4500 kms of New Zealand

Hey everyone, thanks for the comments and sorry to be away from my blog for so long. Just returned from 2 weeks travelling 4500 kilometers of New Zealand. Off to Sydney for 5 days before I return to Tokyo.
Pictures and a trip report to come, probably in December. I’ll try to find something representative to put up in the meantime…

5 Comments on “4500 kms of New Zealand

  1. Hope you can make it to the bloggers’ winter party…
    Have a fun time in Australia! Don’t swim with the crocodiles and the sharks, though…
    Say hello to Dundee at Knock-About Creek!

  2. Gen, you know the metric movement failed. It’s not 4,500 kilometers, whatever those are – it’s like 250 feet or something. So stop your bragging about walking around a Wal-Mart parkig lot in New Zealand (it probably has a different name in that strange foreign land, like Wal-Mart: NZ Edition, but you get the idea). Man. At least you didn’t give distance in rods or cubits or something.

  3. hi!
    You must have lots of fun overthere.
    Let’s go to dinner with Daisuke after you get back.

  4. gen,
    i can’t wait for your report. i have been facsinated by the unspoiled nature there, so much so that it’s on my short list of future trip.
    see you in dec.