Eminem “Mosh” video

I have to admit this new video by Eminem, an artist I have never really considered one way or the other, is pretty incredible considering the timing.

No doubt by now you’ve at least heard about Eminem’s anti-Bush anthem “Mosh,” but, damn, no one prepared any of us for the video. Wow. Karl Rove, meet another totally unexpected nightmare.

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“Mosh” portrays Eminem as a powerful rebellious figure who just by using his voice and music has the ability to mobilize people who are fed up with the president. With his following uniformly dressed in dark hoodies, the group looks to be storming toward the White House but actually end up signing up to vote. At the same time in the song, Em talks about the people assembling to disarm what he calls the real weapon of mass destruction: George W. Bush.

Eminem’s Video For Anti-Bush Song ‘Mosh’ Hits The Internet [mtv.com]

“Mosh,” another track from his upcoming Encore LP, has just surfaced and finds Slim Shady lyrically indicting the president while pleading with his fellow Americans to unify in insurgence and be heard.
“They tell us ‘no,’ we say ‘yeah,’ ” he raps on the Dr. Dre-produced track. “They tell us ‘stop,’ we say ‘go’/ Rebel with a rebel yell, raise hell, we gonna let him know/ Stomp, push, shove, mush, f— Bush!/ Until they bring our troops home/ Come on.”

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  1. this song is da bomb i love it and if u dont watch out and if u dont your missing out on a lot