more bouncy balls

more bouncy balls, originally uploaded by sem.

Apparently this is a photo of a commercial shoot in San Francisco where thousands of super balls are released at once.

4 Comments on “more bouncy balls

  1. holy crap! Wonder if there are activists running around picking all those balls up or if by some poor chance a ball got stuck in a proposes’ blow hole causing it to choke and brining even more activists out.
    I think this is a case of very poor planning by the producers. Just as well, some ad geek came up with the idea while he was smoking crack one day, had a deadline to make and said, “well, why not go for it? I’ve always wanted to see what would happen.”
    Pitched it and some schmo at HP said “AWSOME! Out of the box, thats what I like about it.”
    Follow – bouncing balls.

  2. 1) That’s awesome.
    2) Where’s the video?
    Bouncy balls are best enjoyed in a way that allows their motion to delight and amaze you.

  3. Hmmm, a bunch of rainbow-colored balls bouncing down a San Francisco street? Typical.