Month: October 2004

October Japan bloggers meetup

As usual, those who will be attending the meetup this month please RSVP by adding a comment to my blog. This month we are meeting at The Pink Cow in Shibuya. The meetup is this Wednesday, the 20th, starting around

Ron Suskind on G. W. Bush

This is sort of like watching a horror movie or one of those car-crash reality shows, only the stakes are really high. This is a NY Times Magazine article by Ron Suskind that is riveting and horrendous at the same

Asian actors in Hollywood

Last time I ranted about the plight of Asian-American actors in Hollywood, I got some interesting comments. So I’ll touch upon that topic again 🙂 The NY Times profile Korean-Canadian actor Sandra Oh [], who has had prominent roles in

Jon Stewart on Crossfire

If you can find an archived copy of the Jon Stewart interview on Crossfire, watch it. It was RIVETING. Maybe the best live TV of this year. UPDATE: Media Matters has it for download.

FujiFilm Natura S and ISO 1600

In this age of digital cameras, it’s nice to see that FujiFilm is still building new cameras and new film emulsions. Kurt Easterwood pointed us to the new Fujifilm Natura S, which is a 24mm f1.9 point-and-shoot. They also have