Month: January 2005

racism in NYC

More than 6 days after a pair of NYC radio disk jockeys played a racist song parodying the Southeast Asian tsunami disaster, the radio station has suspended (but not fired) the people involved. This kind of racism and ignorance is

Toto AV toilet

Japanese toilet. Plays mp3 music files via SD slot. NO JOKE. TOTO、MP3再生に対応した便器を発売

Google should buy Technorati?

No comment 😉 Here’s Why Google Should Buy Technorati: The Industry Standard: Guest Blog: Russell Shaw

BMW K12RS on the Nurburgring

Greg Gorman does a really nice review of the all-new BMW K1200RS which he was lucky enough to ride on the Nurburgring in Germany. I rode a new R12GS BMW in New Zealand last November, and was really amazed with

Japan’s NHK in crisis

There’s a great post by Fumiko Halloran on the NBR mailing list concerning both the crisis at Asahi Shimbun, as well as the crisis at NHK. What I am hoping is that increasing weblog usage in Japan will lead to