Month: September 2005

Koh’s application, Spirited Away, is featured on Cool OSX Apps! Cool OSX Apps: Spirited Away

In Japan, one of the worst weblog ASP providers is Seesa blog, (I am not going to give them any links) mainly because their service is free and is easily gamed with their API. Seesa has been a cesspool of …

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Lucas Gonze challenges Darren Rowse to prove that he’s really making $200K/yr. blogging. I agree, Rowse’s story doesn’t pass the smell test. the weblog of Lucas Gonze

Adam Kalsey, founder of blog advertising service Pheedo, is moving on to new things… Leaving Pheedo :: Adam Kalsey

dan gillmor in tokyo, originally uploaded by Gen Kanai. dan is in tokyo to promote the japanese lang. of “we the media.” More photos here: Dan Gillmor’s Talk in Tokyo on Flickr