seige at Sony-BMG

Most folks who are reading my blog and my coverage of Sony know about the “rootkit” issue that’s made headlines, as well as the problems with the Sony Connect software.
I wasn’t aware that the management of Sony-BMG was in such a state.

Gunter Thielen, the chief executive of Bertelsmann, acknowledged recently that there were some problems with the management structure at Sony BMG, where both sides have three seats on the board.
“We have to work a little bit on the question of leadership after the departure of
[Chief Operating Officer] Michael Smellie,” he was quoted as saying in The Financial Times Deutschland. “The merger of the companies went well; now we have to merge the cultures, which is the most difficult thing.”
Since the merger, Sony BMG’s position has eroded in many markets.

Don’t you just love the understatement in that, “work a little bit on the question of leadership,” comment? Basically the whole world knows that the Sony-BMG “company” is not working. Saying that there’s a need for a “little bit” of work on leadership is just as bad as when Thomas Hesse, President of Sony-BMG’s Global Digital Business was quoted as saying that, “Most people, I think, don’t even know what a rootkit is, so why should they care
about it?”
I have friends at Sony-BMG. I hesitate to contact them as I am sure they are busy trying to fix the problems, but with management like this, Sony-BMG doesn’t need competitors.
On Top of Talk of Rifts, the Problems Keep Piling Up for Sony-Bertelsmann Venture – New York Times

3 Comments on “seige at Sony-BMG

  1. This whole issue with Sony and the rootkit saga has me considering dropping Sony products altogether. Unfortunately that would mean getting rid of a wicked Vaio laptop, PSP, Sony-Ericsson keitai, video camera and much more. :'(
    Times and actions like these from Sony make the average consumer wonder the same things methinks. If they are not careful then they will see more than their marketshare erode …

  2. I really don’t think we need to go this far dropping products. It was a mishap. People haven’t droped microsoft’s product and its full of bugs

  3. I really don’t think we need to go this far dropping products. It was a mishap. People haven’t dropped Microsoft’s product and its full of bugs