Month: May 2005

WSJ on blog numbers

The Wall Street Journal takes on the question of weblogs: If you read press coverage about blogs, you might conclude that just about all Americans are reading a blog. But then you wouldn’t have time to read the press coverage,

Jamie Monberg, Designing Technology

Jamie Monberg, one of my best friends from university, has a guest column at Media Inc. Technology has crossed a critical threshold. Just as you don’t need to know HTML to create a website, you no longer need assembly code

Adam Greenfield is back

Adam Greenfield, who last blogged in January, is back.

Technorati Japan beta open

Technorati Japan (my employer) has finally launched our beta service. We have launched the keyword search, URL search, and the “Top News,” “Top Books,” “Top 100,” rankings. We still have many more features to launch in the coming weeks, but

India to pass Japan in GDP in 2006

Todd Kreider makes some fun at the expense of METI. India passes Japan… ….sometime early next year. 
This is one of those rare events like a total solar eclipse. Although many 
of us (myself included) missed the last economic eclipse