Alexa web services beta

Jeff Barr of Amazon/Alexa recently announced that Alexa has launched a web services platform much like what Amazon has. This will allow skilled users the ability to use Alexa’s data to provide new and different ways to view and parse Alexa information. This is a smart move by Amazon and Alexa, because getting sophisticated APIs out to users seems to be one area of significant innovation on the net recently.

we [Alexa] recently released a beta version of AWIS, the Alexa Web Information Service.
The functions in this service accept domains or URLs as arguments, as follows:
* URL Information — Returns related links, categories,
traffic rank, traffic data, contact information, and
an adult content flag.
* Category — Returns elements of the DMOZ hierarchy.
* Crawl — Returns information gathered during the most
recent crawl of the page, including links, images,
and page titles discovered when exploring a given URL.
* Search — Returns a list of search results matching one
or more keywords, from a database of over 4 billion pages.
* WebMap — Returns links to and from a given URL.
All of these functions are available in SOAP and REST (XML over HTTP) form. To use this service you will need to register for a free AWS Subscription Id using the link on this page:
From there you can access the WSDL file, read the API documents, and get started. During the beta period, you can make up to 10,000 calls per day without charge.
You can use the AWS Scratchpad at
to experiment with these functions. You can enter in your Subscription Id and the other parameters to the call, submit the call, and see the results, all without
writing any code.