Jamie Monberg, Designing Technology

Jamie Monberg, one of my best friends from university, has a guest column at Media Inc.

Technology has crossed a critical threshold. Just as you don’t need to know HTML to create a website, you no longer need assembly code or binary math to approach tech development. The pieces are out there; we just need to put them together. Instead of viewing technology as something to design around, we should design with it, engaging technology not as a mechanic uses tools, but as an artist uses paint.

Designing Technology [media-inc.com]

4 Comments on “Jamie Monberg, Designing Technology

  1. You went to a college, Mr. Kanai, not a university. I’m disappointed in your lack of school pride, although after your repeated vandalism and nihilistic countercultural tendencies exhibited on so many occasions while in school, I suppose that I shouldn’t be surprised.

  2. Gates- true, all true. However, I’ve found, living outside of the US, that to say “college” can sometimes be ambiguous (could be a 2-year degree place), whereas “university” is clearly a 4-year degree place.

  3. I’ve never quite figured out why it isn’t a university? It’s not like they only give undergrad degress at this point.

  4. It’s really just the name, Dartmouth College, as opposed to say Harvard University. Also, the undergraduate component dwarfs the graduate component of the school and remains its primary focus. I also think that it’s useful as a reminder that from an educational point of view, the institution is focused on undergrad. teaching rather than research, which is the hallmark of a traditional university setting. FSU, for example, has an outstanding graduate physics program, but sucks at the undergrad. level. So that’s the distinction.
    University has a very Euro flavor to it, as well, which I find pretentious and unnecessary, unless you happen to be European, which, Mr. Kanai, you are not.