even close to what the site (and the salesperson) said. It was the only reason i bought an A3000 over an iPod. iTunes is brilliant and it’s very much missed in my house now.

I’ve managed to get my music onto my player and thought some of you may find these tips useful:
1. If you have lots of MP3’s only add those to the library that you want to put onto the player, the more mp3’s in the library the more memory consumed and the slower Connect runs.
2. Use the manual sync option as the automatic sync mode is useless, it only transfers some of the files and adds an ‘unnamed’ entry on the player that cannot be deleted.
3. Copy your albums onto the player in groups of about 20. If you do too many it crashes or forgets to transfer some of the songs.
4. Never change the details of any of your mp3 files in Connect. Change the details using Windows Explorer before adding the mp3’s into the library.
5. Use the scan direcory to initially import your mp3 files but only do this once otherwise it can import the same tracks twice. Just use the import files option to import any new tracks.
Apart from the speed of Connect if you follow these rules you should be able to get your player filled with music without throwing the player out of the window!!
The only bug that really annoys me currently and I cannot get around is the issue where some tracks will not import their track number.
Come on Sony sort this software out and send an apology to all NWA300 owners!!

I found you can use connect player you just have to give it times. lots of time to do anything. But if you us sonicstage you can then load connect player up and it will let you rate songs and use all the functions. You will have to leave connect player for i while to do this and you will need an internet connection for it to find some of the info. It works for me hope it does for everyone else

If u have a NW-A1000 and have used sonic stage 3.3 to transfer the tracks on to the device you lose artist link etc. The tracks must be imported with connect.
If ur functions have stopped working the simplest way to maintain the use of these functions i have found is even using sonic stage 3.3 to import cds or tracks to the pc (because connect is dodgy) is to remove all the tracks from the device using connect. By selecting the device right mouse click, select all, remove (this may take some time) then import to the library using file, import directory, my computer, c drive, documents & settings, all users, sonic stage, contents.
You will find the tracks imported by sonic stage. Import these to the library then right click select all in the library. Drag the whole library in to the device.(it does not mater if tracks in the library are all ready on the device because it will skip these) It will start importing the tracks to the empty device. Just leave the machine to work dont touch it. When its finished all the tracks will be on the NW-A1000 and all the functions will still work.
If you have files on the device imported with sonic stage at all you will loose the functions.
You can still use sonic stage to rip cds and then follow the procedure again but file, import file instead of import directory as i think all the tracks will double up in the library.
My experience with the connect software is that it has its flaws but it does work but it takes time.
I have also used the volume hack and it does work and does make a difference.
I was given the player as a christmas present and told it would hold 4000 tracks. I now have 1200 tracks and 1gb space left. I am not sure if its because i have long tracks or what but its not quite 4000 .
I dont know if the above is the same for the NW-A3000 is i dont have one.
For ipod u can get a fm transmitter so u can listen to ur ipod on the radio does any one know if u can get one for the NW-A1000 or if an Ipod one will work on a NW-A1000.

I’ve been having the same trouble as everybody else on this site and have finally given up on Connect. I was planning on trying Sonic Stage but thought that I would give Media Player a go first.
It appears to be transferring all of my music although it takes longer than Connect.
Has anyone else tried this and if so how did it go?

To Mathew Smith:-
What do you mean by using Media Player to transfer you music – what are you transferring to?

I guess I’m one of the lucky ones although the artwork for the albums ripped using Connect still don’t show up for some reason and I work with small amounts of music files at a time to keep Connect from locking up.
I don’t really listen to much music on my pc aside from mp3’s I have put in the Music folders of videogames and racing sims, so I’m in the process now of ripping my entire cd collection, 350-400 cds, to atrac3 plus (96 bitrate). The sound quality is good & unfortunately I only have the 6G version to work with. I plan on burning all the atrac files onto DVD’s so I don’t have to use up all my hard drive space and won’t have to worry if my system crashes.
Anyway, I discovered that I am able to rip atrac files through Connect to my hardrive using both my dvd drive and my cd drive at the same time, so I’m able to rip music much faster now.

I hear what you lot are saying but alas I did not have time to read all the comments that you’s have made so maybe somebody has pointed this out before but I’m having problems trying to import .WMA FILES onto my NW-A3000. Having tried most of the things my narrow mind could think off I’ve given up. I went to the Sony Centre & this kind lady told me that if I set up a folder on my desktop & pasted my tracks into it that should do the trick. Alas I fear this lady was not so nice maybe she just wanted to get onto the next miserable mp3 owner which there appears to be quite a few judging by the many comments.
So if any of you have managed to import wma files let me know I will be truly grateful. Or maybe there is a way of converting wma to whatever file type this contraption will accept.

Matthew – you can’t use Windows Media Player to synchronise music to your Walkman.
Walkman plays .OMA files. To play MP3 or WMA you need to use Sonicstage or Connect as they will put an OMA wrapper around the original music file to let the Walkman recognise it as music.
When you use Windows Media Player to transfer the Walkman only sees data files rather than playable music files.

Does anybody know the steps involved in getting rid of the volume protection on the NWA608 MP3 model?

The tinyhttp.exe application is obviously a sick joke by Sony. ‘Tiny’ – yeah right!
Turn off artist link until Connect is patched.

Matthew- have you updated the firmware on your player to 2.01.
It won’t play WMA without it.
apologies if I’m stating the obvious

Matthew – have you updated the players firware to v 2.01 – it won’t play WMAs without it.
apologies if this is stating the obvious

As a software engineer, I have some tools for investigating bugs, etc. I’ve had a long hard look at tinyhttp.exe (part of the latest update) and my tools tell me that it is full of memory leaks – that is, it grabs memory for temporary use but doesn’t release the memory when it is finished with it.
These leaks gradually build up when CONNECT is in use, until the system becomes unstable due to fragmented memory blocks, or slows down to a halt.
How a global company like Sony can release such a piece of code is simply astonishing. Even amateur shareware developers wouldn’t release software with memory leaks, it is one of the fundamental laws of code development that all leaks are plugged before beta test. These are easily highlighted in alpha testing and are usually the result of slipshod programming or badly designed development tools.
If anyone from Sony is reading this blog (which I doubt), you should be ashamed of yourselves. Get your arses into gear, pull your cynical, money-grabbing fingers out and get this crap fixed.

you can buy fm transmitters that plug into the earphone jack. I got one for about £25 a year ago have used it in my iriver and my NWA3000

All my music is on a NAS device (i.e. On the network) For the life of me I cannot get Sony Connect Software to import any files that reside over the network, SonicStage will do this fine.
I have tried local files they work fine, when I try and browse to anything over the network the OK box to confirm greys out. I tried manually browsing same story mapping a network drive same story , I thougth I had cracked it when I setup a ‘My Netwrok Places’ entry for my music folder on the NAS device in windows and browsed to that, the box wasn’t greyed out. It found the files and began importing, but on every file it just says skipped.
Its seems almost that they have done this by design.
Can anyone confirm if you can import music into Sony Connect Software (latest version) over the network.
On a side note anyone know how to trick windows inot thiking a folder is local when its actually over the network.
Oh and on my quite beefy machine its very very slow, the httptiny.exe doesn’t seems to grow beyond 150MB though for me no matter what task I am doing in the software, so if its a memory leak it stops after 150MB (strange).
Thanks for any help in advance

Connect Player is an absolute joke! It just doesn’t rip CDs and all they can suggest at Sony is that I use Media Player. What’s the point in spending money on this? You can use Sonicstage but then you loose 2 functions on the NWA-3000! Help. why are Sony doing this to us?

To Adrian Carley.
Adrian I had the same problem. My kids store their files on a shared drive which I back up regularly, as they were always screwing their files up and making my life hell.
Using Connect, they couldn’t populate their players with files from the share. They had to copy the files to their local drive before importing into Connect. This made me curse yet another example of rampant twattery from our pals at Sony.
Then some of the rust fell out of my brain and I remembered the old DOS SUBST command, which can be used to fool Windows into thinking a network share (or any other folder) is a local virtual drive.
It’s a bit archaic if you’re not used to working in a command prompt window, but it works and now they can drag files from a drive letter (which represents the share) into their playlist.
Click the Start button, then click Run and type cmd in the Open: field. When the DOS box opens, type SUBST /? then hit return, this tells you how to use the command.
For example, their music files are on a server called Music, in a shared folder called KidsMusic.
To get drive M: to represent this share, the command is
SUBST M: \\Music\KidsMusic
with a space after the M:
If your NAS shares have spaces in their names then you will need to put quote marks around the whole sharename.
Using this, if you browse to drive M: and select a folder, you can drag the files from the folder into a Connect playlist or whatever.
I don’t know if SUBST will have the same effect on your NAS device, but from what I’ve seen of NASs it probably will.
The trouble with SUBST is that it is only valid for the current session, in other words you need to execute the command every time you start Windows. To do this you could put the command into a batch file and autorun this on startup. I’m assuming you would know how to do this, if not, let me know your email address and I’ll send you instructions.

To John Dolan,
Top man , I owe you a drink … or two. You have saved many many hours of unsucessful importing and more.
Thanks and I think Sony owe you one as I was just about to go back to the shop as I had given up, this was my last hope.
Just setup the batch file and its importing now. 🙂
Thanks a million , you maybe able to tell how happy I am.
I may look at hosting a script somewhere to do this as I am sure we are not the only ones in this paticular boat.

Connect locked up on me last night while I was ripping a cd. I was one of the ones that wasn’t having serious problems. After shutting down Connect, I was unable to get the program to work again. I’ve reinstalled with all the updates, but the program simply doesn’t work. I don’t remember the English word for it, but when I go into the “gestionnaire des taches” to see all the applications, processes, performances, etc., tinyhttp.exe is still working and taking 100% of the system resources. I end the program, but then I still can’t Connect to CONNECT! It looks like I’m going to have to use Sonic Stage after all….. this program is terrible and Sony needs to get their act together fast!

I just read Silva Bokis’ advice to someone on another website About renaming the Libary and Dat folders to Library Old and Data Old. I reconnected to Connect with no problems after doing this. Sony really needs to update this program though.

What a debacle !! Sony really dropped the ball with these players.
I say get a Archos, iPod, iRiver, Creative, Packard Bell, Rio, … anything …. but Sony

Jese, what a load of sh*te this connect software is!
We loaded it one one machine – no go. I tried it on another – the same. Utterly stupidly (I now realise) I decided to delete the connect software from the second – now I have a machine that wont connect to the internet (I dread to think what’s happened – anyone know?) and this one I darent touch. I have no idea what to do – and why the fudge should I have to know what to do eh SONY!?
I’ll buy no SONY product ever again! Avoid like the plague!

thanks for replying do u know the make and model of ur transmiter and where u got it or of a similar transmiter that will do the job. are they any good?

Does anyone know how to take a very long track and break it up into several shorter ones? E.g. I’ve got a Gilbert & Sullivan opera that is over 2 hours long, but is just one song on my NWA3000.

Does anyone know how to take a very long track and break it up into several shorter ones? E.g. I’ve got a Gilbert & Sullivan opera that is over 2 hours long, but is just one “song” on my NWA3000.

Ive been having the same problems as everyone else. I bought the A3000 Mp3 player and installed the software. I had two different directories for my music and CONNECT player took about 15 mins + each time to load up, and then it was still reallly slow. I moved my directories and when i tried to redo the libary system it added each song 3 times! When i tried to delete the songs from the liabry and start again it crashed and now wont even load up. Ive uninstalled it, and re-installed to no effect.
Whats missing here is an actuall help page, we all have the same problems, wheres the soloution!
I havnt tried it but on this site it says:
CONNECT Player has become very unstable and I would like to reinstall it.
1) If the database is corrupted during transfer and CONNECT Player becomes unusable, it is advisable to uninstall and reinstall the software with the add/remove program function in the Control Panel. Make sure that the database is deleted as well:
• Go to the Windows Explorer, and make sure to make hidden files visible (go to the Tools on the menu and click the Folder Options, then on the View tab, select the Show hidden files and folder.)
• Browse to C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sony Corporation\CONNECT Player\Library and delete all the files located in this folder.
etc, hope it helps!

Latest Sony Advice: I QUOTE:
“Do not use Connect. Download Sonicstage 3.3 -IMPORTANT -it MUST be 3.3”
So, to anyone trying to defend Sony’s joke software you’re running against your own hero’s advice…;)
the very tired-sounding customer support services lady said that even the update won’t cure many of people’s problems and that now Sony advise using Sonicstage 3.3.
A total and unmitigated farce in my opinion. However I will try the uninstall/reinstall option, removing reg entries and hope I can get the auto update as the manual option says target module not found.

for auda city here is a guide on how to chaop bits out of an mp4 an jus keep the bits u want. it is a guide on how to do it using a wav file but the method is no different wotsoeva if you use an mp3 instaed of a wv file i used it to do it with an mp3 an it worked fyn no problems. I was going to get one of these walkmans for xmas bt lukily foudn this yt which haltesd me an so instead i got the money off ma mum and dad for an mp3 player cz i wanted to w8 to see if any major updates came out. it still seems to me that it isnt as good as it should be and so i am now looking for another mp3 player. i have 3.5 gig of music i want to be able to have on it so i am looking for an mp3 player that is between 3gb and 10 gb in size. any ideas on what i should get (not including an ipod mini) thnx for any help dudes. rock on.

Not even going to mention the supplied software, read a lot of these feed back comments before buying a new Mp3 player. Overall from this site and others the main gripe was not with the hardware, which as far as I am concerned is the main reason for buying one. I download the manual for the NW-A3000 and Sonicstage 3.3, read up on both and created my library.
Decided to buy one.
Plugged it in went to the Sony site to download the firmware upgrade, which installed with ease.
Transferred one album manual removed player to test it, everything fine.
Re-connected and downloaded 14.2Gb approx 3700 tracks of albums etc. took about 5 hours which seemed excessive compared to a previous Iriver I had with drag and drop, but then the Iriver never had a very good navigation function, which I believe is down to the compiling of the database in the Sony which adds to the time.
Disconnected player and started to use it, noticed that it did not like some of the files/tracks, this was down to the fact that some of the tags were missing and there were conflicts in track numbers in the metatags. I deleted these from the player and the library, corrected them in there folder added them back to the library and updated the player.
All look fine just a couple of tweaks to make on the player, removed the volume limit which was kindly provided on line. Set the screen to 15 seconds which also stops the stupid screensaver flashes. Stopped the beeps.
I then created a playlist with just one album tested it worked fine. Created another with selected albums/tracks that works fine also.
In all this is a very impressive player with great sound, using the line out function on my sound system was very good.
The only obvious minor problem now is the Artist link does not work because I did not use the Connect software, “so what” like a earlier posting said the artist link button should be programmable for you to choose its function.
I cannot disagree that it is frustrating that a major company like Sony should provide such inferior software, but I have not lost any sleep over it. The player does what it says on the tin.

A response for John Dolan,
Don’t forget you can put the SUBST command into autoexec.bat and it will run everytime windows starts.

Thanks Adrian, I tried that originally but it screwed up some of my other network-related stuff like logon scripts. I think it happens too early in autoexec so I just stuck it into the startup folder which is the last thing to be executed on startup.

ive given up on this crap. connect software = garbage. sony has fcked around with me too much this year. If its not my mp3 player its my camera. If its not my camera its my playstation. JEEZ. I returned my nwa for an ipod. I feel like a conforming mindless fool but hopefully itunes and i get along.

To Person,
If by ‘conforming’ you mean you’re telling Sony to shove it, you’re a better person than I am. This company are not only breaching Trading Standards in the UK but are also causing untold
stress and wasted time for thousands of people.
I will NEVER buy a Sony product again. Even if it means paying more or losing ‘extras’ with hifi or visual equipment. They knew they were shipping out crap in a hurried rush to catch the Christmas bucks and banked on the fact that lazy idiots like me would trawl the net in search of make-shift solutions from good hearted folks like all those above (SonyDude excepted;what a pratt).
The fact that I was told today that Connect doesn’t work and won’t work even with the update, by Sony themselves, says it all.
The word ‘criminals’ springs to mind.

I recently got a NW-A1000. I also purchased 3 Ipod videos for the Kids for Christmas.
Here are some of my observations.
The sound quality is about the same between the Apple and the Sony.
Ipod Video screens are very nice and even when in power saving mode, can be seen in most lighting conditions.
Sony screens look nice indoors but cannot be seen in the sun. In power saving mode the display goes blank.
The Apple interface is extremely good especially with the click wheel. The Sony interface is OK, but because of the screen size you have to wait for long song titles to scroll across to read them.
Battery longevity is not really an issue unless you make long flights over 12 hours in length. Even then you can get external battery packs.
You can view pictures & video on an Ipod and believe me, they look great.
ITunes is OK to use and fairly quick when ripping CDs. Connect is impossible to use. If you want a Sony just use Sonic Stage 3.3 until Connect Player 2.0 comes out.
Don’t get me wrong, I still like my NW-A1000. It looks great, it’s small and fits in my top pocket nicely but if your in the market for a new MP3 player have a good look all the models and don’t believe all the crap you read about Ipods.

McQuade said – “The fact that I was told today that Connect doesn’t work and won’t work even with the update, by Sony themselves, says it all.”
It works on my PC.

Ah good point John, thanks, I actually haven’t rebooted yet as believe it or not its still importing my music, 200GB in all.
I’ll pop it in group policy instead, unfortunetly I am with others in my household that are known for tinkering, this might just hide it enough.
Has skipped quite a few tracks whilst importing though which I am not too sure why.
Does anyone know to hand the file formats and bit rates Sony connect supports, I have had a quick search but to no avail.

To Adrian:
200gb of music? Kinell. That’s probably more than Sony have on their Connect site. You should open up a site of your own. I don’t know how you’re going to manage a library like that with either Sonicstage or Connect…
In fact the only way I have managed to keep my sanity with Sonicstage over the years is to not let it “manage” my music. I keep my own library system of files in folders. When I need to put something on a player I use Sonicstage as a medium for the transfer and nothing else – I don’t let it rip CDs either. My belief is that the reason most people are having problems with Connect, and to a lesser extent Sonicstage, is down to the library management which these products are just not good at. Especially when the libraries grow to large sizes. When I transfer some music to the player I then delete it from the library – what’s the point in having it in there anyway, you don’t gain anything. Sonicstage is better than the current Connect probably because it doesn’t have the Artist Link “feature”, which drags down the performance of Connect even further – and who needs Artist Link? All it does is suggest artists who are in a similar genre – why do I need Sony to tell me that? It’s just a stealth advertising system. Contrary to what their marketing people think, I’m not a Japanese sheep.
Do they think I’ll go and buy stuff by these artists from their crappy Connect site? Is that the primary reasoning behind Artist Link? If so, Sony have become even more cynical and money-grabbing than they were in the past.
You should use “best of breed” products for the three stages involved in getting music onto your player – ripping, organising and transferring. If you rip CD’s use something other than the Sony product, like Musicmatch Jukebox or even Windows Media Player. For organising, I personally prefer to use a manual folder system, but there are good products out there like Winamp’s mediacenter which can be used to categorise, etc, if you really feel the need to do that. For transferring, if you have a Sony product you are stuck with either Sonicstage or Connect, but just use them for transfer and nothing else – and then only do it in reasonable-sized chunks of say a hundred tracks at a time. The Vaio Music Transfer program I mentioned earlier in the blog is the easiest way to transfer to a Walkman with drag and drop, but some people have a problem with it as it doesn’t do any “organising”.
Regarding the formats and bitrates supported by Sony, all I can say is that if I use Musicmatch to rip or convert instead of a Sony product then I have no problems, but for tracks which the Sony product won’t transfer I check them out with a freebie called Encspot from and if they contain any errors then I re-rip or discard them. I have noticed that if there are any “jitter” errors or dropouts then Sonicstage just refuses to transfer them – and it doesn’t even bother to tell me why! Connect is even worse at error reporting. Also, if the codec that has been used to generate the files isn’t a known good one, like LAME, then I get a transfer problem with Sonicstage. Encspot tells you which codec was used and rates the file for coding quality.
I also use bulk tag editor from to get my metadata organised and a bulk renaming utility from These are both freebies and make life so much easier if you invest ten minutes in each to get to know how they work.

Well after all the crap with my original connect player that shipped, I have downloaded all updates and firmware 2.01 MY NW-A1000 rocks
The volume hack just finised it ROCS OUT!
Must say the player is unruckin real

Well, lucky you Silvia! unfortunately you’re in the major minority (see all posts above).
I’d apprciate advice from someone about how to delete my library files without affecting the walkman. When I deleted a few songs from the Library, it then proceeded to delete those files from my Walkman when it was connected! Is this a Synch setting I should be changing?

Thanks once again for the comprehensive information, there’s allot to take in but your have spelt something out major for me, just use it for transferring the files to the device. I suppose I was just being one of those sheep and in am autominous way importing the whole of my music library , just because its the done thing!. How simpler can you get just change your use of the program to transfer only and its solved all my problems.
I think its time I stopped this now 3 day import of music and just use it for transferring.
After all out of the 3 steps you mention I only have the requirement for transferring, unless I get new music of course as its pretty much in good order (after many many hours of hard work)
I must admit I missed your bit about the Vaio Music Transfer application, but this sounds perfect now that I have had my mind deprogrammed from using Connect as a music manager. After all I have been happy with media player in terms of searching and playing files on my PC and it does okay with my 200GB library. Just hope the app will work for me.
I have had a quick look at those utilities and they all seem very good. I will epsecially find the bulk renamer very useful as allot of my tracks are inconsistant in their naming however my tags for all or most of my files are accurate. I have found utilities in the past years ago when I first created my music library but they were very limited in functionality and had limits to how many you could rename/retag at once.
The info on bitrates is also useful however I am not sure if I have the energy to re-rip a significant percentage of my tracks again, just the thoguht makes me cry. I just hope there aren’t too many that need this.

Hi guys,
Well, I’ve read this thread thoroughly, with great interest since having problems with my own shiny new NWA1000. Or rather with the software! First time in, worked ok, slow but ok, transferred around 950 songs, was loving it! Next day, tried to carry on, it crashed my laptop halfway through a transfer. Now the program won’t open, and the player says ‘No database found’. Wiped it I thought. Asked in the Sony shop, they said start again, but use SonicStage 3.3, which I then downloaded. When I connected the Walkman, SonicStage says all the original songs are there, so why won’t they play? I decided against worrying too much, and transferred over some more mp3 files to listen to in the mean time, but oooooooooh no, the player still says ‘No database found’, even after a supposedly succesful transfer with this different (and now Sony recommended) software. I’m considering pressing the reset button, silly question alert…. What will that do?! Not being a techy type I guess it means it’ll return the player to empty, and I’ll have to start again, which might (I stress ‘might’) not be a bad thing.
I’ve paid as much attention to other people’s posts as I can, and if anyone has some (simple-ish!) words of wisdom, they’d be much appreciated. Thank you!

Don’t worry. The songs are almost definitely still on your player. This happened to me and it gave me major depressions as I had, by then, transferred 800 songs over the space of 250 years. OK, I exagerrate slightly…If you select ‘all Songs’ in your Walkman you’ll still see them there, the problem seems to be that the Playlists haven’t correctly transferred. Re-connect to that crappy pile of con ‘connect’ and make a cup of coffee while it synchs up. Did you originally transfer the Playlist files as well as the actual tracks? With my situation I have to do this manually because Connect isn’t intelligent enough to manage it.
On a much brighter note, although the much derided Sonicstage IS apalling it works!!! And it works swimmingly. So to all the stubborn sods out there still determined to get Connect to perform its intended function (like I have for three days), give up and download Sonicstage 3.3 (but ONLY this version).
Damn Sony. This could’ve been one of the best things in personal hi-fi to date were it not for their greed.

McQuade, thanks for the response! I had actually only been listening to an album or a single track, and so had no playlists on my player anyway, so i’m not sure that’s the problem. If I press Music Library on the player it says ‘No songs, please connect to compliant software’. Grrrrr! But when I do link it up, the songs are all listed as being on the device.
Regarding the songs I transferred using Sonicstage, I have since realised they are .omg files, which (silly me, I didn’t realise!) need to be turned into .oma files, which, I’m assured, Sonicstage can do. So maybe that little titbit will help someone else having problems!
As for me, I’m wondering if my player has somehow, during my laptop’s billyfit due to Connect player, turned the files to data ones that can’t be listened to as opposed to the former audio files. Is that possible or am I just being a big stoopid girl?! I can’t think of any other explanation for why the software would say they’re on there but they player itself doesn’t acknowledge them.
Thanks again!

Well, managed to fill the player with music with Connect and can add music as needed if I put aside about 45 min to put an album on! It wouldn’t be even worth trying except that I have 1GB of RAM and some time to spare….
Alas it has required a lot of tinkering to get to this point and the other two A3000’s in the family are now stranded with computers in another country with broken software!
Now one of the worthwhile changes and something that rather salvaged my affections for the A3000 was the patch to allow direct transfer of WMA, granted through Connect, but it did mean there was no cross conversion.
There are two things I would like to know however about Sonicstage:
1. Can it simply connect to the player and add to the library that is already on it, or will I have to start from scratch on the players library?
2. Seeing as the WMA support was a boon to me, is Sonicstage going to insist upon converting the songs to ATRAC before transferring them? It’s not that I don’t like ATRAC, it’s the reason I stuck with Minidisc until this Christmas, it’s the fact I don’t want duplicate songs littered across my harddrive or for that case the harddrive of the other people I fix it up for that perhaps won’t want to have to spring clean their music files all the time! So simply will it place the songs in WMA format on the machine the same as Connect does?
Thanks for any help, and I apologise if these questions have been answered in previous posts since I last read the whole thing through in late December, but this is one LONG msg board.
Come on Sony, patch, patch, patch, there’s hope yet for Connect!

12Jan06 — bought an A1000 a few days ago ($270 CDN). Installed Connect 1.0 very carefully. Administrator, all programs closed, virus software off. Allowed it to instal the latest upgrade. Charged up the Sony on the AC charger. Fired up Connect Player software. DO NOT scan my PC. File > Import Directory. Imported about 60 songs at a time. Highlight about 50 songs on the main list. Click “Transfer to a device icon”. Click the + icon. Watch the songs added to the right panel. Plug in the USB cable. Click “Transfer to a device icon” again. Songs transfer. WAIT till theh Do Not Disconnect” message disappears. Disconnect USB. Play music. Beautiful. Excellent sound quality. I ahve since repeated teh uploading sequence a few times with no problem. My battery has not even got to 50% yet.
*** Now a big note: ***** I rip my own MP3 from CDs using Exact Audio Copy and the LAME compression engine. I use 320 KBit Variable Bit Rate for best quality. See and you can download the LAME engine at

12Jan06 — bought an A1000 a few days ago ($270 CDN).
Installed Connect 1.0 very carefully. Using Administrator, all programs closed, virus software off. Allowed it to install the latest upgrade.
Charged up the Sony on the AC charger. Fired up Connect Player software.
DO NOT scan my PC.
File > Import Directory. Imported about MP3 60 songs at a time.
Highlight about 50 songs on the main list. Click “Transfer to a device icon”.
Click the + icon. Watch the songs added to the right panel.
Plug in the USB cable. Click “Transfer to a device icon” again. Songs transfer.
WAIT till the “Do Not Disconnect” message disappears. Disconnect USB.
Play music. Beautiful. Excellent sound quality. I have since repeated the uploading sequence a few times with no problem. My battery has not even got to 50% yet.
*** Now a big note: ***
I rip my own MP3 from CDs using Exact Audio Copy and the LAME compression engine.
I use 320 KBit Variable Bit Rate for best quality.
and you can download the LAME engine at

Xerxes – I believe that the WMA support now works in the same way as MP3 support.
The files are not transcoded to ATRAC and so there’s no worry about tracks being stored in 2 formats. This also means that the sound quality is retained as the songs remain in their original format.
BUT the tracks are converted to .OMA files to make them work on the player. This is a simple process of adding a custom file header and footer as a ‘DRM wrapper’ so the processing overhead should not be huge.
When the songs are on the player it looks at the DRM wrapper and decides which codec to play the files with (ATRAC/MP3/WMA).

In reply to She-ra posting.
I had a simular event the other night. I transfered 30 CDs using Connect Player. I closed down Connect Player and then disconnected the Player from my PC. The Player reported that it was building a database and then promptly reported that the Music database could not be found. I checked the Player and lo and behold, there appeared to be no music present. After much cursing and swearing, I plugged the Player back into my PC and checked the Player’s HDD. And yes, the music is still in there. In desperation, I rebooted Connect Player and hey presto, some sort of information exchange went on between Connect Player and my Player and all of the songs reappeared in the window on Connect Player. I disconnected my Player and it successfully rebuilt the database. It appears that when your Player reports that no music was found it is because the database has been corrupted. This means that the Player cannot find the music. If this happens again, just try plugging it back into Connect Player to see if it will reinstall the music database.

Hi just amazed myself by creating playlists on the NWA3000 – have been struggling with the software and this has been the latest annoying thing that I just had to sort – seems sorted now though.
If you create the playlist in under the playlist menu on the left, and then drag the playlist you created and drop it on the name of your player on the left as well, a little plus sign appears which when clicked reveals your new playlist. Now drag and drop tracks into this list from the player menu in connect (or the library, but i dont keep library stocked as I’m running off a laptop with only 20 gig drive itself). Next time you connect and manually sync, th tracks load into the playlist. I’m a little more happy each day with my sexy black player. hehehe.

Hi just amazed myself by creating playlists on the NWA3000 – have been struggling with the software and this has been the latest annoying thing that I just had to sort – seems sorted now though.
If you create the playlist in under the playlist menu on the left, and then drag the playlist you created and drop it on the name of your player on the left as well, a little plus sign appears which when clicked reveals your new playlist. Now drag and drop tracks into this list from the player menu in connect (or the library, but i dont keep library stocked as I’m running off a laptop with only 20 gig drive itself). Next time you connect and manually sync, th tracks load into the playlist. I’m a little more happy each day with my sexy black player. hehehe.

Hi just amazed myself by creating playlists on the NWA3000 – have been struggling with the software and this has been the latest annoying thing that I just had to sort – seems sorted now though.
If you create the playlist in under the playlist menu on the left, and then drag the playlist you created and drop it on the name of your player on the left as well, a little plus sign appears which when clicked reveals your new playlist. Now drag and drop tracks into this list from the player menu in connect (or the library, but i dont keep library stocked as I’m running off a laptop with only 20 gig drive itself). Next time you connect and manually sync, th tracks load into the playlist. The bookmarks are the only playlists u can create direct from the player, so you can’t add tracks to the playlist titles you create, and If you leave the playlist empty you get that error message someone posted before about insudfficient memory, however if you drag tracks into list before connecting player it puts them on player – I’ve just tested several times – woot im a happy man.
Another tip is that I always right click the remove hardware safely icon on the system tray in windows and wait for the prompt to remove the player. This stops the coruption probs for me anyway.
I’m a little more happy each day with my sexy black player. hehehe.

OOps sorry for multiple posts – must be due to lag / ping from my position. After reading my rushed and unclear post, it becomes clear to me that I could have the ideal qualities required to get a job writing support materials at Sony HQ.
Basically I’ll explain clearly this time what I was trying to explain earlier. On the left hand side of Connect Player is a menu window we are all so familiar with by now.
On the player are 5 bookmark listings which can be used to create “playlists” on the fly while you are away from the PC. This can be done by hitting options while playing a track, scrolling through the menu and then selecting the bookmark you want to store the track name under.
I did this with a track and the next time I connected my player I saw a “+” beside the player name in the menu box. When I clicked the plus sign it expanded a tree with a branch saying “-Bookmark 1”. This gave me an idea to drag a playlist I had already made up earlier but failed to transfer to the player, over the player name in the menu, and drop it in. When I disconnected the player “safely” the new playlist was on the player, with the tracks being playable from the playlist menu in the root directory of the player.
If you create a playlist with no content however, then the player throws up an error message saying connect the machine to the compliant software (as posted earlier by another). So make sure you have content in your new playlists as only the Bookmarks can be appended via the player directly.
As I said earlier, I like many others, delete my library each time I upload to the player so things don’t slow down, and the playlist function works perfectly with just the tracks being housed on the player itself.
I hope this is a good bit clearer than my first posts. Cheers.

Thanks for the reply Silva Bokis. Took the rather reckless approach of just installing it after making the posting and works perfectly despite the protestations of the machine to connect compliant software after rebuilding the database!
This will do me just fine for the minute and provides a way to get Podcasts on without investing half an hour to open Connect:-)
Thanks for your help

Gazza09, thanks! I now have my Walkman fully functioning again, after reconnecting it to Connect player. Thanks also to MJB (december 10th post), the forwarded instructions for getting the software to work again were invaluable. Surprising, given that they initially came from Sony….

Hey all….
Can someone please please help me…I have got a NWA3000 for Christmas and everything was fantastic. However for some reason the Intelligent Shuffle, Play History, Top 100 and * Ratings are not working, when i select the option it says “Please connect compliant software”. What the hell does this mean. I have looked all over the net and cannot seem to find anything that can help, hoping that someone on here will be able to help. This is so frustrating…for something that costs so much and is actually a really good mp3 player, this problem is really annoying.

Sound like you are using Sonicstage rather than connect. did you download the software from the net or did you use the cd

This site seems to started to run very slowly – you’re not running Connect player on the server are you? 🙂

Firstly thanks to John Dolan for his tip of 11 Jan re Audacity.
A comment re the NWA3000 itself. It’s nearly perfect, but why oh why oh why do Sony not see the need for a Countdown timer showing “time remaining” for each track. This is a piece of information I crave each time I play a track, but it’s not there.
I wouldn’t mind if you could toggle between “time elapsed” / “time remaining” (as I can on my minidisc players), but better still, I wish they’d do as Ipod do and show both at once. I used to think Sony were the world’s best for these sort of features!

Hmm…have been painstakingly using my NWA1000 with Connect for a few weeks now on my home pc, but am off to uni with a much lower spec laptop, and not enough memory to install Connect. I will try downloading SonicStage 3.3 onto it, and use that with the device instead, but does anyone know if this change will ruin the files I already have on my walkman? I really don’t want to be stranded at uni with no music to listen to!!
Cheers 🙂

I know this may be off topic slightly but I thought someone here is the most likely to have encountered a similar situation. I have the Sony Cradle for the A3000, which is also a lovely piece of equipment, well engineered, etc. It especially attracted me it has a line out for permanent connection to a stereo without changing the cable and settings all the time to switch between headphones and line out. This works perfectly….then I encountered the fatal flaw…..being a docking cradle it also connects using the USB cable to the computer, now if this cable is connected to a computer that is turned on the player prevents you from doing anything to it as it is connected to the pc, so you can’t listen to music from it on the stereo without disconnecting the USB cable, this rather reduces the slickness of connecting using a cradle as you have to plug and unplug the cable from the computer….
Now I know this is a minor niggle, but just thought I would throw it out there for any suggestions or experiences of others with this equipment as to whether there is in fact a way around this…or should I just get used to plugging and unplugging the cable to the computer 🙂

On similar line to Xerses:
By connecting the NWA3000 to the PC, everything locks for a couple of minutes with the “Do not disconnect” messge on. Connect tells me that it’s reading or transferring data.
What I think it’s doing is uploading all songs from the player onto the PC – I only have c. 300 songs on my player at present, but this process still takes a few minutes.
This is particularly annoying if you put, say, just one song into the library to transfer onto the player.
Does anybody out there know how you can quickly connect the player to the PC, transfer the song, and disconnect again, and get a “quick win” without all the player’s contents having to be read by the PC?

To Xerxes
I’ve got the same problem, or rather my daughter has.
It states on the packaging for the cradle that it cannot be used for line out and USB at the same time. I expected this as it is a common problem – it’s not a cradle thing and it’s not just with the NWA series, but with just about every mp3 player which has USB connectivity for charging as well as file transfer. My Sony Vaio pocket music player is exactly the same, the problem is caused by the rather dumb firmware in the players which cannot handle USB interaction and playing songs at the same time. I’ve had a Creative Zen micro and a Zen Nano which were exactly the same, my son has a Monolith which also cannot play tracks while it is connected to the USB.
The only solution is to disconnect the USB if you want to use line out, or even the headphone socket. My daughter is used to pulling the USB plug out when she wants to use the line out now, it’s not too bad as the USB socket is on the front of her PC.
My main gripe about the line out is that it is very low level output – the volume on the amp needs to be turned up nearly to max before it gets to a reasonable level. Again, not a big problem until she plays music from another source, maybe a CD, and the speaker cones virtually jump out of the cabinets.
I have compared the line out on the NWA3000 to the Creative and Monolith kit and it is very low. It’s also low even compared to the Sony Vaio music player. There is supposed to be a sort of standard for this, I believe it is about 100 mv peak-to-peak for line out.

I did have Connect up and running perfectly (1800 songs ripped across), but today it’s decided it doesn’t like Gracenote
As soon as the Gracenote logo has flashed up and animated, Connect tells me that tinyhttp.exe has encountered an unexpected error, and must quit.
I’ve no other info than that. I’ve re-installed the thing from scratch but to no avail.
I then installed SonicStage 3.3, and that works fine, so don’t think it’s my firewall.
Any ideas anyone?!?

Somebody mentioned the “bookmark” playlists on the NW-A1000.
Don’t really see the need for five of the things.
Does anyone have any ideas as to how to remove all but one of them?
Many thanks.

Just purchased a NW-1000, first MP3 player so also currently ripping all my music to my pc (Win XP, SP2) from CD. Using Connect software – v1.0.02.11170, firmware v2.01 for WMA. Also got Sonic Stage v3.3 loaded on pc as encountered some initial problems transcoding tracks to 64 kbps using Connect to rip them and was slower ripping tracks. Now using Media Player to rip CDs at 128 kbps, importing them into Connect and transcoding OK.
Couple of questions which I’m hoping someone might be able to help me with.
1) Tracks on my player are in alphabetical order, not file track number. Think this is because I changed the file name style slightly (in Connect preferences) when I was first getting to grips with the software. Anyone know the default setting (e.g. %R\%A\…..?), and is it OK just to change it back i.e. will the files on my pc revert to the new naming style or will I have to import them again to be renamed?
2) Is it OK to have 2 separate directories – one for my WMA files (128 kbps) when ripping CDs and a separte one for transcoded OMA files (64 kbps in ATRAC3+. In this way I thought I could get double the amount of songs on the player, but wouldn’t have to rip all my CDs again if I got a non sony player in the future and perhaps wanted to transfer songs at 128 kbps.

This may be just a fluke but I set adjusted properties on the Connect shortcut so that the app runs in compatibility mode for Windows 2000. (I am running XP pro service pack 2).
To my supprise, things seem to run much better.
As I say, this may be a fluke but if anyone finds similary behaviour please let me know.
I am growning to hate this device.

Just to add:
Memory useage is now just a few MB and CPU usage is low.
I wonder is memory allocation etc is different in compatibility mode?

Another user experiencing all the problems of Connect Player with NW-A608.
Why couldn’t they just have a simple transfer system like on the PSP? They’re afraid of copying, but more people will probably buy a PSP than their MP3 players.

Compatibility mode for Windows 2000 makes it run sweet as a nut.
Ive contacted Sony support and asked them to test it.

Got my NW A3000 the day it was released. It is a fantastic looking bit of kit, but like everybody else the Connect Player is pants. In the end used Sonic Stage to do all my ripping, but now using Connect with upgrade. However, I can’t get Gracenote to work so I can’t get CD info when ripping into Connect. Originally when I registered I got an “Open Socket Failed” message which seems to be somthing about a firewall. But my firewall etc was not on. Now it doesn’t do anything. Can anybody help? I don’t want to go back to Sonic Stage as Connect is just about passable at the moment.

Boris the Bold
Use Sonic Stage to do all the ripping (Gracenote should work with that, no?)
Then, once ripped – load up Connect. Make sure you switch Gracenote off for Connect (Preferences / Internet tab, switch off the 1st 2 options).
That way, you get SonicStage to do the ripping, and COnnect to do the uploading, thus giving you all the functionality of the player.

hey guys found a way that connect player stays stable…go to c:\program files\sony\connect player or wherever u installed it and open tinyhttp.exe. It should open connect player but it will be much more stable and doesnt use much CPU.

I am running WIndows XP Pro on my laptop and I have an NWA3000 using Connect. When I installed it I ran the ‘live update’ to get the newer version of Connect, and since then have been downloading whatever updates Sony puts out. It is running like a dream and I have not yet encountered any problems. Sure, if you want to transfer 20gb of music data in one go it WILL take all night long, but that’s no different to when I transfered the same 20gb to a mate’s old PC. It took 14 hours to transfer! I think it should be stressed that if you are using 21st century PC systems and are operating a modern Windows environment, you won’t have much trouble at all. Sony now say it’s latest patch helps stabilise Connect when closing, which is one little niggle I had found, but hey! Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I had it all working well in Sonic Stage 3.3
I then started Connect Player (In 2000 compatibility mode, though I’m not sure that makes a difference) I let Connect do its darndest and after 20 minutes of slogging it settled down and I closed it again.
Low and behold all the “special” functions worked again as everyone suspects.
However the nightmare only begins when I reconnect to Sonic Stage to discover the the following error message comes up on connection to the machine:
“The connected ATRAC Audio Device cannot be used with the currently installed SonicStage.
To use with the currently installed SonicStage, you must delete all tracks in the ATRAC Audio Device or initialize the hard disk of the ATRAC Audio Device.
(Error Code: 000066a3)”
So has anybody else encountered this?
Anybody have an idea how to retrieve the situation, or am I doomed to have to fill the player again completely if I want to add anything without spending an hour waiting for Connect!!

To Colin’s point about “21st Century PC Systems” being fine. I can’t disagree more. The Connect software in my experience has so far taken down 3 computers I set it up on, starting with a 2.4ghz 740mb RAM, then my own 3Ghz with 1GB of RAM, and it has ceased to work and took its time when it did work on a 3.2GHz 64 bit machine with 2GB of RAM. All of them are running fully updated Win XP SP2.
I think it is giving the software far too much credit to blame peoples slow systems. I’m glad it is working well on his laptop and it gives us all hope that there is something that can be done with Connect! It is misleading however, to say that simply having a powerful computer even makes Connect usable in a lot of circumstances.

I mentioned on another thread in this blog that I have connections to Sony. I’m not an employee but my agency does a lot of web development & e-marketing activities for Sony UK & Europe.
From speaking to some of my contacts at Sony I can confirm that another update for Connect is scheduled for the end of January.
I don’t have a full list of changes for the January update but one of the features that looks likely to make the release is more informative status messages to let the user know that Connect is actually doing stuff rather than hanging. I think this will be useful as I’m sure many people are terminating the program while it’s still working and so corrupting their song database.
Other software updates are scheduled after the January update but I have no information as to the content or the expected release dates.

Great Hardware but software is a joke, PC crashs ever time I use Connect and then decides to remove large amounts of the files from the player. Can anybody help? (SONY Does not seem to care)

In answer to a previous post – yes, you can backup and restore the contents of the NWA1000 / NWA3000 simply by copying the folder structure from the player to your computer hard drive and then back again.
I’ve tried both players using this method and haven’t come across any problems. On both players, I browsed for the player in My Computer, dragged the entire contents into a hard disk folder, disconnected and initialised the disk on the player, then dragged the entire contents back from the computer – no problems, everything seems to work. There was the obvious “Building Library” phase, then I’m happily playing the songs again.
I then tried the same thing using two computers. I used a a network connection to copy the contents from the original computer to my laptop and restored the player from there, again with no problems.
So now if I’m using Connect (which should carry a government health warning), at least I know that if the database gets screwed I can restore to a previous working state.
It would be interesting to see if the contents of one player could be moved to another using this method – I doubt whether that would work but if it did it would blow a huge hole in any ambitions Sony had for copy protection…
Anybody got two players of the same model to give this a shot? 🙂

I guess I’m just naive, but I thought that I could run this thing without home internet access. I can only get dial up service at home,so it’s useless for music. I have an extensive music library on my computer, though, so I thought I could work the program. WRONG. I’ve had all the same problems as everyone else PLUS I can’t download any updates or sonic etc. I guess this goes back and an I-Pod comes home. TOO BAD!

i know most of the somments here are about the software, but my only problem with my nwa100 is that the battery life seems to be about 6 hours,SOOO, 3 Q’s:
1. what is the battery life on this model supposed to be – and yes, i have been charging it until the ‘fully charged’ sign comes up in the bottom right corner, and i haven’t been playing it much loouder than 8-10, so i haven’t been sapping tha battery life playing it super-loud. Also, there any way i can check whet the battery life of my walkman actually is? and
3.can i take it back to the shop if its not as much as its supposed to be?

oh, Xerxes, i think i know why it locks when you plug it into your computer even when you’re not downloading songs onto your player – when you plug it into your computer it updates the ‘play history’ section of the player automatically, so that’s what i expect it is doing -and if its been afew days then that can take a while.
meh, is anyone else annoyed that if you pause a song to listen to someone then the player turns off after about 15 seconds and then you have to wait abit while it turns on again…

yes, me again – just to point out that I looked at the ‘increase the battery life’ section of the pdf file that has all the instuctions on it that came with the player, and i followed all that it said, ie i now have no beeps between songs, dim screen, turn screen off after 15 secs etc… the only thing i kept is the ‘hard’ sound and im sure that can’t be depleting the battery to the level that it appears to have. can anyone help?

hi about battery life.What i found go into the main menu on your walkman and sellect shuffle all, and play it untill the battery runs flat do it three times and you will find the battery life increases to 20+ hours

Good point, Dave.
Most rechargeable batteries do not reach full capacity until they have been recharged and drained a couple of times.

This is a recent post over on
I am doing a story on the Sony Walkman fiasco for The Times. If anyone cares to email me I would be delighted to get some first hand accounts of the frustrations people are suffering, particularly those who may have received the player as a Christmas present.
My email address is (removing NOJUNK of course). Please let me have a name and a daytime phone number so I can contact you if necessary.
Simon de Bruxelles
The Times
I’m about to drop him a line, you should do the same yourself if you’re as fed up with Sony as I am.

Just wondering…
I’m currently using an ATRAC3 CD Walkman and looking to buy an NWA3000 – despite all the warnings, I’m going to take my chances!
Is it possible to copy all the ATRAC music I have on CDs into a folder for Connect to pick up, bypassing the ripping process? Or even better, is it possible to copy these ATRAC files straight on to the player?
I’m not holding out much hope, but I want to avoid bringing all my CDs to work (where my PC is) to rip them all over again.

‘Joe on January 16’ is right: if you run Connect player in Windows 2000 compatibility mode then it performs a lot better. Right click the Connect icon on your desktop, then ‘Properties’, ‘Compatibility’, ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for…’ Windows 2000, OK.

I got my Sony NWA1000 for Christmas. I used Connect to put my collection of music onto it and it all worked fine. The other day I decided to make some alterations to the music that I had on my NWA1000, I tried to load connect and it took ages, once it had loaded I started to remove tracks from my NWA1000 which took forever so I left the computer doing its job, when I returned to see the progress my laptop had frozen, nothing would work, I had no choice other then to just unplug my NWA1000 and switch my laptop off. All the music has gone off my NWA1000 and I can not put any back on. I have tried using sonicstage it all seems to work but when I go to use my NWA1000 it displays a message ‘No Database Found. Please connect complaint software’, but there is music on there and it is in OMA format, I just dont understand! If I cant sort it today its going back to the shop.

To Sally ref no database found if you can restart connect and leave it to load for a while replug in the a1000 and it should reload all music. i had similar problem a couple of times but it does reload it. for me it works best when the a1000 has stopped communicating with connect i unplug the a1000 first and it should then after a short time state it is rebuilding the library. some others find that closing connect whilst the a1000 is connected works best but unless i have missed something the help file is pretty useless with connect, in fact the whole software is terrible but the player is the bits so stick with it.

Robin, Thanks for the advice, I have tried what you suggested but sadly Connect is proving impossible to use, takes about 10 mins to laod up and then when it is loaded my laptop freezes the moment you try and use Connect. Unless I find a way to transfer music onto my NWA1000 without using Connect it is sadly going back to the shop it came from tomorrow.

I’m not sure in this long debate if anyone has suggested running task manager minimised, but I have found this really useful. It shows you CPU activity and will indicate when connect is doing something even when you think it isn’t. I have found that it takes at least 20 minutes before you can do anything with it when you launch it for a session. My advice is give it one thing to do at a time and get on with your life in between. Everything works – if but slowly. The only exception to this (in my case) is that when I have finished transferring I have found that I always have to ctrl, alt del at the end of a session.

Sally – alternatively
reinitialize the Walkman
Delete Connect from your hard drive altogether including the library files which windows uninstaller will not delete (they are detailed higher up in the thread)
Download SonicStage 111
Import your songs into SS3 from WMP – Check the library – I didn’t realise that even when you rip in connect and then delete the connect library the actual files are still left in WMP and taking up more disc space.
Then try exporting to your walkman- you may lose some shuffle functions but it seems to be working for a lot of people.
Out of interest- what is the spec of your laptop?
best of luck

Like everyone else on here, I’ve had problems with the Sony connect software. I managed to get 3,200 tracks loaded onto the NW-A3000 player. However, it won’t let me put any more on despite having 13gb of space left. Therefore, I decided to remove the Connect software and download Sonicstage 3.3. This seemed to work, according to the software I had transferred two albums onto the player yet when I disconnected the player from the computer I got the message:
“No database found. Please connect compliant software.” In other words, it will not let me play any of the tracks that have been put on the player.
Can anyone help with this? What am I doing wrong?

I got the nw-a3000 walkman and Connect player about 6 weeks ago. It worked fine until maybe a week ago (possibly ties in with when the software in the walkman was updated). Now I have 2 problems with it.
First is that when I load it up, the library is gone. I tried using file> import to get the music from my computer back into Connect. It says “importing” for a while but nothing happens.
The second problem is that now, as soon as I connect my Walkman via the usb cable, Connect shuts down. It does it every time. If Connect is already running when I plug it in, Connect shuts down straight away. If the Walkman is already plugged in before I load up connect, it starts to load and then just closes.
I tried updating connect, but seem to have the latest version. In the end I unistalled and reinstalled it, then updated.. same problem
please help!

Bin it! Don’t waste your life on it (I did for nearly five days, being the stubborn tenacious git that I am).
SonicStage 3.3 WILL WORK. At first glance it looks like it’s been written by a first year programmer but compared to Connect it’s rocket science.
I now have 16 GB transferred with no problems.
Tips: Before installing SonicStage close down all progs and virus/spyware apps.
Go to Pref’s once you’ve reinstalled and set your preferred settings. If you’re importing songs from hard drive make sure that you set the transfer to ‘original format’ -why reconvert to ATRAC? This takes time and affects quality. With CD’s I found that 192 kbps as ATRAC is fast and the quality more than acceptable (I’m a musician so my ears are quite fussy. Set the quality setting though to ‘High’ and not normal as there will be faint background rumblings that will affect the bass response.
So, from going from insanely angry and thinking of a hate campaign against Sony and taking my cd player to India I can now toddle off on Sunday with every song I want -and I have to say that the quality is fantastic. My only puzzle is how to delete from the trash Bin as Sonicstage doesn’t seem to this automatically.
Reality check: though this solution will cure 99% of user’s ills it has to be said that Sony have caused themselves irreperable damage with this con. Lost time, lost user confidence, aggravation, no support and a brazenly cynical attitude all round. I have now decided out of principle that I will never buy another product bearing the Sony logo.

I can not even get past the first couple of dialogues – no language selection etc. (already mentioned once before). Any ideas. (All the necssary rights are in place – admin etc.).
Sony’s response was to use SonicStage 3.3 however this disables functions on my walkman, also when transferning playlists it seems to put a second copy of the file on the unit. I have had the unit connected to a second machine with the connect player installed – could this cause the problem?

I had similar problem. There is probably a solution that DOESN’T involve wiping and re-transferring but I couldn’t get that to work so I bit the bullet, deleted the player and reimported with SS 3.3. It’s not as much of a nightmare as it could be as if you still have the songs in your ‘My Music’ folder importing into SS 3.3 won’t take too long.
What functions do you miss with SS 3.3? The Artist Link is just a backdoor for Sony to flog their crappy wares and all else seems to work (apart from the bloody Trash emptying -any clues anyone? Bearing in mind that I NEVER want to touch Connect again).
I still have Connect installed out of fear that if uninstalled my great positive strides will be undone, so I don’t think that should cause a problem; slowdowns, perhaps, but it seems to be ok.
Do you have USB 2.0? I went out and chucked £25 to see if it made a difference -and it was a huge one in terms of speed.
good luck!

“I guess this goes back and an I-Pod comes home. TOO BAD!”
Yep, mine already had.
Sad to say, I hoped for so much from this beautiful looking player.
I’ve done all the “fixes”, been able to use Sonic Stage, but that involves losing half of the player’s features..
I phoned Sony last week, and they promised to get back to me….they didn’t.
I phoned again, last Monday and got fobbed off, with “it’s on our file and due to be dealt with routine”, in the meatime they suggested that I USE Sonic Stage!
So, even the people at Sony are aware that they have a major problem and are working on and would post the “solution” on their website in due course.
But, when is this to be, a week, a month..
No thanks..
I’ve tried to avoid iPods, to avoid “running with the herd”..
But, if “running with the herd”, means I have a product that does what it says on the tin, then I’m in.
And guess what, the Nano I bought to replace the NW-A1000 worked str8 out of the box and the software is a breeze and within hours, as opposed to day upon frustrating day, I had what I wanted on my player.
Go figure Sony!

The Times have printed the following item… Lets hope this kick starts Sony into doing something;
The Times January 21, 2006
MP3 comes down with a crash
By Simon de Bruxelles
Software glitch has left users unable to transfer tunes to new player
SONY is advising consumers not to use software supplied with its new range of digital music players after hundreds of users complained that it caused their computers to crash.
The new Sony MP3 Walkman was billed as the company’s long-awaited answer to the iPod and became one of the biggest-selling electrical items for Christmas.
But Sony admitted that the software sold with the player has “major problems”, which has left many owners unable to use the players. The Connect Player programme is designed to transfer music from the user’s computer to the player and to connect them to Sony’s music sales website. But distraught buyers have been posting messages on websites cursing Sony. Others have returned their £199 players for a refund.
A woman called Amy wrote that her boyfriend bought her the Sony player for Christmas after she asked for an iPod. She said: “After three bottles of wine, 60 fags and trying all night to get some songs on the thing, me and my boyfriend are over. This morning I tried again, failing and throwing the mouse at the wall. Help!” John Dolan, a software designer from Cambridge, bought the players as presents for his 12-year-old daughter and 17-year-old son. He spent the two weeks before Christmas trying, without success, to get them to work properly.
He said: “They have caused me a lot of stress and have completely spoiled my kids’ Christmas as they were not able to use their presents.”
Sony, the company that began the portable music revolution with the cassette tape-playing Walkman in 1979, was a late entrant in the race to take on the iPod. It finally produced its new Walkman range in Europe and Japan in early November. The top specification machine is smaller than a pack of playing cards and can hold more than 10,000 songs. It has a concealed screen and an iPod-shaming battery life of 35 hours.
The players were an instant success. Both the 6gb NW-A1000 and the 20gb NW-A3000 flew off the shelves despite costing £149 and £199 respectively.
Unfortunately for a significant number of purchasers, the bundled software refused to work. Users complained that they were unable to get the Connect Player programme to load on to their computers. Others found their machines crashing or got bored waiting hours for signs of life.
Six weeks after the launch Sony released a software update designed to solve the most obvious problems. Sony conceded this week that there are “major problems” with the Connect Player software. The company is advising owners to uninstall Connect Player and download an earlier programme called SonicStage, which means that some of the newest features are unusable.
Sony, which sold products worth £36.6 billion worldwide last year, is unique in that it not only manufactures the players but owns much of the music. Some users suspect that the root cause of their problems is digital rights management (DRM) and the complex layers of protection Sony builds into its software to prevent users copying music without paying.
Gregory Kukolj, Sony’s general manager for Europe, admitted that there had been a higher than usual number of returns for a new product but told The Times that many of the initial problems had been corrected by the software upgrade last month.
He said that “certain people” had failed to download the upgrade, which was why they were still experiencing problems. The problems in Europe have delayed the launch date of the players in the US market, which was originally this month, but is now unknown.

Thanks for that Daren – now its really out there in the public domain perhaps Sony will get their backsides in gear and get moving on patching the software as a priority.
I think someone on this forum has said another update is due in the next week or so, so hopefully further improvements are on the way but thats small consolation for the frustratin of so many people over the Christmas period.

Good article. More blatant lies from Sony: ‘Certain users’ had failed to download the upgrade…if we are to believe that Sony read this forum then they can see that most users have downloaded their upgrade and it makes no difference for the vast majority.
Oh Sony, let me count the ways I hate thee.

Having had my 3000 for a mounth now it is obvious that a software problem exists,i had major problems registering the connect shop to claim my free album.This morning i unplugged from my linksy router and plugged straight in to my cable modem,managed to register ok,got my free album and burned it no problem.It is worth mentioning that i was prompted to down load sonic stage 3.3 which i did and have no problem accessing connect shop.So to get things clear you now need two pieces of software to use your players,its a bit of a mess but is managable,but hey come on sony NOT GOOD ENOUGH . Ihope this info is useful to someone
Yours c j paul

I just posted this on the other big thread in Gen Kanai’s blog:
There is a software update due at the end of the month.
See the Silva Bokis blog for details –
After further conversations with contacts at Sony I can say that the January update is an interim release that is not expected to fully resolve the speed issues but has fixes for a number of other problems including better on-screen messaging so that users can tell that the software is actually doing something and has not hung.
There is also a version 1.1 on the way but no firm release date has been set.
I hope to receive more information from Sony that I can pass on to the community in the coming week.