Month: October 2004

Eminem “Mosh” video

I have to admit this new video by Eminem, an artist I have never really considered one way or the other, is pretty incredible considering the timing. No doubt by now you’ve at least heard about Eminem’s anti-Bush anthem “Mosh,”

Richard Gow; The Rhythm Slaves

Selekta interviews Richard Gow, an artist I have been enjoying recently… 7. Can you tell me about the first time you heard house music? Not to sure what house is…when i started clubbing it, they were playing Idris Mohammed and

Alexa web services beta

Jeff Barr of Amazon/Alexa recently announced that Alexa has launched a web services platform much like what Amazon has. This will allow skilled users the ability to use Alexa’s data to provide new and different ways to view and parse

defective yeti: jokes

self-explanatory 🙂 defective yeti: jokes


I don’t watch a lot of TV, so when I do find myself in front of one, I’m easily mesmerized. So a device like TV-B-Gone is actually practical for me, and philosophically I love the idea of a device like