Month: December 2004

kottke’s best links of 2004

Jason has a great list of fascinating non-fiction written in 2004. I don’t know if it is good or bad that I have read most/all of them already 🙂 The Best Links 2004 (

Shirky on Flickr

Clay Shirky touches upon everyone’s favorite photo-sharing application, flickr. More importantly for social software generally, both the Flickr API and the inclusion of tags have turned Flickr into a service as well as a site. …this is the ur-message

list of ping sites

wow… Ensight – Jeremy C. Wright � Services to Ping

Mark Pesce on BitTorrent

Susan Mernit blogs Mark Pesce’s powerful essay on BitTorrent and why Hollywood was stupid to shut down the torrent sites. Hey, Hollywood! Can you feel the future slipping through your fingers? Do you understand how badly you’ve screwed up? You

bloglines’ business model

Eric Peterson (Jupiter Research analyst) blogs about meeting Mark Fletcher of Bloglines (the best RSS reader/service out there) and what Fletcher said was Bloglines’ business model. Anyone who is in the RSS-space is thinking about this as advertising in RSS