Month: July 2005

more bouncy balls

more bouncy balls, originally uploaded by sem. Apparently this is a photo of a commercial shoot in San Francisco where thousands of super balls are released at once.

As a blogger in Japan, I feel it is my duty to point you to this site which offers you blogs of models in Japan. Nice url!

click me!

…this way please…click here, thank you. gen kanai weblog-logogle

insecure flying in the US

Absolutely riveting and terrifying indictment of the TSA’s Secure Flight program. A must read. Schneier on Security: Secure Flight

Sony and Samsung, sitting in a tree…

If I had any reservations about leaving Sony when I did, frankly they are all gone now. Sony has increasingly been looking to Samsung to revive its sagging fortunes. Samsung, long seen as a low-end electronics maker, is now being