Richard Gow; The Rhythm Slaves

Selekta interviews Richard Gow, an artist I have been enjoying recently…

7. Can you tell me about the first time you heard house music?
Not to sure what house is…when i started clubbing it, they were playing Idris Mohammed and Francine McGee back in the late ’70s. Now they were also playing this stuff at The Warehouse and The Paradise Garage at that time, it was classed as ‘jazz funk’ back then; I suppose things just moved on and took on different names.
10. Can you list some of your influences, both musical and otherwise?
Hmm. This is hard, there are too many old and new, well, old school…the best band for me was Earth, Wind & Fire; so tight and the vocals were just amazing. Herbie Hancock, Jeff Lorber and his early fusion stuff from the ’70s — it sounds so house it’s amazing! Early George Benson anad Al Jarreau, Stevie Wonder, New School Incognito (if you can still call them new school), Jazzanova, Masters At Work, The Rurals, 95 North, Chris Simmonds, Joey Negro and the “new newer school house guys”. I think East Coast Boogie Men and the Lawn Chair Generals are coming up with some great stuff; in fact, there too many to mention, but all these new labels are coming out with some great music.

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