India to pass Japan in GDP in 2006

Todd Kreider makes some fun at the expense of METI.

India passes Japan…

….sometime early next year.

This is one of those rare events like a total solar eclipse. Although many 
of us (myself included) missed the last economic eclipse in 1995 when China 
overtook Japan, we still have plenty of time to set up tents, get out the 
binoculars, and look East as India eclipses Japan sometime next year.

I don’t see any other heavily populated, fast growing economies on the 
horizon, so this may be it for a while.

Wasn’t someone at METI watching the rear? Maybe Japan can stall this by 
churning out more cement.

US $11 billion

China $6.5 billion

Japan $3.6 billion

India $3.0 billion….$3.3 billion in 2004

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