the impact of web services

John Battelle, who runs Searchblog and was a co-founder of Wired magazine and The Industry Standard, is chairing O’Reilly’s newest conference, Web 2.0, which is looking at the web as a platform. It looks like a phenomenal event and I am sorry that I cannot be there.
HOWEVER, in my corner of the world, the cutting-edge web-as-platform producers include Alan Taylor of Kokogiak and Jun Kaneko of Goodpic. Both are leveraging Amazon Web Services, but in different and innovative ways. G-Tools
Jun has taken Amazon Web Services to bloggers in Japan by providing a simple interface to create the HTML needed to publish a link to Amazon Japan, called G-Tools. Within 3-4 clicks, or a search form, the user can specify aspects of the HTML that will be generated such as color of the background, text formatting, size of product image, etc. The default setting for the Amazon Affiliate ID is Jun’s own ID, but that too can be changed to your own. Basically, Jun has created a faster and easier way to add Amazon Affiliate links to your blog. Amazon’s own tool, up until the recent redesign, was way too difficult to use. Jun’s tool is simple and easy, and has been so popular with users in Japan that he has had to upgrade and change hosting providers to deal with the massive amounts of traffic his free service generates. It is hard to imagine anyone else in Japan who understands Amazon Web Services better than Jun. Amazon Light 4.0
Alan Taylor recently announced the second anniversary of his groundbreaking Amazon Light platform. The new features include integration of web services from Google, Yahoo! News, GMail, NetFlix, iTunes, Blogger, DropCash, and even the ability to search your local library. It is phenomenal! I cannot think of any other site on the net that is integrating more services than Amazon Light 4.0. Alan too puts his own Amazon Affiliates ID in as default, but allows the user to change it.
Making money
Both Alan Taylor and Jon Gales recently shared with us some information about their Amazon Web Services traffic that is worth noting.
Jon has been running Amazon Affiliates for 5 years and has sold over $46K in goods via his websites. He only receives a fraction of that as an affiliate, but that is impressive.
Alan’s numbers over only 2 years are even more impressive:

Total recorded click-thrus: 87,832
Total number of orders placed: 8,975
Total Revenue (for Amazon): $124,620.00

He only receives a fraction of that amount, but a fraction of a big number is nothing to sneeze at.
In any case, I’d love to hear about other uses of web services that don’t necessarily include Amazon.

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  2. Amazletより便利なアマゾンアソシエートツール

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  3. I’m also very interested in web services, especially the security side of things. Aside from music, my job is a security researcher for large investment banks and i have been doing research into web application security for years now (check for more info)
    The cool thing is, everyone and their dog are flocking to the new technology, yet security is still forgotten
    some cool toys being made tho