Month: March 2005

Joshua goes full time on

Joshua Schacter, who runs the community url service is going full-time on it. Good luck to Joshua! [delicious-discuss] big news

Charlene Li reviews Yahoo! 360

I can’t wait to try this out- I have high hopes for this new service from Yahoo! Charlene Li’s Blog: First look at Yahoo! 360

Livejournal starts tags

OMG Livejournal tags!!!

Tourism in Japan

Simon Richmond, author of The Rough Guide to Tokyo, The Rough Guide to Japan (Penguin UK), veteran tourist, and onetime Tokyo resident, has a pretty interesting op-ed in Japan Today. I think that the Japanese government and the Japanese people

Kakutani savages Peter Carey

Michiko Kakutani savages Peter Carey’s new book on his travels through Japan with his son. “Wrong About Japan” does not give the reader a tactile appreciation of manga or anime or any other aspect of Japan’s pop culture. It does