Month: March 2005

Max Baucus on U.S. – Asian trade

U.S. Senator Max Baucus (D. Mont.) writes a special report released by The National Bureau of Asian Research. It’s a 40 page report, but the portion by Baucus is only 10 pages. The rest is an intro and reference material.

Tokyo in 1948 vs. 1992

Boris found me an incredible image of Tokyo from the sky. It’s a superimposed photo of 1948 Tokyo (black and white) vs. 1992 (color). Increcible to see how the city has changed in 45+ years. One wonders what it would


Steve Clemons has a great post on his The Washington Note blog about the Japanese imperial family and the ruckus surrounding proposed changes in Japanese laws to allow a female to ascend to the throne. (Japanese law currently does not launches

There are many sites out there to search for music but one new one deserves your attention. It’s and it’s a music lover’s tool for finding music that you might not know that you like. is doing a

Sony names Stringer to CEO?

The big news of this weekend is that Idei AND Ando will step down and Howard Stringer will be named by the board to lead Sony. I’ll bet money that Stringer won’t move to Japan. He’ll have 2 offices, I’m