Always-On/Technorati 100

This is an interesting list put out by AO/Technorati. Some of these folks have already had a lot of exposure, some very little.

AlwaysOn and Technorati are pleased to present the first annual “Open Media 100,” the power list of bloggers, social networkers, tool smiths, and investors leading the Open Media Revolution.

The purpose of this list is to provide an initial, helpful framework of this emerging industry and highlight its key players who are influencing the adoption of open media and proving the impact it is already having on the technology industry, journalism, and marketing.

However, any list of Internet influencers without Andy Baio is suspect to me.

Full disclosure: Technorati Japan is my employer.

Introducing the AO/Technorati Open Media 100 []

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1 Comment on “Always-On/Technorati 100

  1. I find it slightly disturbing that only seven percent of the Open Media 100 are women – we are being hurtled along down a pathway to a completely male-dominated “open-media revolution” if this is indeed the case…