Month: October 2005

I recently moved a few years’ worth of email from an old archive onto my current Mac. Look at what I was interested in back in 2000! I impress even myself sometimes! : ) From: Date: February 15, 2000 …

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Joshua Schacter of, who I’ve known since 1999 or so, went up to Harvard to be hosted by David Weinberger and the Berkman Center. Good Q&A here. Joho the Blog: [berkman] Joshua Schachter

“Why didn’t Technorati build a Memeorandum?” GREAT question. Bubblegeneration – Evil Corporations Only

The Japan Times has a decent interview with Alex Kerr, one of the most prominent writers on Japan. I met Kerr in NYC at a Japan Society event with Eiko Ishioka, who is good friends with Kerr. Most interesting is …

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Absolutely important reading for everyone who is interested in the recovery of Japan’s economy. The Japan Stock Blog – Merrill Lynch’s Jesper Koll, ‘Japan is Back, For Real This Time’