Month: February 2005

Why I Don’t Love Richard Florida

This is an interesting critqiue of Richard Florida, who seems to be very popular in many different circles for his theories on “The Rise of the Creative Class.” These parts of the critique were relevant to me: At the conference

Odeo for podcasting

Evan Williams, who I know through Jerry Michalski, is starting up a new company based on aggregating audio content on the web. Podcasting, audio blogging, etc. His partner is Noah Glass Grey (of Greymatter fame, among other things)(my humble apologies


Interesting… the community help section of has just launched. goo 教えて!goo

Jerry Michalski in NikkeiBP

My good friend and mentor, Jerry Michalski, is profiled in NikkeiBP!!! 「ブログがオールドメディアを変える」、Jerry Michaleski氏/ Yi-Tan Collective代表 – – インタビュー

Andreas in Japan Media Review

My friend Andreas Bovens, who is a Belgian graduate student studying Japanese copyright, has recently had his paper on DRM in Japanese mobile phones published in Japan Media Review. If you are interested in technology in Japan and copyright, I