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eBay item 5783732903 (Ends Jun-27-05 12:20:44 PDT) – Cisco Avaya IP VOIP Phone Telephone Sysco by BubbaTel

Sysco IP Phone Model TC-04 by BubbaTel You are bidding on a genuine authentic Sysco IP Phone Model TC-04 by BubbaTel. This model has the following features and capabilities:

• VOIP Capable! – Voice is actually transmitted via UTP Cat5e
• State of The Art Security –
Almost Impossible To “Listen Into Encrypted Conversations”
• Premium Quality Half Duplex Audio –
Receiver Is Also The Microphone
• High Tech VOIP voice processor –
I mean come on just look at it!
• Echo Reduction Unit Comes Pre Installed To Prevent That “Tin Can Sound” That Often Accompanies VoIP Telephones.
• Optional On Hold System Can Be Utilized By Simply
Hanging The Unit On A Nail In The Wall (Nail Not Included).
• Waiting On Hold Music Is Available By Placing Unit Near Radio or Other Audio Source (Radio Not Included). • Beveled Edges To Prevent Harmful Cuts While Speaking Or Listening.
• Perfect For Short Distance Communication! 2.5 Feet Of Cord Provided
• Could Possibly Work With Any Key System, PBX, or IP System: Vodavi, Nortel, Cisco, Avaya ect. Although neither me nor Bubba Tel is responsible for any adverse effects or damage that may be incurred to your telephone or intra network if not installed by a Bubba Tel Representative.
• Caller ID Could Be Possible, If Holes Were Drilled Into Each Side Of the Unit. • WiFi / 802.xx / Blue Tooth / UHF / VHF / Ham Radio / 101.9 WJHM / AM / FM / AM PM / EST / 900 Mhz Ready!
All you have to do is cut the cord!
• IR (Infared) Capable With Optional Flashlight (Not Included)

Multiple Units Are Available, Just Send Me An Email. It may take me a few days to manufacture these units, so please be patient. I only create them once they sell 🙂 Ask For A Custom Quote & Inquire About Factory Lead Time. I’ll Even Personalize With Custom Extension Ranges!

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