on vacation

I’m on vacation for the month of November, in New Zealand and Australia. Sorry for the late notice and no posts. I’ll be back in full-swing in December 🙂

8 Comments on “on vacation

  1. Ditto on Koh’s comment, along with hipping us to any tasty music you discover. Enjoy it, Gen…

  2. Some things to do while in Sydney:
    1. Upon landing, reserve a table at Tetsuyas. Usual wait is 2 weeks, but you could get lucky.
    2. Stay at the W hotel in Woolloomooloo and have a pie at Harry’s Cafe De Wheels, a Sydney icon, conveniently outside.
    3. To do: Opera house, Harbour Brigde (esp. Bridgeclimb), Bondi Beach/The Gap/Watsons Bay, and The Blue Mountains.
    Less essential: AMP tower, Darling Harbour, The Casino.
    4. VB (Victoria Bitter) is the local drink, despite what the advertising monkeys at Fosters tell you. Crown Lager is probably the best ‘premium’ beer available.
    5. Enjoy Christmas on the beach… If you stick around that long 🙂

  3. oh my.
    i randomly visited your site and found out
    you had a fancy vacation.
    I dont know about you~! but envy u so much !:-)