Month: August 2005

new laptop!!!

Woot!!! I finally have a “work” laptop, which is a wonderful new 12″ Powerbook. Has anyone ever done this “copy your data from one Mac to another” thing that the OS guides you through in the beginning? I love the

samuraipod widget

Cool- now has a dashboard widget! samuraiPod – Dashboard – Radio & Podcasts Technorati Tags: Apple

Bush family photo

Hilarious! 🙂 🙂 🙂 defective yeti: Bush Extended Family Photo

“HBO busted me for using bittorrent”

Very interesting to see HBO going after bittorrent users via their ISP/cable companies. Pretty scary to think about how much of your communication is/can be monitored. I guess it’s best to assume that everthing that isn’t encrypted can be monitored

back from vacation

I’m back from Italy. Here are some photos of cool cars and bikes I saw. vehicles of Italy – a photoset on Flickr More photos to come 🙂 Also, I’m up on Google Talk as well. gkanai [at] gmail [dot]