Month: October 2005

sometimes I am ahead of my time…

I recently moved a few years’ worth of email from an old archive onto my current Mac. Look at what I was interested in back in 2000! I impress even myself sometimes! : ) From: Date: February 15, 2000

Joshua at Berkman

Joshua Schacter of, who I’ve known since 1999 or so, went up to Harvard to be hosted by David Weinberger and the Berkman Center. Good Q&A here. Joho the Blog: [berkman] Joshua Schachter

Why didn’t Technorati build a Memeorandum?

“Why didn’t Technorati build a Memeorandum?” GREAT question. Bubblegeneration – Evil Corporations Only

Alex Kerr on Japan

The Japan Times has a decent interview with Alex Kerr, one of the most prominent writers on Japan. I met Kerr in NYC at a Japan Society event with Eiko Ishioka, who is good friends with Kerr. Most interesting is

Jesper Koll on Japan

Absolutely important reading for everyone who is interested in the recovery of Japan’s economy. The Japan Stock Blog – Merrill Lynch’s Jesper Koll, ‘Japan is Back, For Real This Time’