Month: December 2004

Masahiko on Technorati

Masahiko Satoh goes into a lot of detail (in Japanese) to explain what Technorati is, and how it works as a service. If you read Japanese and would like to know more about Technorati, please read Masahiko’s blog entry. Masahiko

Flickr on Salon

Salon plants a big wet kiss on Flickr. Katherine’s written better stuff than this. I like Salon and I like Flickr, but there could have been a bit more… I dunno, more news in the story? | The Friendster

Sony, Eisner and Ovitz

Here’s another reason to appreciate the ruthless nature of Michael Eisner. “We’re seeing executives begin to show quiet leadership, a ‘we’re all in this together’ attitude,” Mr. McGurn [special counsel at Institutional Shareholder Services, a group that monitors corporate boards]

Japan Lags in Promoting Women

Nothing surprising here, but it is good to remind the Japanese as well as the non-Japanese what a male-dominant society Japan is, especially with respect to business. It’s great to profile the two Japanese women who sit on boards of

The gadgets of “Cool Japan”

Tyler Cowen links us to a long SF Gate article on Japan and electronics. It is obvious to anyone who visits Japan that the electronics market is very different here. Sure space is an issue, but there’s more than that.