Month: April 2005

Kottke likes the Librie

Jason Kottke recently attended the Gel Conference (hosted by my good friend Mark Hurst) and got a chance to check out the Sony Librie e-book reader. He was very impressed by it. The interesting back story of the Sony Librie,

James Seng, an acquaintance of mine via Ole J., is one of the founders of, which is a blogger’s portal for Singapore. They’ve been up for about a week and have already been written up by the main stream

Japanese punctuality culture

This is a very, very incisive report on the deadly train accident down near Takarazuka, Osaka, Japan. Norimitsu Onishi, who writes for the NY Times, hits the core issue when he focuses on the punctuality culture of Japan. The argument

No Apple iTunes store in Japan…

5 new Apple iTunes Music stores are expected to open this week: Australia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland. No love for Japan… Think Secret – Briefly: New systems, Apple Remote Desktop, iTunes Music Stores due this week

Yasushi Fujita on eBay Japan

The University of Essex is hosting a conference on the cultures surrounding eBay. One of the accepted papers is by Yasushi Fujita of the University of Texas, looking at why eBay Japan failed. This is very interesting information for any