Jason Calcanis on Feedmesh

Jason went to the Feedmesh BoF at Gnomedex and had some very interesting commentary…

My feeling is the Feedmesh should be a private effort by a group of services and publishers, organized by a board, and unlimited access to the cloud should be limited to members. Limited access (i.e. for a certain amount of time/bandwidth) per day should be open for people to experiment. Open access to this is just too powerful for everyone—i.e. spammers—to have access to it. There should be some controls.

However, I give this concept a 50-50 chance of going forward because if you were an established player like Feedster and Technorati you’ve got zero to gain by putting your data in. If the big players only take (as they currently are) and don’t give this service is only going to be 60-80% of the picture. Truth be told if I was CEO of Technorati or Feedster there is no way I would ever dump my entire business into an uncontrolled cloud. Forget it.

He’s got some great points.

FeedMesh 101 (or why it will probably fail to be the one service that unites them all )

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