Month: November 2005

Sony still strong?

Fascinating. A survey of 8000+ Japanese people (via their iMode mobile phones) turns up the fact that Sony’s brand is still strong with HDD audio players even though a majority of them are purchasing Apple iPods. iPod winning but Sony

Mike Gowen – October 2005 Promo

A very nice house set that goes tech, deep, and hard. Not sure how long it will be up here so snag it fast 🙂 ARTIST – TRACKNAME – LABEL Harry Peat – Affrodizziac – Alternative Route Magik Johnson –

sharable spreadsheets

It was just a matter of time, but still, very nice implementation. Num Sum: web spreadsheets

Web native (also Paul Graham on Web 2.0)

I usually read whatever Paul is writing for a few reasons- he has experience that I don’t have that he is willing to share, and he is a good writer. I enjoy reading his writing. In a long essay on

Sony Connect Player fiasco

First- I want to thank everyone who left comments regarding my Sony coverage. I’ve decided that I will continue to cover Sony because I think it’s an important topic wrt Japan and because I worked at Sony for almost 4