Month: December 2004

first-hand tsunami account

Totally gripping first-person account from the tsunami. This is only one of hundreds of thousands of stories… Hello sarah, I’ve been getting literally hundreds of emails from people asking me and about my experience during the Indian Ocean tsunami. Long

Bram Cohen & BitTorrent profile

Pretty good profile of Bram Cohen and BitTorrent in the new Wired. [BitTorrent inventor, Bram] Cohen knows the havoc he has wrought. In November, he spoke at a Los Angeles awards show and conference organized by Billboard, the weekly paper

Tadakatsu “Chris” Takaishi

Poignant Washington Post story about an (initially undiagnosed) autistic Japanese boy, sent to the US at 15, who is returning to Japan at age 31 because his student visa has run out. Chris managed to control his autism to the

Christmas in Japan

My friend JJ captured a Christmas ad for the Japanese DVD release of “The Passion of the Christ.” Too weird. (warning, could be offensive to anyone with any sense of religious respect) Christmas in Tokyo []

Indian Ocean tsunami

I am still stunned by this natural disaster and hope for the best for all who are affected. More info on the earthquake and resulting tsunami is here: 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake [] and first-hand photos of the disaster in